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514 days ago we launched JustWatch - https://www.justwatch.com


By now, we're the largest streaming search engine in the world, having surpassed both canistream.it and instantwatcher.com - and the hybrid app is nearing one million Android downloads now while still being featured on the Cordova and Ionic showcases. All this with zero marketing dollars invested and no venture capital on board. Fun ride so far :)

Making decent money on Amazon referrals and the like?

Let's say they pay our office space :)

Seriously, the main reason we're outgrowing our competitors so fast is that audience marketing is a much more lucrative business than affiliate marketing.

That way the site stays clean, the content relevant and our users only occasionally see trailers on Youtube and Facebook from movies they'd actually want to see in cinema!

Win, win.

What's audience marketing?

The 50,000ft overview: Because you're surfing on the site, we can infer your movie taste. Now we're distilling that down anonymized on a user level and with the help of modern ad technology (the one where the shoe you already bought follows you mercilessly through the internet for weeks), we'll show you trailers before your Youtube videos or in your Facebook timeline - of upcoming movies you'd actually want to see (instead of the shoe you don't). That way, movie studios can get people interested in new releases far cheaper and measurably more effective than before.

If you're asking if you can do that to monetize your website: Probably not (but you're welcome to try, it's fun). We've got a team of 15 people just dedicated to that part.

Does that mean you're running your own ad network that movie studios bid on, and when someone watches a YouTube/Facebook video they are playing your ad?

Word. I have had the same stubbornness about keeping my side project clean and ad-free for a long time. It ended up paying for itself in other ways, who knew!

Congrats from a fellow German. And if it's still the case: awesome example of an Ionic app.

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