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PrestaShop <www.prestashop.com> | Paris, France | Full Time - Onsite

(Senior || Very Good) UX Designer


We develop open-source e-Commerce software that powers over 250,000 shops worldwide.

We have a cool project to push e-Commerce one step further, I'm the PM and I'm looking for someone who's very good at user research, providing tons of crazy ideas we can test, and saying no to obvious mistakes.

The job is in Paris but we all speak English so there's really no problem if you don't speak French.

Interview will mostly be a workshop with you within the team where we try to come up together with a solution to an e-Commerce related problem. Of course there'll be some unavoidable regular interviews but we're more after talent than good talking.

If interested just email me directly at fmdj@prestashop.com.

We have good people, good tech, you could have a lot of fun.

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