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The market fixes this, though. If your websites don't load on a low-end Android over 3G, you won't attract the sort of audience that uses that setup. Conversely, if you know what a large portion of your audience uses specs like that, you'll go through great lengths to ensure your sites are performant and usable.

It seems that most 'western' sites have decided focus on people with desktops or +500$ phones and vast data subscriptions.

So it's really a Western web and not an open web. You've proven exactly what everyone on here is saying: there's so much focus on marketing and audiences that many users get completely shafted. That's sad to see given that the web is often heralded as something that gives under privileged people access, and the ability to share, to powerful and useful information.

In your example, most of the time the "market" won't fix that though, because there's no money to be made in servicing the users with "cheap" phones.

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