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> I always just assumed 'engineer' was an Americanization of the word 'programmer'/'developer'.

It often is exactly that. I'm probably being too pedantic, but as a developer I don't allow myself to be called an engineer, though some companies have wanted me to. I'm not one, I don't have an engineering degree nor certification and I feel it cheapens the Engineering profession to allow that.

I guess I could be called a "scientist" since I do have a CS degree, but that just feels weird.

It implies a degree of rigour that I certainly don't have. I'm conscious of being just a punkass with an inflated job title.

Indeed. I do have an engineering degree and the certifications that follow, and I don't describe my day to day work as Engineering.

I'm a guy who programs computers and runs a little software business. No need to go adding silly titles to that (and if I did, I'd probably go with CEO anyway, since it's quicker to write.)

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