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Show HN: Last Words. HN user's final post before being banned (github.com)
27 points by kelukelugames on July 11, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Are these the comments that got them banned, or simply the last words on accounts that were doomed based on previous comments?

Certainly some, in isolation, do not seem all that bad. People have said much worse to me without issue. So I have to assume that the bans were based on additional content we aren't seeing here.

The latter for most of them.

Some of these are actually quite funny. Its like the person knew they were getting banned after their comment and were indirectly saying goodbye before slamming the door. Not sure if it makes sense.

Neat; thanks for sharing... now, we need a Big Data Analytics / Tone Analyzer package run over it :=D

I think this post is flagged or banned because it doesn't appear in the show page.

"No." --betteridge

made me chuckle.

You can click on the user name and look at his comments to see replies.

For some but not all.

Odd how for some users the comments don't show up at all.

This is a good resource and it does highlight some chilling effects.

jinglewoof has no comment history even with showdead on, but other users have their comments preserved.

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