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Versame | Palo Alto, CA | Full-Time | On-site

Versame is on a mission to transform early childhood education worldwide. Inspired by research, we are building a wearable device that counts the number of words spoken to babies and children. Research has conclusively shown that the number of words spoken to a child between ages 0 and 4 is the greatest predictor of success in life. Our technology stack is mainly around JavaScript on the backend and web, Swift on iOS, and exploring JS on Android.

More stack details: http://stackshare.io/versame

We're hiring for the following positions:

- Full Stack Engineer – React.js + Node.js

- Android Software Engineer - Native / React Native

- Lead Server Engineer - Node.js on AWS

- Firmware Engineer

Looking for someone who's passionate about early childhood education, wants to work in a wearables company and has a dynamic/polyglot outlook on technology. Our immediate projects are web and mobile based, but we have some interesting big data, NLP, and machine learning problems we need to solve as well.

We are well funded (Series A) and pay market rates. Check us out here: https://www.versame.com/careers/

Apply on https://www.versame.com/careers/ or email me hiring AT versame DOT com for more info.

Recruiters/Recruiting websites - do not send me email or you'll get INSTA-spammed-boxed.

Replying by email currently appears to be bounced by Google: "We're writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (hiring) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group."

Good catch...sorry about that! It's working now.

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