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I posted my webapp ( http://nask.co ) twice: https://news.ycombinator.com/from?site=nask.co , received only 1 comment. I also posted it to reddit, but didn't have many comments.

While people find it interesting, I don't have any users, only bots visit it, until I post something here or there. Guess the webapp is not useful, the UX/UI is not good, the voices are not good, the domain name is terrible... I don't really know. I lost interest/motivation and just left it running.

Finally, I open sourced the Go library used by my project: https://github.com/pqyptixa/tts2media . AFAIK, no one uses it.

Do use it yourself? :) I tried it and it worked but I didn't know what I should use it for.

Well, I made the project for fun and to learn, so yeah, I do use it.

I've thought of some uses:

- to share voice messages, as a sort of "anonymous vocaroo"

- since you can add voices to videos or images, could be used to add a description to an image, or even make "voice memes", for example

and a few other uses that I can't remember right now.

Sorry, voices are a bit too terrible

I guess. I'm using espeak and picotts, and yeah, the default voices are terrible.

I'd have to pay for better voices, but I have no money.

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