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No. Firefox just apparently has broken color management.

I'm not sure about macos, but on windows, FF has supported color correction for years - in fact, it for a long time was the only browser on windows to do color correction.

A quick google finds this: http://cameratico.com/guides/web-browser-color-management-gu... which suggests that even on macos it used to be at least as good as safari, although apparently by default it made the (idiotic) assumption that untagged images should be displayed in the native gamut. They should be displayed as sRGB, because untagged almost always means "the author didn't think about it, and had an sRGB display".

Not sure what's going on with that image on the webkit demo, but I'll note that clipping out of gamut colors is by no means the obvious solution to out-of-gamut colors. That's what rendering intents are all about; and well known ones include absolute intent, relative intent, and perceptual intent. Perhaps firefox is assuming a perceptual intent, and which here would cause desaturation to retain out-of-gamut detail.

Edit: according to MDN, the default rendering intent firefox uses is perceptual, which explains why out-of-gamut detail is retained: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Gfx.color_management.rendering_int...

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