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> Most of enterprise development is on rich web apps that couldn't work at all with javascript.

Doesn't enterprise development stay within enterprises? As for the public facing web, even if the functionality requires Javascript, having it look like crap without Javascript does seem kind of lazy. I'm even for being lazy, I don't test everything and on every device, but when something is pointed out to me, at least I realize it's suboptimal, and don't rationalize regression into progress.


Nothing really changed to make these best practices moot.

Most of the enterprise internet ends up becoming the public facing internet. Enterprise isn't a moral agent for accessibility, it's saying "why should we spend hundreds or thousands of developer hours accommodating less than 1% of the market?"

With rare exceptions, (such as supporting IE6 clones in China) there's no business case for doing so, so it isn't done.

W3 is great, but the very page that information on violates their standards--it's div soup and won't work screenreaders, there are images without descriptions, and even the sidebar is using javascript to open the menu and change classes when it could use pure HTML.

So yes, those best practices are obsolete when the people recommending them can't even be bothered to follow them on their own page.

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