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FYI IE9 (probably) won't support WebSockets
7 points by nailer 2564 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite
I emailed Eric Lawrence from the IE team to ask. The response:

"Sorry, Mike-- The IE team has not made any announcements regarding if/when support for WebSockets will appear in IE.


Make of this what you will, but it sounds like a probable no to me.

Here's hoping your intuition turns out to be false. WebSockets should be really easy to implement compared to, say, Canvas.

Though it should be noted that Canvas looks like it's also going to be MIA.

About a year ago, they said they were doing "lots of stuff", whatever that might mean. http://processingjs.org/blog/?p=77

It sounds to me like they have made no formal announcement and employees are forbidden from saying anything that hasn't been formally announced. Neither a yes nor a no. If they are working on an implementation, they will probably wait as long as possible before committing to it in public.

Will IE9 support anything other than only some versions of Windows?

That doesn't mean anything really: he's not confirming or denying and there isn't much to read into.

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