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I did a "Show HN" for my open source project SocketCluster http://socketcluster.io/ almost 2 and a half years ago and it got front page - Since then, I (and some cofounders) created a realtime service on top of SocketCluster https://baasil.io/. The plan is now to turn it into a scalable deployment service for realtime single-page apps.

SocketCluster itself gets between 6K and 10K downloads per month - Almost all of these are direct downloads. Some big soccer/football leagues websites use SC to broadcast results of matches in realtime, also, some education startups and some bitcoin/trading startups are using it too.

A lot has changed but I've stuck to the core mission and the project just keeps evolving to adapt to changing technologies. In terms of monetization, finding a market fit has been a slow process; ironically because underlying technologies have been moving so quickly that I didn't want to commit to the wrong tech. Recently, we have been really excited about Docker, Kubernetes and other container/orchestration software and are doing cool stuff with them.

For a while I was worried that technology would evolve in ways which would make SC irrelevant (and it looked like this for a while) but over the past couple of months it seems that the opposite is starting to happen and it looks like all the pieces are actually starting to fit together.

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