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Which is why I applaud the Microsoft team open sourcing Chakra (their js engine for IE/edge), and their efforts to get it working as an alternate engine for Node.js

More competition is ALWAYS a good thing. It prevents vendor lockin, prevents bugs from becoming defacto standards, and prevents developers trying to "optimize" for the platform and instead has the platform try to optimize for developers (that was a weird way to say that, but I mean things like avoiding "performance bottlenecks in one engine" from becoming "performance bottlenecks in javascript")

A good example of that last one is try/catch blocks. In V8 they trigger a deopt for the whole function making it run slower, in most other engines it doesn't. Because of V8's large usage, many people avoid try/catch in performant code to avoid that penalty, even though it's just an issue with v8's implementation. And because of that you start seeing "avoid try/catch" as a general performance "tip" for javascript.

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