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Pathetic. Only 46% YoY revenue growth. No wireless. In theory as much space as a bunch of Nomads in the cloud. Lame.

I'm glad there are people who don't care anything you mentioned while offering something users enjoy using.

It's a joke. https://slashdot.org/story/01/10/23/1816257/apple-releases-i...

I'm glad there are people who tell jokes, honestly.

This site is a place for serious discussion!

Sometimes people hack contests.

I mean, it's called "Hacker News," right?



I must admit, it was totally non-obvious to me that this was a joke.

I got the joke directly but it really relies on the shared culture of oldies who still remember hanging out on slashdot :-)

The part about "no wireless" and "Nomads" didn't clue you in? Not even a raised eyebrow?

People say utterly ridiculous things with utmost sincerity on Hacker News all the time.

Hey gang, I think I found the new HN motto!

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