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Mode Analytics — San Francisco, CA | Full-time | On-Site Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Sr. Software Engineer

Mode is an analytics platform. We build an integrated toolchain that combines SQL, python notebooks, visualizations, and interactive reporting together so that companies can answer their most challenging analytics questions quickly and easily. We're a team of analytically minded people dedicated to serving data analysts, scientists, and engineers in companies and communities of any size. We're looking for folks who are driven to make change and who believe that a world where analysts are more impactful is a world they'd rather live in.

Tech-wise we primarily use Rails and Go on the backend and Javascript/Typescript on the web side. Some of our engineers work in adjacent parts of the stack and some prefer to focus in on deep expertise in one part, it's really up to you and where you want to focus and grow.

On top of contributing to a product that our customers love you'll be contributing to a culture that you love. There's a lot more to a fulfilling life and successful career than just "crushing code". Come work at a company that thinks more intentionally about work-life balance, diversity, inclusivity, and productivity.


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