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I don't think it's people running XP who are disappointed. If this news means much to you you're probably tech-savvy enough to have installed a more capable browser.

Developers must be disappointed because this means the millions of non-tech users running XP (and not interested/capable in upgrading to 7) won't be automatically upgraded to a browser that can run websites built on modern technologies. Consumer-oriented HTML5-powered webapps will continue to require kludges or hacks or concessions to work for many users, and will keep requiring these until a critical mass of grandpa- or aunties-owned computer machines break and grandpas and aunties go to the Best Buy and get new ones.

Having to support decrepit platforms that nobody wants to program on anymore is part of being a developer. They will change, but they'll always be there.

But must they make it worse every time they touch a browser?

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