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At some point I really should just sit down, make, and then work through a bunch of box model excercises. After 8 years of trying to treat CSS display as a sensible thing, I've concluded that I really just need to learn it by rote.

Until then, I'll stick with flexbox. Someone has already made this excellent set teaching tool: http://flexboxfroggy.com/

After years of utter failure with CSS alignment, I have to admit that I still struggle with flexbox. Perhaps display:grid will finally save for me.

Granted, I've never sat down and systematically learned the foundations of CSS, but I also never did that with Python, Javascript, Clojure, Bash, PostgreSQL, etc. and yet with all of those, I've not had nearly the number of infuriating, soul-crushing marathon sessions of Googling, Stack Overflowing, grasping randomly in the dark, and making desperate prayers to the binary gods.

I found flexbox frog (despite the kind of 'for kids' feel) to be really helpful in elaborating on all the flexbox options. Get the frog to line up with the lily pad with flexbox.


Just use a table and get on with your life

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