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Any road will support a horse-drawn carriage. Unless you take extraordinary measures and start building vehicles using wheels with special profiles for which custom-designed roads will be necessary where those wheels will be held on track like with trains.

Naturally horses will stumble on those, and people like you will say the others don't understand the nature of transportation and should get rid of their old horses and conventional cars.

But perhaps the problem is just with you and you newly designed fancy wheels.

Except you're a a tiny and economically irrelevant minority who own cars but are intentionally disabling them due to some sort of mental block about it not being the year 1994 anymore.

If you want to be Cyber-Amish, that's absolutely your right, but much like the actual Amish, you will need to create your own society that serves your needs instead of trying to drag us back into the past with you.The Amish are not demanding that the International Space Station build a wooden module to accommodate them, nor do they buy plane tickets with the expectation that the pilot will still get them there but won't turn on the engine due to the religious beliefs of a tiny minority. Everyone has the right to unreasonable beliefs, but when they try to be smug and condescending about their own backwardness... yeah. You are the human equivalent of IE6.

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