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Is this a Mac-specific quirk, and what happens if you take a screenshot and compare the pixel values? On my Windows system I tried Chromium, Firefox, IE, and Opera (no Safari), they looked exactly the same. Taking a screenshot and sampling the pixel values gives 88,174,235 for all the browsers, as expected.

This is what I'm getting. Safari on right, Chrome on left. https://ipfs.pics/ipfs/QmS8hkCPxGr7iLDqotuHG6NXNeSesmQSWJGNK...

When Digital Color Meter (color-sampling tool on Mac) is set to "display native values," Chrome's values are consistent with CSS. When DCM is set to "display in sRGB," Safari's values are consistent with the CSS.

edit: Not shown in screenshot, but Firefox is the same as Chrome.

It looks like in Chrome, the display profile correction is not being applied. If you change it to sRGB both are the same. Safari is doing the right thing here.

Chrome has a bug filed: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=254361...

I can't tell if Firefox has a bug for this exact issue, but they do have some open color-management related issues.

Firefox has the same bug.

It has a non-default hidden option where you could previously set it to work correctly, but that option stopped working some time ago (at least on OS X).

Chrome has had this bug filled 7 years ago, and they kept ignoring it (although it's a very popular bug, people complain about it all the time). It drives me insane.

Basically I am forced to run Safari, although I'd very much prefer to use an open source browser.

Just stating the obvious that Safari uses WebKit as the engine and it’s open source: http://webkit.org.

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