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Papertrail (https://papertrailapp.com/) | US/Canada (remote) or Kraków, Poland | Customer Success/Developer Support Engineer | Full-time

Put smiles on the faces of thousands of developers, sysadmins, and entrepreneurial engineers: http://papertrail.jobs/

What's unique here?

• Slack is the office • You'll have a ridiculously large impact (tiny team, thousands of customers) • Lightweight workflow with thoughtfully-chosen tools (Enchant, GitHub, Slack, etc) • We're all engineers, so logical arguments win. Every team member commits to our git repos. We also use Emoji and animated GIFs with reckless abandon =)

You'll be neck-deep in a successful bootstrapped business, working alongside the founders, and get to see every cog turn. If your career plans include starting a bootstrapped business, this a very unique way to see one run.

Interview process: whatever fits the situation. 2-3 Hangouts or phone calls is typical.

http://papertrail.jobs/ says Krakow, but residents of US and Canada are welcome. Feel free to email me (see HN profile) if you have questions.

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