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HomeShare | San Francisco | Full-time | On-site

We're making San Francisco a great place to live again.

YC says make something people want. People really want to be able to afford to live in the city. We can't build housing fast enough, so we're hacking it.

We're converting the city; we take apartments where the rent is well above what people can afford, and convert them so that the space is better used, and this brings down the rent to $1,200/month in SoMa. By offering this unique price point for city living, customers love it, and we share in their savings.

Long term, we aim to be the interface for your living situation, bringing down the underlying cost of housing, while holding no inventory. We're starting out as a "full stack living situation" company, and moving towards being your trusted interface layer for where you live. https://techcrunch.com/2015/03/03/in-the-age-of-disintermedi...

We're looking for an ambitious developer to help launch this early-stage venture, and work in the trenches with an experienced founding team. The founders have launched and run several companies before. Though we are bootstrapped, we're processing over $1M / year in annualized transaction volume, and we're up to nearly 100 customers living in our apartments. For the hungry individual, this is a crash course on how to found and launch a new venture. At the heart of our service is the ability to introduce compatible housemates to one another. That's where you come in; building our automated matching system.

This is part front-end web dev, back-end web dev, growth engineer, and part data scientist.

Our current stack: Rails, Docker, AWS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Email.

Apply: tom@thehomeshare.com


More about us: https://blog.thehomeshare.com/san-francisco-is-an-expensive-... https://medium.com/@TomPJacobs/50a2fc65bdd8

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