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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (July 2016)
566 points by whoishiring on July 1, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 898 comments
Please lead with the location of the position and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, please include ONSITE. A one-sentence summary of your interview process would also be helpful.

Submitters: please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards.

Readers: please only email submitters if you personally are interested in the job—no recruiters or sales calls.

You can also use kristopolous' console script to search the thread: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

Hey, as usual, a friendly reminder. All positions posted here are available to search on the map.


Also any feedback welcome here in comments

I was wondering why there were a whole 5 jobs available in a tiny town in Argentina..


lol, don't think that's the San Francisco you were thinking of :)

Heh right. Maybe a new it hub? who knows?

Thanks for the report. Fixed.

An other one showing SF in North Africa: https://whoishiring.io/search/35.124/2.419/5/?order=distance...

thanks, fixed.

Another friendly reminder. I collect some stats over several interesting metrics, like popularity of particular languages or specialities, etc.

here http://wih.mdnbar.com/

Let me know if you have some more interesting metrics in mind.

This is great!

I was wondering why there was a cluster seemingly not near anything in southwest Oregon; it looks like some of the remote positions are showing up as located in Remote, OR.

LatLng 0,0 shows 194 jobs, most for Sydney CBD and some for other positions (remote, perth and so on).

Right, 0, 0 is bad. Especially when I should be able to guess address, in this case Sydney. Let me try to fix it.

As for other 0, 0, when address is unknown the decision was to leave it at 0,0. Better to have them on the map then not show them at all.


Y Combinator is hiring hackers (San Francisco, ONSITE)

We have a small team that makes the software that runs YC. Hardly any investors write software, but YC was started by hackers so it's natural for us to solve our problems that way.

The YC software is used by a relatively small number of people — mostly the YC partners and founders — but the users are sufficiently important that through them we are able to have huge leverage. YC has ambitious plans to create more innovation in the world, and the only way to reach that level of impact is to scale through software.

We're looking for a couple of great hackers to join us. It's not a job for everyone, but it could be a good fit for someone who likes startups. Working at YC, you'll get a lot of exposure to some of the best people in the startup world.

If you're a hacker, have a look at the job description: https://jobs.lever.co/ycombinator/8703c1d9-af67-4826-90e4-74....

If it feels like a good fit, we’d love to hear from you.

Will you ever be offering any software internships? Thanks!

Nava | Washington DC & San Francisco SF | Full-stack Developers, DevOps Engineers, Software Engineers, Frontend Engineers, Designers| On-site - Full-time | $100k-$160k + equity

We're a small team (18 people!) of engineers, designers, and product builders that were brought in to help fix HealthCare.gov in the winter of 2013. Since then, we've been working with the government to improve the services HealthCare.gov provides. Our revamped Healthcare.gov application is used by millions, converts 35% better, and halves the completion time.

It turns out there’s a lot more to fix, and it’s surprising how much can be done by a small group of empathetic people with a Silicon Valley mindset, deep technical experience, working closely with dedicated civil servants in government.

We’ve started Nava as a public benefit corporation to radically improve how our government serves its people, and we believe that the services our government provides should be clear and reliable. If you feel the same way, we'd love to hear from you at jobs@navahq.com

Learn more about us: http://navahq.com/careers

Job descriptions: http://jobs.lever.co/nava




Open Law Library | JS/Python dev; C# lead dev | openlawlib.org | U.S. REMOTE | $80-130k

Open Law Library is a small nonprofit tech startup and open access legal publisher dedicated to making the law accessible to all.

We are taking the tools and techniques developed for programmers to publish software code - IDEs, linters, compilers, continuous integration/deployment, VCS, etc - and adapting and transforming them for use by lawyers to publish legal codes. Governments use our tools to save time and money and then publish their laws openly for the public.

The founders are two lawyer/programmers (Scala, Python, and Javascript). Our funding is a mix of donations, grants, and government contracts.

If you are looking for a meaningful way to contribute to our democracy, you find joy in building the perfect tools for your users, you like deep and challenging problems in such diverse areas as version control, DSL design, UI/UX, and NLP (more accurately, LLP - Legal Language Processing :), and the idea of helping build a team excites you, then drop me a line at dgreisen@openlawlib.org.

* C# Lead Developer: Government lawyers live and breath MS Office, so our tools must integrate seamlessly with their MS-centric workflows. We are looking to hire a C# lead to help us build out our Microsoft team.

* Javascript/Python Developer: Our development environment for editing and publishing legal documents is based on the Atom editor. You will be integrating Atom with our existing Python backend and building all new tools, either in Atom plugins or in our Python backend, as appropriate.

Are you open for remote outside the U.S?

MapD | San Francisco (city) | Backend Developer, Frontend Visualization Developer (ONSITE)

MapD (http://www.mapd.com) is a Google Ventures/Nvidia/Verizon Ventures/Vanedge backed Series A startup that builds a lightning-fast GPU-accelerated database and visual analytics platform that takes advantage of the massive parallelism and high memory bandwidth of GPUs. We can literally run queries orders of magnitude faster than other systems (http://tech.marksblogg.com/billion-nyc-taxi-rides-nvidia-tes...) and since the results are on the GPUs, we can easily visualize the result sets with the native GPU rendering pipeline. Check out our Tweetmap demo (http://www.mapd.com/demos/tweetmap) for an idea of what the system can do.

We’re looking for:

Backend Developer - Someone with strong experience in C++ and database/systems programming. Knowledge of CUDA/OpenCL, LLVM, X64 Optimization, and/or OpenGL a major plus.

Frontend Developer – Someone with strong knowledge of React/Redux. Ideal candidate has good design sense and data visualization background.

We’re a growing Series A company (24 people) with deep knowledge of databases and GPU Programming. Benefits and equity are competitive ($115K-$170K / 0.2+%).

Please email jobs@mapd.com if you're interested!

Lokad (https://www.lokad.com) | Paris, France | Senior Software Engineer | Full-time | ONSITE

Big Data and Machine Learning applied to Supply Chain. We are profitable, fast growing and largely bootstrapped. We have infrastructure, data processing, scalability and reliability challenges. We need your help to get those challenges addressed.

At Lokad, you will benefit from the coaching of an awesome dev team. You will gain skills in Big Data processing and cloud computing apps. Our codebase is clean, documented and heavily (unit) tested. Our offices are quiet (no open space!), bright, and you can get three monitors.

We are a C#/.NET shop, and you will be developing under Visual Studio, the source code being versionned in Git. Our apps are hosted on Microsoft Azure. With .NET Core coming this year, we anticipate a few strategic migrations toward Linux.

We expect strong software development skills from you. A taste for low-level high performance computing is a big plus. A vivid interest for distributed systems is very appreciated. Contributions to open source projects are also highly regarded. We are located 50m from Place d'Italie in Paris (France).

To apply, drop me a mail at joannes.vermorel@lokad.com (I am the founder)

SharePop (http://www.sharepop.com) | € 40-65K | Berlin, Germany | Full-time | VISA

We are the first performance-driven influencer marketing platform for app publishers. Based in Berlin and Korea, SharePop combines branding and performance advertising by connecting app publishers with over 30 k+ influencers worldwide with a total audience of 90 m + followers. We enable app publishers and agencies to scale influencer marketing and create visibility on a risk-free CPI model.


(senior) Backend Software Engineer (m/f) - http://bit.ly/1PzmmVR

(senior) Front End Developer (m/f) - http://bit.ly/1r9wU2B

Our current (to be improved by you) Stack Ruby and Elixir services and Ruby on Rails Web apps Front end with Vanilla JS, but we're thinking about improving it with React.

If you have any question, please send me an email at fm@sharepop.com

ps: There's a trend of agencies offering services, so if you're an agency, save yourself some time, and ping the next one.


We're a bootstrapped deep-tech startup and we build the next-generation of tools for understanding, improving and creating software code! Our vision is to automate away all the boring parts of software development.

We're looking for people to join the core team and to help us on the technical and non-technical side. We're currently steadily growing our revenue streams and are about to launch a new, massively improved version of our code-analysis technology, so it's an exciting time to get on board. For the right candidates we are willing to offer a significant amount of company shares as well.

We're passionate about graph technologies, machine learning and programming language design and we love contributing to and building open-source tools. We work remotely and see our company not only as a way to make money but as a core element in our own happiness, hence our top priority is to provide a good work-life balance and help each team member to grow and achieve mastery in what she or he does.

We're trying to build a diverse team and we don't tolerate any kind of discrimination. In our interaction, we use the HackerSchool / Recurse-Center social rules (https://www.recurse.com/manual) and we try hard to provide the best and friendliest working environment possible.

So, if you're passionate about programming and want to help us to build the next generation of code analysis & transformation tools, please contact me:


Our current product: https://www.quantifiedcode.com

Network Polygraph (https://polygraph.io) | Barcelona, Spain | Full time, onsite

* Backend developer - druid, hadoop, kafka, spark - 25K€ to 50K€ - stock options

* Frontend developer - ember, react, d3.js - 25K€ to 50K€ - stock options

(Also looking for: marketers, sales assistants - do contact us for more info.)

30 min remote interview > quick remote programming test > in-depth remote interview > on-site interview / pair programming > offer

Network Polygraph is a cloud-based network visibility service (in more technical terms, a SaaS NetFlow collector) that can be deployed in minutes by our customers. Among our most well-known customers are DigitalOcean, North-American ISP Transtelco, and Spanish research and education network RedIRIS.

We recently raised 1M€ and are looking to expand our team of 4 to 9 in the short term.

Your mission will be to redesign our software architecture & platform into one that is more extensible, scales to massive traffic volumes, and that offers a better UX.

Contact us at careers@polygraph.io

Your salary ranges are too low. In fact you should start with double the max as your low range.

This is why there is a mysterious shortage of 'skilled' workers in Spain.

Minimum wage low skill jobs pay more than this in the US. Heck, your workers would be better off in the rest of the EU or at least the UK.

> Minimum wage low skill jobs pay more than this in the US.

No, they don't. $7.25 * 40 * 52 = $15,080. Before taxes.

(40 hours, assuming you are lucky enough to get full-time, which is often not the case, esp. at fast food places and such. Also 52 weeks, which is more realistic since you're not likely to get paid vacation. The $7.25 is the current minium wage for the US as a whole [1], may differ per state.)

[1] https://www.google.com/search?q=minimum+wage+us&oq=minim

Agreed, unfortunately it's very hard to find jobs paying properly in EU right now. It's amazing what is expected of people for the money offered.

I don't think many Spaniards would feel exploited on the higher end of the bracket. Salaries in Spain are not in sync with those in SV (neither is the VC scene), and Barcelona does have a lot to offer in quality of life.

Thanks for the feedback, though, it's always useful to get a honest reaction. I'll keep it in mind.

The salary may be monthly. This is common in European job ads.

50k Euros per month? Something tells me that's not right

United States Digital Service | Washington, D.C. | ONSITE | $108,887-$160,300

We're looking for the most tenacious designers, UX experts, software engineers, product managers, and others who are committed to untangling, rewiring and redesigning critical government services.

You'll join a team of the most talented technologists from across the private sector and government. Most people sign on for one year, but there are opportunities for shorter or longer engagements–tours of duty.

It's totally rad, you guys.

Apply: https://www.usds.gov/join

Video: https://www.ted.com/talks/haley_van_dyck_how_a_start_up_in_t...

My interview process involved several phone interviews conducted by digital service experts stationed at various agencies and the White House.

Standard resume format or federal resume format?

is this similar? https://18f.gsa.gov/

is It also available people from outSide of US?

Worth mentioning if it's still correct; last time I heard, terms are capped at two years tops.




Join us in our mission to make cities usable by building the ultimate transport app.

Hiring for ALL roles (engineering, design, product), including:

- - Web Developer (React, Redux) -

We build a lot with modern JS technologies. We have our web app, but also many systems behind the scenes that allow us to be the best source of transit data in our cities.

We use React+Redux, css modules and postcss, webpack, Django.

- - Android Developers & iOS Developers -

We're particularly interested in developers who are passionate about UI, and/or using sensors & location efficiently.

- - Site Reliability Engineers -

Help Citymapper scale its platform by orders of magnitude. We are currently in +30 cities, but we are going to be expanding to reach everyone who needs us.

- -

Read about our $40M Series B: https://medium.com/@Citymapper/getting-from-a-to-series-b-88...

Apply at https://citymapper.com/jobs/

Also you can contact me at emil at citymapper dot com if you have any questions.

is it available for international candidates ?

Ripple | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Fulltime. https://ripple.com/

Hi, I'm a software engineer at Ripple. I work on blockchain software infrastructure for financial institutions. Our mission is to create the internet of value and support trillions of transactions globally.

We're looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer and a DevOps Engineer, see our official ads here: https://ripple.com/company/careers/all-jobs/ We primarily code in NodeJS, we use and contribute back to open source software and some of us have been writing JavaScript and Node for many years and know the ins and outs of the ecosystem very well.

On the operations side we're in AWS, make extensive use of docker and use salt and terraform. If you want more details I can bring you in touch with one of our DevOps engineers.

Ripple is growing fast. We've got great funding (inc. Google Ventures & Andreessen Horowitz), and a great team. Feel free to email me with any questions: geert@ripple.com (My name is Geert). Or apply through our careers page.

Thanks Geert!

Boiler Room | London | Web Developer (full-stack) | full time, ONSITE

# Description

Boiler Room is the world’s leading community of underground music fans. We live-stream DJ sets and live gigs from music hubs such as London, Berlin, New York, Paris, LA and >60 other cities to music lovers all over the world.

You should have strong opinions about how web development should be done in 2016, and you should be able to come up with and implement new ideas for consuming & sharing online music experiences. Going forward, we have some really exciting ideas around peer-to-peer audio and video streaming - interest and/or expertise in that area would definitely be a strong plus.

You'll be working in our river-side office in Wapping, East London, and you’ll of course be able to go to and invite your friends to the exclusive parties being live-streamed on the site.

# Stack/Keywords

React, Redux, ImmutableJS, CSS Modules, WordPress, Docker microservices, RethinkDB

# Nice to have

- Interest in functional & functional reactive programming concepts (eg. Elm, Haskell) - Familiarity with Event Sourcing / CQRS concepts - Passion for underground music culture

# Get in touch!

Email me at harry.l+hn@boilerroom.tv with links to your GitHub and/or your CV :)

"functional & functional reactive programming concepts"

elm: "Farewell to FRP" ~ http://elm-lang.org/blog/farewell-to-frp

Flexport | San Francisco | Fullstack and Frontend Engineers | Onsite

Want to build software that connects people? Here at Flexport, our mission is to fix the user experience in Global Trade. To do so, we need a mix of brilliant technologists and logistics experts interested in solving challenges that come up with reshaping a trillion dollar industry. To keep up with our explosive growth and international expansion, we’re looking to grow the team by ~2-3 engineers per month in our San Francisco Headquarters. Check us out in tech crunch here - http://techcrunch.com/2016/06/07/flexport/

Check us out if you: -Want to be part of a close-knit engineering team that releases new code every day -Take a product-first approach to building software; -Care about the real world functionality of your programming; -Desire to build scalable programs that standardize information flow and increase operational capacity; -Have amazing coding skills and CS fundamentals; and -Know modern javascript frameworks.

Our stack: Our continuous releases are integrated with Travis and Github. On the frontend, we use React for the views,organize the data flow with Flux architecture,and test our application with Jest. On the backend, we're a Rails shop riding on AWS and Postgres RDS.

Want to learn more? Email Kristen@Flexport.com or check out our Angel List at https://angel.co/flexport/jobs.

Periscope Data | San Francisco | Full-Time | ONSITE | https://www.periscopedata.com/

Full Stack Engineer (Ruby, Golang, CoffeeScript, Java, Python)

Periscope is a data analysis tool for data analysts that allows them to type SQL queries and get charts really, really fast. We are enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate. We have gone from jumpstarting our car to hanging on as the car races up the hill.

    - First day: you'll ship new code to production.

    - First week: you'll ship at least one customer-facing feature.

    - First month: you'll write code at every level of the stack.

    - First 6 months: you'll rebuild a major piece of the Periscope stack.
More info: https://www.periscopedata.com/full-stack-engineer

Software Engineer | Austin, TX | OwnLocal (YC W2010)

Positions: Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Front End Software Engineer

TL;DR: Full-time, local only. RoR, Go, JavaScript, SQL, ElasticSearch but we think you can learn these things on the job if you're competent. We treat employees like humans and pay market rates.

Our web apps are Ruby on Rails but recently more and more of our stack has been in Go and JS. We've built a big API on ElasticSearch which serves billions of requests per month.

We're interested in computer vision, OCR, speech recognition and video transcoding because these things are all part of our bread and butter -- small business marketing.

OwnLocal is dedicated to having a quality work environment for everyone. On our engineering team we value collaboration over competition, respect work-life balance and solve problems without blaming people. We have a "no assholes" policy. We're big enough to be stable but small enough that everyone still knows everyone else in the company. We pay market rates, $90k and up (for a senior software engineer) depending on experience and have great health insurance.

Learn more and apply at http://ownlocal.com/about/jobs/

> We pay market rates, $90k and up (for a senior software engineer)

FYI, that's about 20% under average market rates for 'Senior' in Austin. Hope this helps your hiring and quality.

Apple, Inc. | Cupertino

Apple’s Siri is looking for exceptional engineers, designers, and project managers well versed in machine learning, natural language, speech recognition, server automation, and/or mobile software development. Siri is used on countless iOS, tvOS and watchOS devices and handles over a billion requests per week.

If you’re passionate about quality, system automation, home automation, user experience or one of a variety of open positions you’ll be right at home.

Apply online or send a resume and a feature request to brittanyd@apple.com.

Top Hat | Toronto, ON, Canada | Full-time

Top Hat is hiring for a couple roles: mobile dev/senior mobile dev (native iOS, Android), and full-stack web developer (Python, Django, Javascript, React.js, NodeJS). We also hire interns so please feel free to apply for that as well. Salary ranges based on experience from $70k to $120k.

We're a profitable (and valley VC funded by some of the best funds in the world) education startup that helps make class more engaging. We've got some really cool problems to work on and your work would be impacting a huge number of students daily.

If you're not based in Canada or the US but are willing to relocate feel free to contact us, because we do cover relocation expenses and will help you manage the work permit process.

Send your resume/github account to olivia at tophat dot com.

just out of curiosity: I have emailed my resume to alex.ehlke@tophat.com (may), chris@tophat.com (may), and olivia@tophat.com (june).

However I have yet to receive any reply from anyone!

I second this. Contacted chris@tophat.com and olivia@tophat.com and received no response.

Same boat. Sent an email to Olivia last month with no reply.

I also did not receive a reply when emailing Olivia last month.

Hi! Sorry, what was your email? (Feel free to ping me again with it.)

sk at sonalkeshav.me

I have sent my resume again today. Subject: Hacker News YCombinator Who's Hiring Application

Application emailed!

Application sent.

OpenRent | London, UK (Brixton) | https://www.openrent.co.uk | Full-Time | ONSITE

OpenRent is the way people rent property online - a force for good in an industry tarnished by rip-off agencies. Enabled by an unrelenting focus on technology, we now let more properties than any high-street agency in the UK. In the last 12m we let over £9.5bn worth of property, without charging any admin fees to tenants.

We're hiring dev #1 and #2, looking for generalists, thought-leaders, and those with a passion for solving real-world problems.

You'll be working in a close-knit team, directly with the founding team, and have full autonomy to work on, and how best, to solve the biggest problems in the industry. We find problems, improve customer experiences, and commit code every day.

- Lead Software Engineer | C# | £30k - £55k | up to 0.5% | https://angel.co/openrent/jobs/143003-lead-software-engineer

- Front-End Developer | £30k - £55k | up to 0.5% | https://angel.co/openrent/jobs/143011-front-end-developer

- Jobs Page: https://angel.co/openrent/jobs

Press Coverage:

- https://angel.co/openrent/activity

Contact via AngelList or email in profile.

Look forward to meeting you!

Excited to see a platform that doesn't charge fees to tenants. The rental industry in the UK, and especially London, is ripe for disruption. No fees is a good first step. Another example, one search criteria that many renters will not compromise on is shared housing, yet many (all?) platforms do not offer this search filter.

Gotta admit the salary range for the lead engineer position is worrying. You won't find anyone worth their salt for such an important role in an early stage company starting at £30k.

+1, £30k is an <12 week contract in London and you'd get to keep more of it as a contractor too

> You won't find anyone worth their salt for such an important role in an early stage company starting at £30k.

Probably not at £55k either.

Let alone "thought leaders", like the ad says they're expecting to recruit at that range.

Thanks - we've done some incredible work to get where we are, but plenty of challenges ahead, and lots more to be achieved.

The salary range is fairly broad, and if anyone with lots of experience comes forward we'll happily negotiate. We want incentived, smart engineers, and hopefully we're approachable enough that there shouldn't be a barrier in terms of salary / benefits. Of course, in London, we might not be able to compete with the hedge funds / banks, but I think we offer something very different.

If you want to have a massive impact, and be rewarded for success, we're hopefully a great place to be. Hopefully our remuneration package is comparable / better than other similar roles - and if not, we'll certainly look to change that.

Hiring isn't easy, and like with anything, we'll keep learning and developing as we go!

If you're motivated and like the sound of what we're doing, don't hesitate to reach out.

Bear in mind the kind of people you want to hire for a lead engineer role are unlikely to apply in the first place, on the off-chance that you'll make them an offer significantly above the advertised range.

Anyway, best of luck - anything to improve the rental situation in London is very welcome!

LOL. Lead developer @55k? Are you sure you aren't posting from Barcelona? How are you going to even attract anyone with seniority at those rates?

I agree that most of the "Lead Developer" roles are in 60-75 bracket. Up to 0.5% equity (as opposed to share options) might be a deal-breaker...

Another aspect is a "do good" mission and willingness to kick-ass.

Ingresso | London, UK | ONSITE

Ingresso is a London-based ticketing startup. We have done the work to connect to a large number of ticketing system APIs, allowing us to transact directly on the venue's system. We are profitable and growing fast, processing around £30 million worth of tickets in the first half of the year.

Our ticketing platform consists of:

- an API (exclusively powering Amazon's ticketing business tickets.amazon.co.uk)

- a white label website (eg www.disneytickets.co.uk and www.fromtheboxoffice.com)

We aim to make these two products the best in market, and need your help to do it.

We use a combination of Python, Go and Objective-C (server-side not Apple SDK). We have recently written 2 microservices in Go, and have just migrated half our infrastructure to a containerised platform using Google Cloud / Kubernetes. Our core backend services runs on FreeBSD machines in a dedicated datacentre.

We're looking for:

- Senior Backend Web Developer (£50-65k)

- Full Stack or Backend Web Developer (£40-50k)

- Junior Technical Analyst (£25-30k)


matt at ingresso.co.uk

Bipsync | New York, NY | Senior Software Engineer | Onsite | Full-time | To $115,000 plus equity package, healthcare, dental, vision and flexible working

Bipsync is a fast growing, venture-funded SaaS startup with a product obsessively designed to help financial organizations manage their research. Most of our customers are multi-billion dollar hedge funds based in New York. As a Senior Software Engineer you’ll use your full-stack skills to develop the product on a range of platforms, including web, desktop and mobile.

Interviews will usually be a quick telephone call followed by an in-person meeting. We don't do crazy problem-solving whiteboard stunts.

* Email: dan@bipsync.com with questions, etc.

* https://www.bipsync.com to find out about the product

* https://www.bipsync.com/senior-software-engineer-new-york-in... for the job spec

Wow, $115k is what a junior engineer can expect at Bloomberg a year out of school. Good luck with your search!

Is it also available for international Candidates ?

Gambit Research Ltd (http://gambitresearch.com) | London, UK | ONSITE | Full time

At Gambit we research and manage automated sports betting algorithms on behalf of our clients. Their algorithms run on our proprietary execution platform which interfaces with a large variety of bookmakers and exchanges, enabling access to the best prices and massive liquidity.

Our distributed, concurrent system has a core written in Erlang, which interacts with a wide variety of Python processes across the rest of the business. Some of the other technologies we use are: Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), Docker, Ansible, C, C++, Julia, R, Go, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, Celery, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Graphite, Sentry, Git, GitLab.

We have a very flat hierarchy and an emphasis on employee freedom. We encourage our team to work on projects that interest them, as we believe people are happiest and most productive when intellectually stimulated. You don't need to be interested in sports or betting.

We're actively hiring for the following positions:

  - Software developer
  - Junior/mid level front-end developer
  - DevOps engineer
  - Linux systems administrator
More information can be found at http://gambitresearch.com/jobs.html

Hi, are there rough salary guides for these? Particularly for the quantitative analyst position listed on the website


Product Engineer at First | Durham, NC OR Remote | Full Time | https://first.io/

First is a venture-funded startup at the intersection of predictive analytics and real estate tech. We identify when and why people will move, and build products to change the game for real estate professionals and consumers.

As one of our first engineers, you'll help guide key design, architecture, and technology decisions. This includes driving the product roadmap, bringing "design thinking" on product features, coordinating development efforts across the team, and working alongside designers to iterate on product UI/UX.

Apply: https://boards.greenhouse.io/first

Learn more: http://fortune.com/2016/03/13/tech-startup-companies-durham/ https://www.facebook.com/Firstanalytics http://scottbarstow.com/the-scott-barstow-show-episode-003-m...

London, UK | Investec (https://www.investec.co.uk) | Front-end developer for Fintech startup | Onsite | Contract or perm

Rip up the old rule book of banking, and join our magic circle of dreaming, building and testing with customers in how we can solve key problems for UK small and medium businesses. We are an intrepid team of warriors from varied backgrounds and conquests (small start-up of 10) who operate in WeWork Moorgate. Our elite team is looking for a front-end dev to breathe life into our UX/UI. No financial services experience necessary at all, just the desire to drive instant impact, and create legacy in etching their name into history by helping us change financial services.

You should be a javascript mutant with mad ES6 skillz. You should have personal projects, be curious and prize the craft of programming. The team assembled have aeons of experience designing, running and scaling software systems. Our journey will be filled with learning, fun and hard work (skill at table tennis is a nice-to-have).

Our stack is currently AngularJs 1.x, React + Redux, C# 6 backend (planning on moving to .Net core in the medium term), best practice devops, Github flow

Throw your hat in the ring and join our fight to change banking

You will need to be able to work in the UK. Candidates can email me personally at adam.wynne at investec dot co dot uk

Kash (YC S14) | withkash.com | Full Stack Engineer | ONSITE in San Francisco, CA / Waterloo, ON, Canada / Toronto, ON, Canada

We're on a mission to build a new payment network as an alternative to credit cards.

Why? Credit cards impose a hidden tax on everything. The profit margin of your average neighborhood store is under 2%. A typical grocery store’s operating margin is around 1.7%. On the other hand, the typical cost of processing all payments is about 2%. As Priceonomics puts it, "Credit card fees are 2% or more of nearly pure profit."

There has been many innovations built on top of the existing credit card network, but none of those fundamentally changes the equation. Kash is changing the equation.

With the former CEO of Visa leading our board, and all the momentum we're seeing, we're confident that a new network can be built. Come chat with us to learn more if you think this is a worthy cause.

We currently use: GCE/AWS, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Docker, Kubernetes, Angular.js, React, Objective-C for iOS, Android We're looking for engineers with a demonstrated ability to learn and past experience building both scalable and maintainable software.

For more details and to apply, please visit http://withkash.com/careers. If you’re interested in the Toronto location, please apply to the Waterloo job posting and let us know. Please mention that you saw us on HN.

Sailthru | Wellington, New Zealand | Rails Engineer & SRE/DevOps Engineer | REMOTE

The Role:

We're looking for an experienced Ruby developer and SRE/DevOps engineer to work on our mobile marketing platform, which powers real-time messaging, automation and analytics for the world’s largest brands. Ideally, you've worked with Rails, Sinatra, Sidekiq and these are not scary for you (bonus points for Elixir experience). Writing tests is something you can't live without.

We have approximately 20 running micro-services that serve hundreds of millions of requests per month (and growing rapidly). Our services rely on a range of technologies, which you’ll have to become familiar with, including: MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, Rabbitmq, Fluentd, Docker, CoreOS, Ember.js, Elixir, GO, and RoR.

Technical Requirements - Rails: * 5+ years of relevant experience

* Rails, Sinatra, and Sidekiq (Elixir is a plus)

* You understand data structures and algorithms, computational complexity inside and out.

* You have a solid understanding of networks,operating systems, information security, and databases.

* You’ll rapidly familiarize yourself with the infrastructure use to support Carnival - RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, and more.

* You believe in the importance of tests and TDD.

* You’re comfortable within an AWS environment.

* Scaling high volume, high throughput distributed systems is just another day on the the job for you.

Technical Requirements - SRE/DevOps: * AWS

* Docker, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, Ruby

* Experience with scaling

NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa is a plus. Proximity to NZ timezones are a plus. Full remote is OK.

Any questions or to apply, email tjanofsky@sailthru.com

Kaligo | On-site, Full-time | Singapore | Visa sponsorship

* Senior backend developer: http://startupjobs.asia/job/18385-senior-software-developer-...

* Senior front-end developer: http://startupjobs.asia/job/18384-senior-software-developer-...

We're a mix of a booking platform and loyalty provider. Our users may book hotels and either pay with cash and earn miles in their airlines'/banks' loyalty programs, or (for selected partners) redeem their miles.

We launched our first product in October 2014 and since then we grew to team of 30. Now we're looking for senior developers to join us and help us building new, more advanced products, and improve our practices and quality of the codebase. There's a lot of challenges ahead of us and we need a solid, hard-working people to overcome them.

We are a Singapore-based company with an international team (more than 10 different nationalities). As long as you're willing to relocate to South-East Asia, we're open to talk to you.

Keywords: Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript, AngularJS, AWS, functional languages, single page application

You can apply via links provided or simply contact me at greg@kaligo.com

BrainCheck | Houston, TX | Full Time, ONSITE | Game Developer


BrainCheck is a funded Digital Health startup developing a platform for tracking cognitive fitness and assessing conditions such as concussion and memory impairment. Our technology is mobile-first, gamified to appeal to a wide variety of test-takers, and HIPAA compliant. If you have a passion for neuroscience, big data, big ideas, and building technologies that can make a real difference in people’s lives, this position is for you.

We are looking for an experienced front-end developer to help improve our existing product, deploy onto new platforms, and launch new products. You should have strong fundamentals and an ability to learn, adapt, and work independently. Experience with Unity and C# is preferred.

Send questions or resumes to careers@braincheck.com.

MORSE Corp | Boston/Cambridge, MA | $80k - $140k | US Citizens only

MORSE develops algorithms and software for operational systems, implementing leading edge technologies for robotics, autonomous air and undersea vehicles, and coordination of human teams.

In particular, we are hiring:

Vision Navigation and Robotics Perception Engineer -- Focus on pushing the state of the art in computer vision and navigation to eliminate reliance on GPS and greatly increase the perception capabilities of future robotic systems. Develop and implement vision navigation algorithms to enable visual odometry, landmark correlation, and target recognition for various robotic and unmanned vehicle applications.

Senior Software Architect -– Focus on designing and developing software for autonomous vehicle systems. The domains are diverse, including real-time autonomy, machine learning, AI, mobile devices (Android, Windows Mobile), and web development. Creative candidates who want to make an immediate impact will thrive in the MORSE environment. This role will involve both leadership and hands-on development.

If either of these sound interesting, email us at info@morse-corp.com. Please include your resume.

Visit us at http://morse-corp.com/jobs to learn more.

Kumu | Honolulu, HI | REMOTE | Software engineer / javascript developer

Kumu is a web-based data viz platform that helps people understand complex relationships, mostly through network, systems, and stakeholder maps. We’ve spent the past four years refining Kumu’s visualization platform and we’re embarking on our next phase: developing a suite of tools and products to simplify the process of creating maps (through surveys, custom forms, and integrations with other platforms) and making it easier to collaborate on maps remotely (through integrated discussions, branching/forking, and version control).

We’re currently working with some of the world’s top organizations including The Omidyar Group, Gates Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, USAID, Stanford ChangeLabs, Democracy Fund, World Bank, Humanity United and more.

    - Full-time position (remote or join team on Oahu)
    - Salary $60-80k
    - Equity 1-2%
    - Small team with recurring subscription revenue over $100k / year
    - Flexible hours with a fun mission-driven team 
    - Stack: react, rails, webgl, webpack/babel, aws, git/github, slack, hangouts, IE11+
    - Bonus points for experience with: graphs/networks, couchdb, elasticsearch, redis, d3
On a day-to-day basis you’ll primarily be working with Ryan (@rymohr) and will be involved throughout the entire development process: from the initial brainstorm to flush out the basic architecture all the way to the final stages of testing and release. We like to move fast and ship often, and we try to break work into weekly deliverables to keep everyone’s expectations and progress in check. We do a quick hangout at the beginning of each week to revisit everyone’s immediate priorities.

Please send an email to careers@kumu.io if you’re interested or know somebody we can reach out to who might be. Thanks!



Hey, I think I'll be a great fit for this possition. Here is my Linkedin, https://ar.linkedin.com/in/lisandro-fernandez-b040625.

RAND Corporation | Santa Monica - D.C. - Pittsburgh - Boston | Research Software Engineer | Full-time | Onsite

We are the world’s leading public policy and decision making think tank. Read more about us here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAND_Corporation or here: http://bit.ly/1ImrPH8 or here: http://rand.org

We are looking for eager, creative folks who can partner with well with PhD level researchers to create cool end-to-end prototypes of research concepts.

You will work on project teams of research staff and domain experts and will often be the sole software engineer on the project. Our group functions a lot like an internal software development consultancy.

For Research Software Engineer position, technical needs will vary by project so you should be a well-rounded generalist able to develop solutions in MORE THAN ONE of the following application areas: web, mobile, desktop, visualization, database, modelling & simulation, machine learning, and statistical analysis. Bonus points for visual analytics and Hadoop/Spark/”Big Data” type skills.

Don’t be scared! You don’t have to be wizard at all these. The researchers provide the depth, you just provide the breadth, creativity, and eagerness to learn.

Good work life balance compared to startups and mainstream tech companies. 20 days of vacation per year that you are incentivized to take! Respectable salaries despite being a non-profit.

Ready yet? Shoot me your resume, portfolio, work samples, etc. at: dev.hiring@rand.org


Codaisseur (https://www.codaisseur.com) - Amsterdam NL, ANY time :) - On site

We train people into junior developer jobs and we help companies train their juniors/mediors with monthly classes, mentoring, and coaching. This is growing fast.

We are looking for on site teachers and coaches who want to be available at least 1 day per month as a freelancer.

Other than that, we are looking for a part/full time (min. 3d/week) teacher/developer, preferably with excellent JS skills: Node, React, Redux, Angular, etc.

As a teacher, you are responsible for 1 or more days of teaching + content in our courses.

As a developer, you are responsible for building and maintaining our content, planning, and evaluation infrastructure.

You will work with our core team (7 people) and freelance teaching/coaching staff (34 people). We do mostly classroom training and (remote) coaching/mentoring. We organise Meetups about teaching and learning code to spread the word, share our knowledge, and demystify code for the masses.

[APPLY VIA]: teachers@codaisseur.com



We're hiring production engineers, developers, UX designers, and more. Work on mostly open source software!


We're a remote-only company so everyone is on an equal level. GitLab is an open-source Ruby on Rails project with over 1,000 contributors.

Iterable (https://iterable.com) - San Francisco, CA

Come join Iterable. We are 21 people bringing the growth hacking tools that consumer Internet companies like Google/Twitter/Facebook build internally to other large-scale companies. We aim to build the best user growth engine on the planet. It's crazy how messaging and email usage are changing, but the technology and capabilities haven't caught up to the 21st century.

Our team of hackers and thinkers is from quant finance/Twitter/Google, (we built large parts of Twitter's growth systems). One of our top level goals is to build a uniquely fun and growth oriented company culture. Knowledge sharing in any capacity is highly valued here -- are you interested in prediction markets or PGP encryption? Do you enjoy teaching posture techniques or purely functional data structures to others? We pair program, design together, and generally create a learn-and-teach environment here. This is an opportunity to join a super-fast growing startup, in a huge market and with a great team, while it's still early.

If you're interested in coming on board, you can help with some challenges we face:

  - Scale our messaging API
  - Design and write performant, beautiful, asynchronous interfaces 
  - Write software to build machine learned user models 
  - Make data visualizations for our email and user data 
  - Design an immutable deployment infrastructure for our platform
Some aspects of our culture that make us different:

  - We are all very focused on self improvement 
  - Our company has egalitarian and transparent values (work when you want, on what you want) 
  - We are chill and empathetic people 
  - The company is completely transparent 
Technologies you'll work with:

  - Scala
  - Elasticsearch
  - Postgres
  - Redis
  - ES6
  - AngularJS
  - Play Framework
  - RabbitMQ
  - AWS
You'll get to work with us at our office at 5th and Market in San Francisco. If this sounds like an interesting and fun opportunity for you, please email me: aXRzYXVuaXhzeXN0ZW0raG5AaXRlcmFibGUuY29t

Aconex | San Francisco, CA USA, Melbourne, Australia| Full-time | Senior Software Engineer, Senior UI Engineer | ONSITE | $135k+

Aconex is a highly profitable project collaboration company with most of the worlds largest construction companies as customers. We are to construction projects what Atlassian is to software projects.

We're looking to build a team of experienced software developers to help us bring a new product to market with a strong financial aspect. Our stack is based on a service oriented architecture, so we have a number of different technologies at play - Java, Go, Ruby, Python etc.

To begin with, you'll be working with Java 8 (using Dropwizard), Angular, Typescript as well as many other tools.

Love to chat stack, so if you're interested - reach out!

Technology choice is open for discussion on new services that we start.

More about us: https://www.aconex.com

If you're interested, email me at tolshansky(at )aconex( dot)com

Wingify Labs | Pune (Kalyani Nagar) and Delhi (Pitampura), India.

Wingify (wingify.com) is the company behind Visual Website Optimizer (vwo.com). Wingify Labs is focused on building new worldclass products, both SAAS and consumer facing. If you want to level up your skills and build things you've never thought you could build, this is the place for you. We've got a lot of projects cooking - a SAAS focusing on re-engaging site visitors, a mobile app aiming to be WeChat for India, a FinTech project servicing agriculture and several more.

We are hiring data scientists (code + statistics), deep backend engineers (algorithms/concurrency/computer architecture), application engineers (frontend and backend), devops, mobile developers, support, and a director of engineering/other engineering leaders. With high probability we have a place for you here.

If interested reach out to chris@wingify.com.

"With high probability..." the pun ha been noted sir.

Currently applying :)

Blink Health | New York (Manhattan/Soho) | Full Time | Onsite | $100K-200K + equity | https://www.blinkhealth.com

We offer $10k for each successful referral as well. Just send a resume to my inbox and then follow-up with an intro e-mail.

Blink Health has quietly raised the largest series A in NYC this year. Our goal is to provide Americans unprecedented access to the lowest available prices for pharmaceuticals. We're building the connective tissue across all players in the pharma space and creating the technical and data infrastructure across payers, providers, patients and pharma.

Having recently grown our engineering team to 20, now we're looking for:

- Lead Security Engineer (our first Security hire): a pragmatist who is committed to building products that defend our users and possess an understanding of cryptographic principles and tools and penetration testing. Will guide our team to design secure systems and will attack and defend those systems.

- Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer: has experience with broad array data storage technologies (Hadoop/MapReduce, Redshift, Spark). Can build data pipelines from the ground up. Expert in SQL and NoSQL.

- Python expert to work with us full-stack: define best coding and software architecture practices, lead efforts to open-source internal projects, and build out core infrastructure.

- Senior Product Managers: lead product strategy for a functional team consisting of front/backend engineers, and business stakeholders. eCommerce / consumer web experience is a huge plus.

- Senior Frontend Engineers: use React, Babel, Webpack, Node, ES (6, 2016, next) to build the user interface to Blink. Strong experience with frontend infrastructure and isomorphic applications would be particularly valuable.

Thanks. Michael Thomas, CTO

CONTACT: mthomas@blinkhealth.com

Superhuman - https://superhuman.com | Full-stack Engineer & iOS Engineer | Founding Team | Full-time | San Francisco | ONSITE


• What: Rebuilding the email experience. Think vim/sublime for email, for web & mobile: lightning fast, beautiful, and programmable

• Why: 900M+ people spend 1/3 of their day in email, they deserve superpowers that make them brilliant

• Vision: Greater productivity platform / OS

• Funding: $5M+ seed, led by First Round Capital (first VCs in Uber, Square, etc.)

• Stack: Javascript, React, Golang, Postgres, Objective-C/Swift


• My Co-founder & CTO Conrad was VP Eng at Bugsnag, and built Pry (used by 25% of Ruby developers)

• My Co-founder Vivek founded Rapleaf/LiveRamp (acquired by Acxiom for $310M)

• I was previously Founder & CEO of Rapportive (YC'10, acquired by LinkedIn)


Email me: rahul@superhuman.com

– Rahul Vohra, Founder & CEO

"Rebuilding the email experience"

are you rebuilding tool (or could you program your tool) as RFS #28 ~ http://old.ycombinator.com/ideas.html & http://paulgraham.com/ambitious.html

Both, actually. Rebuilding the tool, but also making it programmable :)

thx @rahul, going for hacker market is a good move, be watching it.

Hi, i think your iOS engineer link on angel list is broken. Also are you open to hiring from outside the U.S?

General Assembly (http://generalassemb.ly) | New York, NY | NYC ONSITE + US/UK REMOTE | Multiple Positions | Fulltime

General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design. We offer classes, workshops, long-form courses, and events in worldwide markets including New York where we are headquartered, Atlanta, Austin, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Melbourne, and Washington DC. We also partner with Fortune 500 companies to spur innovation through increased digital fluency and more effective approaches to collaboration. We have small, cross-functional product teams that are developing innovative new solutions to online education, and currently we have various open positions across the engineering organization that we are looking to fill. If you want to be part of a diverse team, working on challenging tasks, and want to help the world expand their knowledge to better themselves and their careers via education, drop us a line. If you're in New York City, let's grab a drink or a coffee and chat!

See our full list of open positions ranging from engineering, to design, to teaching opportunities at https://generalassemb.ly/careers. Please feel free to contact me directly with your resume or any questions at elliott . carlson - at - generalassemb.ly

Hipmunk | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

Looking for machine learning engineers and experienced full-stack engineers.


Travel is a huge industry and we're shaking it up. We consistently lead the pack in every measure of customer love (net promoter scores, app store ratings, etc) because delightful customer experiences in travel are why we exist. We value the same high standards in our code and people. We value learning and growth (and not having bored people) and invest regular time in doing so. For example, every other Friday is open time for you to spend time becoming a better engineer. Our stack is built on PostgreSQL, Redis, Python, nginx, HBase, Coffeescript, React/Redux, es6, Swift, and a few more things. Steve, our cofounder, built Reddit with many of those and they've proven solid throughout the years.

We hire diverse, well-rounded, communicative people we can envision being friends with and trusting. Our projects tend to be 1-2 engineers max so trust and accountability is required for us to work. Also helps us keep processes & overhead low. We appreciate that we've built a reasonably-sized, high-powered team so far (55 employees incl. 30 engineers) and are always striving to be the best place to work for them. We're looking for folks that love all of the above and will help us keep our standards high. You can go to www.hipmunk.com/jobs if you're interested!

Scrapinghub | http://scrapinghub.com | 100% remote (all timezones!)

Scrapinghub Ltd. is looking for a Senior Designer, QA Engineer, Support Engineer and more: https://jobs.lever.co/scrapinghub

Quick summary of the open positions:

- Senior Designer: you’ll be in charge of everything related to UX and graphics for our entire suite of platform products.

- QA Engineer: you will estimate, plan, and coordinate testing activities to ensure product quality for all components of the Scrapinghub platform

- Support Engineer: you will provide customer support across all our platforms, working closely with development, sales and other technical teams to ensure our customers are receiving the best service possible.

We're a fully distributed company with 130 engineers and staff. Based around open source, we maintain Scrapy, Portia, Webstruct, Frontera, and other tools made for crawling and scraping massive web datasets– everyone at SH helps makes these projects grow, and we offer to pay you to work on open source if you have the right skills (though everyone inside the company is encouraged to contribute).

You'll have the chance to work on projects that harvest and transfer datasets of thousands of millions of records, as well as build some of the systems that will deliver data to current Fortune 500 companies and the startups that are building great products on top of our stack.

We have a very engineering-driven culture (two engineer-founders) and a great place to work if you're self-directed, curious, and interested in working in open source environments. More on Open Source at Scrapinghub: http://scrapinghub.com/opensource/.

We've been growing a lot during the past two years and we're looking for great additions to our team, wherever you're located! Positions are full-time and include 20 days of paid vacations per year, your local country holidays, a hardware allowance, and an online services program for professional growth (Online courses, screencasts, books and more).

DataFox (http://datafox.com) | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | Full-Stack Developer | Full-time or Contract

DataFox is a 30-person data science startup in San Francisco, backed by Google Ventures and Goldman Sachs.

We're looking for full-stack developers in Amsterdam. You'll initially work remotely, but we'll fly you out to San Francisco to get to know the team and our company. Over time, it's our goal to build a big team around you, in Amsterdam.

Full-Stack Developer: * 2+ years work experience * Eagerness to learn new programming languages * DevOps experience would be helpful * Experience with Node.js, MongoDB, or Ember.js would be a plus

I'm the CEO, if you're interested, please email me here: bastiaan [at] datafox [dot] com

Okta | SF, Toronto, Seattle | Full Time

We are builders and owners We believe we are solving some extremely big problems. Join a group of amazing humans who thrive on making customers—and each other—successful.

Ideas we believe in: Confront the hard problems and solve them. Don't bullshit people. Protect the customer. Think bigger. Make it work. Never stop.

Benefits: Happy hours, Ping pong, Lounges, Food, Global offices, HQ in San Francisco's bustling SOMA district, Competitive salary, Benefits, perks, and stock options, Flexible time off, Weekly All-Hands, Hackathons and Volunteer events

Please visit https://www.okta.com/company/careers/ for positions. Email: vimarsh.karbhari@okta.com

Moat Boat is hiring two experienced programmers (San Francisco, ONSITE), one interested in leading and doing, the other more interested in doing.

Moat Boat is a tool for thinking creatively together inside virtual reality. Whatever you say, just starts happening around you. It's a little crazy. We're very early (two of us), pre-product, post-prototype, funded, and excited to be working from first principles to figure out what it means to think and create inside this new medium.

I previously made Simplenote/Simperium (YC S10), which we sold to WordPress.com, and before that I worked at Irrational Games (makers of BioShock). My co-founder Katrika led design on Labs teams for Office, Xbox, and Windows at Microsoft. It's just the two of us. This is our first public job posting. We don't have a hiring page yet. Our site will be refreshed soon (moatboat.com).

We don't have free lunch or lots of ping pong tables. We're not killing it or growing explosively or hiring Engineer #20 to fulfill specific duty X.

We do have reasonable salary, generous equity, a strategy/runway for riding out the VR hype until it goes mainstream, and many fun technical and design challenges. We're looking for another lady and/or gentleman to join the founding team as peers. A good fit could be a very experienced fullstack or frontend dev looking to dive into something more game-like, or an experienced game dev looking to build something that's not just fun, but also impactful. hello-AT our domain if you're looking for a change.

Full-time, remote within US

Ksplice is the leading technology that allows administrators to patch the kernel on the fly with zero downtime and zero disruption. We're a distributed team of engineers forming part of the Linux and Virtualization group at Oracle with a passion for working on exciting technology, software craftmanship and all things Linux.

We're looking for a systems engineer to join us, helping Ksplice patch even more of the system, support new releases and improving our workflow. If you take pride in crafting software, don't rest until you full understand complex problems and are curious about what happens on the layer below then Ksplice will be of interest to you. You'll like working at all levels of a Linux system, developing tooling in Python+bash, analyzing security vulnerabilities in Linux kernel patches, enhancing the Ksplice tools and improving the workflow.

Required skills include:

  * Skilled with software development best practices including TDD
  * Expert level C/C++ programming
  * Understanding of security issues and defences in compiled languages
  * Strong experience with Python
  * Experience developing the Linux kernel or similar embedded systems
  * Excellent problem solving and debugging skills
More information about Ksplice is available at http://ksplice.oracle.com/ and you can contact me by email at jamie.iles@oracle.com if you have any questions. Oracle is an equal opportunity employer.

Cloud Academy | Multiple Positions| San Francisco, CA / Mendrisio, Switzerland | Full Time | On-Site/Remote | Salary $80-140k for all below dependent on location and experience

At Cloud Academy, we‘re builders. Learning new technology is just as exciting for us as building it. We do this through utilizing and developing cutting-edge technology and empowering students, developers, engineers and companies to build and grow products with robust and constantly updated cloud skills. Now is your chance to join our talented team that delivers unparalleled educational content to developers worldwide.

We are looking for several members of our research and content team to work on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and/or DevOps. If you’re passionate about cloud technologies, and love to always be learning, this might be a great fit for you. In some cases, we don’t require you to be an expert in the cloud platform you’re working on – we will pay you to get certified. Already know and love the cloud? Want to expand your skills? Join our team.

Cloud Engineer and Trainer: https://cloudacademy.workable.com/jobs/255307

Also hiring for marketing in SF, and for our technical team in Mendrisio, Switzerland. Check out jobs.cloudacademy.com for all of our open positions.

Kitty Hawk | http://kittyhawk.aero | Mountain View, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

Kitty Hawk is a Silicon Valley technology company dedicated to moving people more quickly and efficiently through personal flight. Our engineers, scientists, hackers, and creatives have invented and innovated technical and regulatory solutions for self driving cars, human powered helicopters, revolutionary wind power vehicles, and other world record-setting aviation achievements. We break stuff, in a good way, because we're here to get things done and help humanity push forward. Join us, let's have some fun.

We are seeking a Software Engineer for an innovative electric aircraft program. The candidate will primarily be responsible for designing, architecting, and implementing software for collecting, managing, and viewing data obtained during flight. Other tasks may include developing and supporting automated testing procedures (for both hardware and software), sensor integration, vehicle simulation, and real-time autopilot development. This person will work in a multidisciplinary team environment, with freedom to develop and manage multiple simultaneous projects. Our team is focused on fast iteration and constant software improvement. The successful candidate thrives in a hands-on environment and embodies the hacker/maker mindset.

Please find more information here: https://app.jobvite.com/j?cj=oWCo3fwJ&s=Hacker_New

Astranis (YC W16) | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite | US Citizen or Green Card

We’re building small, low-cost telecommunications satellites. Our mission is to help bring the 4 billion people online who are without internet. And to pull it off we have to reinvent 30 GHz radios in space using SDRs.

Work with incredibly smart people who have flown things in space before. Well-funded, but still a very small team that moves fast. No prior space experience needed, you just need to enjoy getting your hands dirty with real hardware and be ok with struggling to do things that seem impossibly hard.

Roles we’re hiring for include:

* Electrical -- PCB design, layout, bringup, test. Bonus: experience with fault-tolerant electronics, power systems, or high speed digital design

* Mechanical -- design, build, and test deployables and mechanisms. Should be experienced in stress and thermal analysis

* Aerospace/controls -- implement solutions to 6 DOF, non-linear control problems. Experience with spacecraft controls is a plus but not required.

* RF/Microwave -- work across a broad range including microwave system-level design, RF PCB design, and antenna design, simulation, and characterization.

* DSP/FPGA -- program FPGA hardware, develop custom DSP IP cores and integrate off-the-shelf IP cores

Please email john@astranis.com if you’re interested in learning more.

1%Club | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | fulltime | Onsite

1%Club is the do-good crowdfunding platform. We are passionate about empowering people to create positive change in their community, city, country – or in the world. So far more than 2 million euro has been crowdfunded through the 1%Club platform. And via our network, we have kick-started over 1000 initiatives in more than 80 countries.

1%Club offers you the best tools to kick-start an initiative that really can make a difference in the world. We challenge ourselves to make crowdfunding the most simple and rewarding experience for everyone who wants to do good in the world. We offer our crowdfunding platform as a software as a service (SAAS) solution to companies who want to setup a corporate social responsibility platform for their employees, stakeholders and customers. We work for companies such as Booking.com & Accenture.

1%Club is looking for a: Javascript Developer Technical Knowledge Excellent understanding of core Javascript principles Ideally experience with Ember.js (other MVC’s considered) An unhealthy love for testing (QUnit, Fixtures, Mocks etc)


"1% Club" basically means the complete opposite of do-good wealth sharing to Americans :)

Nimbl3 www.nimbl3.com - ONSITE - Fulltime - Sponsor visa - Bangkok, Thailand | https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3

We are a software development studio focused on building products for startups of Asia Pacific Region and Europe. We work with startups from Austria, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong in several vertical, you won't get bored. Join us! Our clients are well-funded, recognised startups and backed by early stage Alibaba investors, Ensogo, DeNA and 500 startups.

- Rails Developer https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3/049ee05b

- Android developer https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3/820c7cca

- iOS developer https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3/810d25a4

- Product manager https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3/2eef1fa0

- Marketing, Software engineering interns https://www.workhiro.com/companies/nimbl3/66dd3961

In-depth inc (http://indepth.io) | New Zealand | Lead JS Dev | Full-time | On-site / Visa / Remote | 45k + 33% shares

In-depth is looking for a lead developer / 3rd co-founder. Javascript | React | React Native | GraphQL | Node | Azure/AWS

In-depth inc is a newly formed start up focusing on the cultural sector.

Our goal is to become the source of information on all items of historical importance held by organisations worldwide.

When searching for information about ‘Mongolian weapons’ you go to Wikipedia, when searching for information about a specific Mongolian weapon used by Kublai Khan, you come to In-depth.

Our first product is an open-source platform allowing museums to create web and mobile experiences for their exhibitions with an aim of being highly customisable and extensible (think Wordpress/Drupal). Thus allowing museums to create unique apps and features, while sharing a base platform and driving down costs.

We will be going through an accelerator (mahuki.org) program starting in August and are partnering with the largest museum in New Zealand.

Check out the full job description at http://mus.nz/cofounder or email rowan@indepth.io

Arachnys | London, UK or New York, USA | https://www.arachnys.com | London or NYC

We are a risk and compliance solution, splicing together data from the deep web with unstructured and semi-structured information to help customers make decisions about the risks posed by their customers and third parties. Our customers are the world’s largest financial institutions, law firms, and consultancies. They use our software to identify and address financial crimes such as fraud, money laundering and

We handle hundreds of terabytes of structured and unstructured data, and as a result our infrastructure is pretty complex - Hadoop, HBase, ElasticSearch, Python, Docker, some Go, etc - and highly automated using Ansible.

- We're looking for devops or systems types to join our small devops team and help us go to the next level in automation and orchestration.

- We're also interested in speaking to engineers with more of a full-stack approach - the team is small and nimble and you can get exposure to frontend, MapReduce, Django, etc - all in one week!

- Finally, we’d also like to hear from expert enterprise sales candidates who have sold complex software to complex organizations.

Email jobs@arachnys.com with a link to your profiles (github, linkedin etc) if you're interested. A founder will read your application and respond within a few days at the latest.

Remote applicants who are able to be in one of our offices at least 1 day/week may be considered - but you'd need to be willing to be onsite more at the start.

DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer | Unizin | Austin, TX or selected remote | full-time

Unizin is a not-for-profit organization funded by member university investments and governed by those institutions with a mission to improve student success through digital teaching and learning. We're a growing distributed team of developers, engineers, and UX researchers and designers. We iterate quickly, release often, and have a strong devops mentality. Technology environment includes AWS, Java, Python, and Clojure.

For a short video about Unizin's mission and purpose, see https://vimeo.com/135717438.

Currently we are looking for an Associate Site Reliability Engineer, who will help develop system deployment, monitoring, and systems management tools and processes. This entry-level position is based in Austin, TX. We also have fulltime remote work available for certain candidates and positions in the U.S. Please apply at http://unizin.applytojob.com/apply/Omi5lP/Associate-Site-Rel... and mention Hacker News.

I was a member of engineering team at Unizin for several years. I no longer work there, but if you're looking for a small but high-performance team with very good people, who also have excellent work-life balance, you should apply.

> We also have fulltime remote work available for certain candidates and positions in the U.S.

Does that mean US only for the remote friendly positions?

That is correct.

MaxPoint Interactive | Austin, TX and Morrisville, NC | Full-time | On Site

MaxPoint Interactive has multiple positions open for Data Science, Software Engineering and Project Management. It's a very fun place to work full of talented people. If you love data, web apps, large backend processes, time series data and more, you will feel at home here!

Our programming languages include Scala, Java, C# and Python. Spark, Impala, .NET, Hadoop, Spring are but a sample of the tools and packages we use. There are opportunities for all kinds of work here.

The benefits are great, with full-coverage healthcare, standing desks (now a treadmill desk as well) catered parties, fully-stocked kitchens, lounges and all the goods, happy hours and more!

Review the list of open positions and email me with questions and your resume at brian.barker@maxpoint.com.

Open positions: http://maxpoint.com/us/digital-advertising-company/online-ad...

Full benefits: http://maxpoint.com/us/benefits

It would be great to work with some of the smart individuals on HN!

Paddle8 | New York, NY | ONSITE | FULL-TIME Software Engineers: Tech Lead, Full Stack & Front End

We’re the leading online art and luxury collectibles marketplace with over 800,000 global collectors. Paddle8 continues to grow dramatically and our engineering team is scaling our platform, improving discoverability and recommendations, automating our back of house, and a host of other exciting projects.

Our stack currently includes Python, Django, Node.js, React, Chef, SASS, MySQL, Redis, and Elasticsearch, as well as various Amazon Web Services.

We're seeking experienced Full Stack & Front End engineers and a Tech Lead to help architect and build the next generation of our growing platform.

Our technology team is highly collaborative and we are passionate about building and refining our systems, software, and user experience to be as beautiful as the goods in our world-class marketplace. We also have a beautiful and fun office in NoHo.


You’re an engineer who can turn ideas into readable, reliable, and reusable code. You believe in test-driven development as strongly as you believe in teamwork. You love building amazing new things as much as you love analyzing performance and refactoring. You're equally committed to getting our user experience just right as our designers are. 3+ years of experience building software / web products and solid CS fundamentals.

Reach out directly to claudia@paddle8.com to learn more about what we are up to! Feel free to visit:https://paddle8.com/about/careers

Snowplow Analytics (http://snowplowanalytics.com/) | London, Remote | Full-time

Snowplow (https://github.com/snowplow/snowplow) is the leading open source event data pipeline, used by some of the most data-sophisticated organizations in the world. Headquartered in London UK, Snowplow is looking to fill a variety of positions in London or working remote.


Technical product manager - http://snowplowanalytics.com/about/jobs/technical-product-ma...

(senior) Data analyst - http://snowplowanalytics.com/about/jobs/senior-data-analyst/

(junior) Data analyst - http://snowplowanalytics.com/about/jobs/junior-data-analyst/

Comcast | Philadelphia | onsite full-time | Salary range: $105k+ depending on experience |

We’re pulling data from over 20M machines in real-time, think you can help us get it under control? We’ve barely scratched the surface of whats possible and with the full AWS toolset at our disposal there isn’t much we can’t tackle. That is, not without your help.

So, if you’re seeking challenges just beyond your abilities with a passion for best practices, we’ve got the stability you want and the guarantee that your kids will still recognize you after you join. Heck, if they watch TV they’re already part of our beta testing programs! Unlike some of the other well-intentioned startups here we don’t provide cots under your desk, we work reasonable hours. With a monitor on your desk you can even watch HouseHunters/GameOfThrones/Spongebob until your eyes fall out.

You’ll be working with Kinesis and other data streams to syndicate a metric crap-ton of data (yes, thats a real SI unit) to visualize and glean insights across the whole swath of TV culture.

Send me links to your projects, something you're excited about.

Relevant search bait: Java, Scala, Flume, Kafka, Kinesis, AWS, Spark, ZooKeeper, Storm, Docker, Avro

Ping me at: br24 [at] comcast [dot] net

NGP VAN - Washington, DC and Boston/Somerville, MA

Trump has a double digit chance at winning this election, folks. Come help us stop him.

* DevOps Engineer (DC or Boston)

* Data Developer (Boston)

* MSSQL DBA (Boston)

* Software Engineer (DC)

* UX Designer (Boston)

* Front End Developer (Boston)

* Product Manager (Boston)

NGP VAN is the world’s leading political technology firm, providing campaign and organizing technology to Democrats, progressives, and non-partisan organizations. We built the voter contact and volunteer management tools used by Obama for America. Nearly every State Democratic Party in the United States distributes our VoteBuilder tools to Democrats up and down the ticket, and we provide industry-leading organizing tools that enable labor unions, environmental groups, pro-choice advocates, civil rights activists, and progressive political parties to win their campaigns around the world. Our fundraising and compliance software is used by the majority of Democrats from the Presidential level on down, and our engagement platform has become the most-used toolset for Democratic campaigns as well.

NGP VAN has been recognized by Inc. magazine as a fast-growing company and an awesome place to work. And they are right!

Company Site: http://ngpvan.com

We interview across a pretty wide range of experience levels. Hit me up at dmiller at ngpvan dot com for more info or to apply. I'm the VP of Engineering here.

Keywords: ONSITE

Surprised NGPVAN isn't hiring Security Engineers after the Guccifer2.0 hack.

I'm equally surprised! How does this not paint them in a bad light? From Guccifer 2.0:

"I used 0-day exploit of NGP VAN soft then I installed shell-code into the DNC server. It allowed me to intrude into DNC network. They have Windows-based domain architecture. Then I installed my Trojans on several PCs. I had to go from one PC to another every week so CrowdStrike couldn’t catch me for a long time. I know that they have cool intrusion detection system. But my heuristic algorithms are better."


Contentful | Berlin | Full time, Visa, Relocation assistance | https://www.contentful.com/

Contentful is a content management developer platform that enables web and mobile developers to manage, integrate, and deliver digital content to any kind of device or service that can connect to an API - be it smart cars, VR, mobile, web, digital signage, or any new platform. We solve the complexities of content management for tens of thousands web and mobile developers, some independent and many working at enterprise customers that include Jack-in-the-box, Petsmart, Specialized, Fidelity Investments, and Urban Outfitters.

Benefits: -Join a real tech company that counts among its investor and advisors people like Adam Wiggins (Heroku) and Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Solutions). -We offer education budget and extra days off to be spent on your self-development -Pick any tools you feel comfortable with. From hardware, to software, to your work environment, we've literally got your back. -Enjoy the flexibility of time and place of your work. -Brush up your language skills! Our team speaks more than 20 languages. -We fully support your move to Berlin with a relocation budget.

We are here: https://www.contentful.com/careers/, https://twitter.com/contentful, https://www.contentful.com/blog/, https://github.com/contentful.

Uber | San Francisco | Fulltime | Android | iOS | Backend

Interested in a highly leveraged, collaborative engineering role at the heart of Uber's core product? Awesome. We are hiring on the Driver Platform team at Uber. Our mission is to transform our Driver application into a world class engineering platform that's easy to build on and impossible to break.

This is a senior role that requires thinking holistically about application development and solving hard architectural problems unique to Uber's scale. Most qualified candidates will have at least two years experience.

If you're interested, please email gluck@uber.com

While this post is nice and formal, I'd like to break away anecdotally for a moment. I want to say that working at Uber has been the most awesome, rewarding experience of my engineering career. I've never met an organization that trusts its engineers as much. I have the pleasure of working with the poster above me full time. The team is dedicated, passionate, and solving some really unique challenges related to scaling an Application's architecture to fit the needs and demands of hundreds of engineers working in a single code base, at the same time.

Disclaimer: I work at Uber.

Uber | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Full-time onsite | Back-end, Android, iOS

Uber's Amsterdam engineering office is looking for back-end, Android and iOS engineers for its teams:

* Payments: do you want to build the future of payments for on-demand services? * Mobile platform: are you passionate about tooling that makes developer more productive?

Learn more about our openings on https://join.uber.com/amsterdam-engineering

Learn more about the teams on https://eng.uber.com/amsterdam-team-profile/

Email charles@uber.com if interested!

Dropbox NYC | New York | Onsite

We're a small office working on technically difficult problems across the stack that are critical to Dropbox's success. You'll have an opportunity to make an impact on both our 500+ million users and our ~60 person office and culture. More specifically, at the moment, we're looking for...

...full-stack engineers interested in improving users' experiences with content in Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/jobs/listing/199641

...backend/infrastructure engineers interested in bringing Paper (https://paper.dropbox.com) to Dropbox's scale: https://www.dropbox.com/jobs/listing/200990 It's been an incredible experience to build this office, and I hope you can join us!

Thomas Street - Seattle, WA (HQ) or San Francisco, CA -- full-time, REMOTE OK.


We are looking for several software development freelancer/contractors:

1) 4-weeks: AWS DevOps, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, experience with continuous integration and deployment systems, to help migrate a client web app from Heroku to AWS.

2) 3-weeks: Assistance with bug fixes from a software dev with experience in C#, DevExpress (REQUIRED), and WFP.

Process: straightforward -- email your resume/CV to ray@thomasstreet.com with a brief explanation of your relevant skils/credentials that match our needs. I'll then set up a Google Hangout virtual meeting with our development team. A short follow-up work sample (~4-8 hours max) may be required.

About us. Thomas Street is a pocket-sized design and development studio in Seattle. Our teams of designers, backend devs, and frontend devs work together to invent and build amazing products for our clients. Our past and current projects include developer tools, virtual reality UI research, and enterprise networking orchestration products.

Nulogy | Toronto, Ontario, Canada | https://nulogy.com/careers | Rails SaaS for Contract Packagers

Our motto is: "It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal."

Our mission:

- Enable companies to perform the activities necessary to deliver personalized products more effectively.

- Allow companies in the supply chain network to collaborate and do business together more efficiently.

- Reveal transformative insights about the operations and network dynamics of the industry. Drive data-driven decision making and continuous improvement.

Recent Awards:

- Deloitte: Technology Fast 50™ Canada - 2015

- Deloitte: Fast 500™ North America - 2015

- Aon Hewitt: Canada’s Best Small and Medium Employers, Platinum status - 2016


- Unlimited vacation. Because your results are your results.

- 100% top-up for 13 weeks for any parent of biological or adopted children

- $750/yr toward any extra help to make your family life easier for parents.

- Free format hack days roughly once a month.

Interview process: coffee date, 1 take home assignment, 1 on site whiteboard, 1 pair programming session

Send your resume and a cover letter to grow@nulogy.com and put "From YC" in the subject

Hey, I emailed you guys twice, but i haven't heard anything back!


Could you please try again using our new process? http://goo.gl/forms/R4lvFmowO0aSNenT2



Primate Labs | http://www.primatelabs.com/ | Full-Time, Interns Onsite | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Primate Labs is looking for enthusiastic software developers to work on Geekbench, our popular cross-platform processor benchmark. You will help develop and analyze benchmark tests for future versions of Geekbench. This is a great position for developers interested in computer performance, high-level and low-level software optimization, and cross-platform development.

We're looking for someone with a solid C++ background. It would be nice if you had experience with any of the following technologies (but by all means these are not mandatory): C++11, GPGPU APIs (e.g., OpenCL or CUDA), and code optimization and profiling tools.

Benefits include competitive salary and vacation time, medical and dental benefits, and flexible work hours.

These positions are onsite in our Toronto, Ontario office. Interested? Send an email to jobs@primatelabs.com to apply or for more information.

Fog Creek Software | New York City, NY (NYC) or REMOTE


Support Engineer

"Being a support engineer at Fog Creek is like no other support position. You'll be a full Member of Technical Staff, working with the product development team, with full benefits from day one.

This is a great job for someone energized by the possibilities offered by programming, but less excited about chasing down weird text-encoding corner cases and poring over billing code. You will be consistently challenged and engaged by diverse and interesting problems. You'll use a constantly changing tool set to solve a constantly changing array of problems. There's room for coding in this position, but you don't have to be a coder to succeed in it."

Interview process: Once you solve our Application Problem, the stages of the interview process are: resume review, phone screen, and a day of interviews.

Percolate is Hiring! | NYC/SF | Multiple Openings | On-Site, FT | $75K - $160K/YR + Equity

Similar to what GitHub has done for engineering and Salesforce for CRM, Percolate is building The System of Record for Marketing. We are Hiring!!! https://percolate.com/careers/

Sr. Backend Engineer (NYC) - (http://grnh.se/u1ploj) 8+ Years of Experience - Python, Django, Kafka, ElasticSearch, OAuth2, SQL/NoSQL

Sr. Backend Engineer (SF) - Global Search (http://grnh.se/prn2dq) 8+ Years of Experience - Python, Kafka, ElasticSearch/Solr/Lucene, SQL/NoSQL

Sr. DevOps Engineer (SF) - (http://grnh.se/xbmvf2) 6+ Years of Experience - GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, CFEngine, Chef, Puppet, Circle CI, Python, Vagrant, SQL/NoSQL

Product Designer (SF) - (http://grnh.se/wc2m3l) 3+ Years of Product Design Experience, InVision, Sketch, Wireframes, Mockups, and Visual Design.

Sr. Front-end Engineer (SF) - Search Experience - (http://grnh.se/4p6ct5) 7+ Years of Experience - Javascript, ReactJS, Backbone, HTML5, CSS, HAML, SASS

Sr. Release Program Manager (NYC/SF) - (http://grnh.se/u5bwem) 8-12 Years of overall Experience, 3-5 in Enterprise Release - Agile/Scrum, Jira, Release Planning/Management, New release education and training to internal/external stakeholders.

Front-end Engineer (NYC) - DEMO - (http://grnh.se/48ewvs) 1-3 Years of Javascript/ReactJS experience - ReactJS, Backbone, Google App Engine, HTML5/CSS3, Git/GItHub, TDD.

Backend Engineer (NYC) - Social CRM - (http://grnh.se/vs40t3) 3-6 Years of Experience - Python/Django (Flask, Tornado, Pyramid OK), SQL/NoSQL, Data Modeling, REST API’s, Elasticsearch, Lucene, AWS.

Iamb&b | Amsterdam | remote | http://www.iambnb.nl

We are Iamb&b and we’re enabling all homeowners to rent out their home while they’re on a holiday and earn money from their hammock. We're over 2 years old, bootstrapped and growing fast. We work from our office in the center of Amsterdam with our small team of 13 people.

If you're looking for a young and fun environment to work in, lots of freedom, the possibility to work on a project with huge potential using the latest tech, this is for you.

We’re currently looking for a Full Stack Senior Software Engineer to join our team. More info about the position can be found on the following page: https://iambnb.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk06z56

The hiring process consists of a Skype interview, take home test and an in person interview.

For questions you can contact me at jorg@iambnb.nl.

this post says "remote" but the recruiterbox page says "Work from our amazing office at Kerkstraat 61 in the center of Amsterdam.

It also says at the bottom:

Remote is possible though it has our preference to have someone in the office.

the recruiterbox page also says "Possibility to work remote"

Backend Engineer: DENVER ONSITE $89,542k-$150,314k and equity (based on experience)

What is n.io? n.io is a software company that believes there should be seamless connectivity between any device, any system and any signal — unrestricted in volume, real-time and intelligent. Our world is moving closer and closer to a day when every device will need to communicate securely and effectively; the n.io platform empowers that vision. We are a revenue-generating startup with a growing team of passionate and creative people.

Recent White Paper about n.io: http://harborresearch.com/the-future-of-smart-connected-syst...

The Opportunity Do you build software tools to help your current team operate more effectively? Do you love reading about and experimenting with the latest technology products and trends? If so, then n.io is the place for you. The ideal developer candidate has a passion for programming in general, rather than a specific language. As a back end developer, you will write code for the core n.io platform as well as the open-source blocks that connect to it. Be prepared to quickly iterate new concepts, hack on interesting technologies, and work with other teams to improve our current product.

Skills Needed Experience using Python in a production or professional environment Experience with git, GitHub, and version control standard practices A commitment to writing clean, commented, and test-driven code A general understanding of the different layers of the software stack and how they interact with one another The ability to communicate effectively about technical concepts — this includes describing and discussing technical issues with a non-technical audience

For more information, or to apply, email our Very Special Agent Andrew Joynt at ajoynt (at)n(dot)io


Onsite in Silicon Valley (preferred) or San Diego, with REMOTE a possibility depending on role

Interview process: Video calls if you're distant or an in-person visit if you're local.

We are developing high-performance algorithms for truly big data, video analysis, NLP, and more. We solve deep technical challenges and are building offerings relevant to interesting real-world problems in a variety of fields. We are currently open to engineers with solid experience in CUDA, Mesos, deep neural networks, and/or Clojure, as well as to enthusiastic developers who might lack this precise experience but are eager to learn. We also welcome interest from postdoctoral researchers or senior graduate students. We are interested in solving problems efficiently, and our polyglot architecture includes C++, Clojure, Scala, and Python.

We do not presently have openings for undergraduates (B.Sc. students).

Contact info@onutechnology.com.

Kaggle | San Francisco | Full Time | ONSITE or REMOTE | Software Engineering

Technologies: C#; ASP.NET MVC Core; React; TypeScript; Docker; Azure.

You can read the job req and apply here: http://kaggle.applytojob.com/apply/GjSjOi/Backend-Engineer?s...

Kaggle is best known as a platform for machine learning competitions. We have a community of over 550K data scientists. Now also building a sharing-and-collaboration platform (closest analogy is Github for data science: https://www.kaggle.com/scripts)

Particularly interesting opportunity for software engineers looking for exposure to data science/machine learning. Three of our engineers have come via HN posts, so we take HN referrals very seriously.

CADRE | New York, NY | Onsite | Experienced Engineers

- Full Stack Software Engineers - Senior iOS Engineers - Automation Engineers - Devops

Email tanya@cadre.com

Read about us on Tech Insider: http://www.techinsider.io/what-is-cadre-and-how-to-invest-in...

Cadre is a well funded startup at the intersection of technology and investing. Our mission is to create a more efficient economy by connecting investors with investment opportunities through technology.

We are initially focused on investing in high-end commercial estate and are changing how investors find opportunities in this antiquated, massive and opaque industry.

We have an incredible team of 30 people. Our culture is engaging, fast-paced, and collaborative. We all very much enjoy each other's company and are looking for individuals who want to love what they do and who they work with.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to be one of the first 30 employees at a very well-funded company where there is massive potential for each individual here. You would be a core member of the engineering team.

More links below that tell the Cadre story.

Cadre.com and https://cadre.com/about

http://crunchbase.com/company/cadre-2#x http://nypost.com/2016/01/26/real-estate-startup-cadre-raise.... http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/24/cadre

NeoSensory, Inc. | Houston, TX | ONSITE (Willing to help relocate) | Full-Time

Mechanical Engineer / MechE

Join our team of boffins! NeoSensory builds devices for people who want to empower themselves with new senses.

A good overview of our research background can be seen in our co-founder/Neuroscientist/Chief Science Officer, David Eagleman's TED talk from last year: https://www.ted.com/talks/david_eagleman_can_we_create_new_s...

We're on the hunt for a Mechanical Engineer to join the rest of our R&D team in Houston, Texas. The ideal candidate will have prior experience in the consumer electronics space, and even better if in the wearables space.

All (human or cyborg) walks of life welcome and encouraged to apply!

If interested, get in touch with us via info@neosensory.com

Ultimate Software | Ft. Lauderdale FL, Atlanta GA, Toronto CA | Onsite/Remote | http://www.ultimatesoftware.com/careers

Ultimate Software is hiring for a large number of full time development positions, including:

     - DevOps Engineers

     - Software Engineers (Java, C#, Golang, Python), 

     - Software Test Engineers, and more.
About 15% of our Product Development team works from home. We have an unbelievable benefits/401K package, so apply to Fortune’s #1 Best Tech Company to Work For in 2016 today.

Here is a link to our Java Software Engineer role we have available, but feel free to check out the other opportunities on our site as well! http://tiny.cc/ylbmcy

Are remote positions available for any of the software development roles? I only see virtual/remote listed for one specific Java role (and for software development, not testing or DevOps). Thanks!

Hi pc86, There are very limited virtual opportunities for all of our software development roles. If interested, please apply online and also send your resume to techcareers@ultimatesoftware.com

Hi, I applied for the c# role recently, I don't know if you would be cool with getting in touch to learn more about Ultimate. Thanx!

For the Java role, is remote US only?

Hi emilburzo, We can also do remote in Canada.

Still a continent too far from me :-)

Good luck with your search!

Scrive | Stockholm, Sweden | REMOTE GMT±3 | Full-time

We have a stable backend written in Haskell, with a dash of Java for manipulating PDFs. The front-end is written in Javascript, mostly using React.

We need someone with a strong Haskell background to help maintain and expand our Haskell backend, find and fix performance problems, and help us maintain our Haskell packages (e.g. hpqtypes, happstack-static-routing, consumers). We are looking for someone who is in touch with the Haskell ecosystem and can make decisions as to what the best tools to use are, or to develop them when deemed necessary.

Full details and application via StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/118855/haskell-backend-develo...

Skyscanner | London, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Budapest, Sofia | ONSITE, VISA | full-time senior hires

We're one of the biggest travel metasearch products in the world by traffic... and we want to 10x that :)

Hiring at a senior level in lots of key disciplines: backend with microservices & distributed systems, big data & data science, full stack and frontend, designers, product, iOS & Android. We are growing in all of our European offices - London and Barcelona being the two newest.

In short, if you've got a great track record and experience in one or more of these areas, know what best practices look like, and have the drive to make things better, we're interested.

We're looking for people interested in working on large-scale challenges and building new products. We have an incredible amount of historical data and a unique position in the market. What should the future look like? How do we best use our data, our scale and new technologies to our advantage as we grow? We're particularly interested in data-driven personalization and recommendation, exploring new travel products and experiences, as well as developer enablement and tooling.

We're one of the very few unicorn companies HQ'd in Europe who are profitable - and have been so for the past 7 years. Recently we've had the director of Amazon S3, Bryan Dove join us as our VP engineering. In London you would be working closely with him alongside some very experienced industry figures in a pretty cool and central location.

You can apply at http://www.skyscanner.net/jobs/ - or ping me an email at alex (.) treppass [at] skyscanner.net for a referral. Happy to answer questions or pass you to someone who can.

On a personal note, I see a lot of freedom, responsibility, accountability. Engineers have a LOT of room to make decisions and move fast, and the encouragement to make things better. It's an exciting place to be.

Chino (https://www.chino.io) | Trento, Italy | Senior Dev; Junior Dev; Intern | Full-time | ONSITE

We are looking for talented people to join us. We may take into consideration remote working, even thought we haven't done it yet, but (personally) I like the idea. We are a startup based in north Italy that develops a DB/BAAS for storing health data in compliance with EU regulations. We are small but growing, we have received some grants from EU projects and scaling with customers. We work with python and we are going to move quickly to docker & the like. More info here http://bit.ly/chinojobs

senior developer salary: 20k-35k. Not cheap at all.

Wages in Italy are exceptionally low if you're used to US wages. They're generally below the average for large European countries as well. On the other hand, Trentino-Alto Adige is one of the happiest places in Italy to both live and work, but that wage isn't going to go far in the North.

The additional question, not answered by the career page, would be is this a contratto a tempo indeterminato or something else?

you get what you pay for

Monthly or Yearly? :)

Dispatch | http://dispatch.ai/ | South San Francisco, CA | Full-time, onsite

We are a well-funded early-stage startup that is creating a platform for local delivery powered by a fleet of autonomous vehicles designed for sidewalks and pedestrian spaces.

We're bringing together a team with deep domain expertise in robotics, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence. If you're interested in joining us to work on this exciting technology and help create the future of autonomous vehicles, we'd love to hear from you. Roles we are hiring for:

- Controls and Planning

- Perception

- Infrastructure

- Software

- Mechatronics

- Office Manager/ EA

Feel free to reach out to us at: jobs@dispatch.ai

or on AngelList: https://angel.co/dispatch-6

Oh my god, that is so cool. Unfortunately I don't know enough robotics to apply, neither I am in the US.

By the way, your YouTube video have no sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PKyKluMcNM

I find it hard to believe you guys and dispatch.me wont butt heads at some point


VISA (must have current transferrable U.S. work authorization)

Pindrop is an innovator in phone fraud security, and we're expanding quickly following our third round of funding from Google Capital for $75M earlier this year. Our top priority is to grow the Engineering team, and we are seeking:

Software Development Engineers in Test (Python, Ruby) Backend Software Engineers (Python) Front End Developers (JavaScript, React.js)

If you'd like to work in a meaningful environment with a stellar group of Engineers, please email talent@pindropsecurity.com with your resume and quick bio.

Check out more about Pindrop, our culture, and our current openings: https://www.pindrop.com/careers/

Just wanted to leave my two cents here for anyone who's looking to apply - interviewed with Pindrop for a backend engineering role recently, it was very comprehensive and pleasant at every stage! I was very pleased with both the interview process and the people I interviewed with. Would highly recommend!

Envoy - San Francisco (onsite and remote friendly)

Envoy is a beautiful, modern visitor sign in system for the iPad. Collect visitor information along with support for signing NDAs, printing badges, or automatically sending SMSs to their hosts. It's visitor management re-imagined.

We're looking for iOS and Rails engineers. We want people who use the right tool for the job. It's not always about perfect code, and it's not always about hitting deadlines; we look for a healthy balance of both.

We're a small but growing team. This is a great place to learn, grow and participate first hand in something that’s going to be huge.

More details at https://envoy.com/jobs/

Reach out to jobs@envoy.com

Recursion Pharmaceuticals | SLC, Utah | Onsite, full-time

Recursion is a startup with less than 20 people, but we generate rich biological data at a pace comparable to the biggest institutions anywhere doing biology and disease research. ​We have literally millions of images like those seen below, from experiments we conducted in our lab, and we generate terabytes more each week. Our biggest challenge and biggest opportunity is to extract the most information we can from this massive amount of data.

* Research Data Scientist - http://www.recursionpharma.com/senior-data-scientist.html

* Deep Learning Computational Scientist - http://www.recursionpharma.com/deep-learning-computational-s...

* Data Science Engineer - http://www.recursionpharma.com/data-science-engineer.html

* Data Scientist - http://www.recursionpharma.com/data-scientist.html

* Computational biologist / bioinformatics - http://www.recursionpharma.com/computational-biologist-bioin...

* Data Visualization/Interaction Engineer - no post yet - D3 et al

Logistics: Salt Lake City, Utah. Hiking/running/biking is literally out our back door, and it's half an hour to 5 ski resorts. Competitive pay, health insurance, relocation assistance (onsite is required), equity, a top-caliber team, and help make a massively positive impact. Happy to sponsor, but you need to already be US authorized.

Tech: Data science: python scientific stack (pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, bokeh, etc). Software infrastructure: mainly go. Deep learning (e.g. convolutional networks) we're mainly using the python frameworks (keras, theano, tensorflow, etc).

Send background and code to me (co-founder/cto) at datasci@recursionpharma.com. Must be US-authorized. Our team of 18: http://www.recursionpharma.com/team

The Karr Lab at the Institute for Genomics & Multiscale Biology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is seeking talented, ambitious researchers to develop cutting-edge whole-cell computational models of individual cells, as well as new technologies to enable larger and more accurate whole-cell models.

Despite the explosion of experimental data, we do not understand the details of how phenotype arises from genotype and the environment. We are developing whole-cell computational models which comprehensively predict how behavior emerges from the molecular level by representing all of the biochemical activity inside cells. Our goal is to use whole-cell models to transform bioengineering and medicine into rigorous, quantitative disciplines. For example, we believe that whole-cell models could enable bioengineers to design microbial genomes for a variety of industrial applications, as well as enable physicians to tailor medical therapy to individual patients. Our research is highly interdisciplinary, involving systems biology, genomics, bioinformatics, data integration, parallel simulation, optimization, software engineering, and data visualization, and highly team-oriented.

More information: Please see our website (http://www.karrlab.org/join) or contact Jonathan Karr (karr@mssm.edu).

How to apply: Please send a cover letter outlining your research interests and a CV to Jonathan Karr (karr@mssm.edu).

Virtru | Washington, DC or REMOTE (within America) | Fulltime | JavaScript fullstack, nodejs, devops

== Who we are ==


Everyone has a right to keep their digital content private and secure. Virtru was founded with the belief that exercising that right should be easy and convenient. Virtru allows you to send end-to-end encrypted email using your existing email address and existing email provider with the flip of a switch.

We have browser extensions for Chrome/Firefox, apps for iPhone and Android, and a plugin for Outlook desktop.

Our full time team of ~30 is currently 50% engineers and with ~50% of the team working remotely across the US. We value automated testing, readable/maintainable code, documentation, and code reviews. We run in 2 week sprints and dedicate about 20% of total capacity to things the dev team thinks are important (technical debt, refactoring, exploring a new technology, etc), while the rest goes to feature development and addressing bugs.

== Current positions ==

1) Full stack NodeJS/Javascript developer (full details http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/99104/full-stack-javascript-de...)

2) DevOps (I don't believe we have the a job post up yet for this, but they currently use (in no order): - AWS (EC2, VPC, S3, CloudFront, SQS, SNS, Lambda, CloudWatch, etc) - PagerDuty - Terraform - Ansible - Python - NodeJS - New Relic - DataDog - ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana)

== Get in touch ==

If you care about privacy and are interested in creating security products at a company which thinks that user experience is a first class citizen, please get in touch! Send an email to jobs@virtru.com with subject “HN who is hiring response” and tell us what interests you about Virtru. It would be great if you can provide some sample code that we can check out (github, bitbucket, etc).

== Real Talk ==

I'm posting this on behalf of my company and wanted to personalize why you might want to check us out as I think copy/paste non-personalized job ads on HN are boring and don't deserve a place here.

I started back with Virtru as a Senior Software Engineer in July of 2015 and work remotely. I have never once felt left out because I am remote. This is my first remote job and I cannot see how anyone would ever want to work any other way now. We currently use Slack, Google Hangouts, and Screenhero, so you won't be cut off to fend for yourself in the wild. Most of the developers are on the east coast, but we have a few people on the west coast & central.

One of the more interesting things about Virtru is that a lot of work is around browser extensions, which is fairly atypical for software products, so you'll get to learn something new. So what's working there like for a remote person? We have a stand up for the feature team at 10AM EST, and one for our DevOps. After that your day is usually in your court outside of the regular sprint end/begin activities (retro, review, planning). If you like going heads down with no/minimal distractions you can often achieve that. You won't be micromanaged to get your work done and getting your work done is the most important measure. You'll get the freedom to experience what it is to worry about only your work and not if you're showing your face for enough hours. If that means you bust ass 3 days a week and keep yourself available for the other two for stand up, possible reviews and questions, and maybe a meeting no one should care.

Rather than write a novel, if you have any questions please contact me via running this JS snippet to get my info:

    [103, 114, 101, 103, 43, 104, 110, 64, 118, 105, 114, 116, 114, 117, 46, 99, 111, 109].map(x => String.fromCharCode(x)).join('')

I applied via the contact email and specified the DevOps position. Is there anything else you guys would like me to do as a Ops person to better evaluate my abilities as a person and expedite the process. This company sounds like a great fit for me.

Hey sorry it took me awhile to get back to you. The team finally got the job post up, so hopefully this will help you http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/119612/senior-devops-engineer-...

Execvision.io | Arlington, VA | Remote OK

1) Data Scientist / Computational Linguist. Help develop rich analytics based on call recordings. NLP, machine learning, linguistics background. Full time.

2) Principal Pipeline Engineer. Work on the pipeline team, ingesting and processing audio content. Python, scrapers, APIs, pipelines, analytics, distributed processing, worker queues, celery, redis, etc etc. Full time.

3) Mobile Engineer, Part Time. We need a part time dev who can maintain our mobile app. Ionic, iOS, Android. At the moment this is ad hoc. No agencies or mobile shops please - we want a direct relationship on this one.


Maritima Dominicana - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

We are making an automated logistics platform for the Dominican Republic. Whether it's booking freight or coordinating cyanide transport—we do it all within an integrated system that keeps everyone in the loop and integrates with our clients and key partners.

We are looking to fill Dev, QA, and Support roles with smart people. Though we use C# and a cocktail of Javascript frameworks, we don't mind a Java/Python/PHP background as long as you can "Clean Code".

In fact, our CTO just came in with a Java background.

Email me at gtk@mardom.com for more details!

Sendence | US, UK, remote from anywhere depending on the position

We are working on creating a next generation data processing platform with a new greenfield stream processor at its core. We are looking to go grow our team. Currently hiring for

DevOps Engineer (US or UK) Performance Engineer (anywhere) Data Replication Engineer (anywhere) Software Engineer with Financial applications experience (US or UK)

Get more info and apply at:


If you are interested in working with Pony every day, you should be talking to us.

Magnetic: New York, San Mateo, Ann Arbor, London (all ONSITE, VISA sponsorship available)

Are you someone who has a passion for software craftsmanship? Do you prefer Agile processes, and care about regularly shipping well-crafted code to your users? Does developing software on collaborative team sound like the ideal next step in your personal journey? If so, then Magnetic is looking for you! You can read about some of what we do at our tech blog: http://tech.magnetic.com/.

Magnetic builds a marketing platform for enterprises, brands and agencies. Our prospecting, remarketing, and merchandising solutions help marketers find, keep and bring back customers across channels and devices. These solutions are powered by our unique data including purchase intent and behavioral insights.

We do this with a (micro) services (oriented) architecture (choose your favorite buzzwords) using PyPy, GoLang, Java, and Scala; we use Kafka, HBase, MongoDB, Samza, and Spark, among other open source technologies. Each of our development teams is cross-functional and largely self-directed, so if you want to make an impact, we've got a role for you.

Apply online at http://grnh.se/ng1cb0. If you don't see a job that looks right, drop us a line anyway -- we'll make sure your application gets to the right person.

RepSpark Systems | Costa Mesa, CA | Full-time | ONSITE | $60k-$90k

We’re a casual, seven-person software development team based in Orange County, CA (south of Los Angeles). We provide many large apparel brands with intuitive and efficient sales workflows, enabling sales representatives to place bulk orders for brick and mortar stores (i.e. how O’Neill ends up in Tilly’s or how Armada ends up on Backcountry). Our stack includes JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, memcached, MongoDB, React.js, and mobx (http://stackshare.io/repspark/repspark).

We are looking for talented engineers who have strong skills in application-level TypeScript/JavaScript. This includes engineers with experience applying design patterns to their code (Module, Sandbox, etc.), implementing modularization, writing unit tests, and optimizing performance.

We think it’s especially awesome if you have experience with modern JavaScript libraries, such as Backbone.js, React.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, Polymer.js, etc. You will work in a highly collaborative, cross-functional, and Agile team and may take a lead role on various software components.

We’re also big on fun. It’s not uncommon to spontaneously jump into a table tennis match. Plus, every Friday we eat and drink together.

Please email hn@repspark.com with applications or questions. We'd love to hear from you!

Peloton Technology | Mountain View, CA. | ONSITE | Full-time

Work on Autonomous Vehicle Technology. It's happening now. Check us out at www.peloton-tech.com and email sandra@peloton-tech.com if you know you are good.

We've a few openings. Use the appropriate links to apply ...

1) Vehicle Software Engineer - expert C++ (Link: http://grnh.se/8e1wag ) 2) Vehicle Software Engineer - Go (Link: http://grnh.se/51x7p6 ) 3) Build & Release Engineer - Commercial App Dev. Learn Bazel (Link: http://grnh.se/1j34py) 4) Firmware Engineer - C / RTOS (Link: http://grnh.se/6x8yrj )

WHAT WE DO: At Peloton Technology, we are transforming the trucking industry, bringing groundbreaking safety, efficiency and data to the trucks that drive the economy. WHAT? In short, we're mastering Truck platooning technology and it works!

FOUNDERS: Peloton's founders are Stanford University alumni with roots in Stanford's autonomous vehicle program, Volkswagen, Tesla, and IDEO. Our investors include Intel, Denso, UPS, Volvo, and Lockheed Martin. Our board members include Ralph Eschenbach, "father of commercial GPS," and Rodney Slater, Former US Secretary of Transportation.

Mode Analytics — San Francisco, CA | Full-time | On-Site Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Sr. Software Engineer

Mode is an analytics platform. We build an integrated toolchain that combines SQL, python notebooks, visualizations, and interactive reporting together so that companies can answer their most challenging analytics questions quickly and easily. We're a team of analytically minded people dedicated to serving data analysts, scientists, and engineers in companies and communities of any size. We're looking for folks who are driven to make change and who believe that a world where analysts are more impactful is a world they'd rather live in.

Tech-wise we primarily use Rails and Go on the backend and Javascript/Typescript on the web side. Some of our engineers work in adjacent parts of the stack and some prefer to focus in on deep expertise in one part, it's really up to you and where you want to focus and grow.

On top of contributing to a product that our customers love you'll be contributing to a culture that you love. There's a lot more to a fulfilling life and successful career than just "crushing code". Come work at a company that thinks more intentionally about work-life balance, diversity, inclusivity, and productivity.


ALICE Technologies, Stanford, CA [ArtificiaL Intelligence in Construction Engineering] http://alicetechnologies.com

ALICE is bringing AI and Optimization to construction engineering, management and scheduling. We are a well funded early stage company founded out of Stanford.

The problems we solve are real and technically challenging. Our demos raise excitement at industry gatherings, which have lead to collaborations with 7 major US construction companies. Our team gladly welcomes talented individuals who can help bring our prototype to market.

In addition to competitive salary and equity, we offer the opportunity to break into the ripe-for-disruption construction industry. You will also learn the art and science behind our algorithms.

  Frontend or Fullstack Engineer - a good fit if you:
  - enjoy implementing technically complex, yet user friendly interfaces.
  - are self driven and can own responsibility for large parts of a project.
  - have a solid understanding of algorithms and data structures (especially graphs).

  Bonus points if you have experience with:
  - WebGL, Angular, Scala or another JVM language, PlayFramework, AWS
Contact carl@alicetechnologies.com - or - https://jobs.lever.co/alicetechnologies

Yewno | Redwood City, CA | Front End Engineer, Content Data Engineer, Data Scientist and VP of Engineering | Full Time | ONSITE

Enhancing human understanding.

At Yewno we are building the next generation knowledge engine. We leverage leading edge computational semantics, graph theory and machine learning to tackle the information overload problem. Our solution helps people understand the world. We're a small team of hands-on entrepreneurs with multi-million dollars exits under our belts.

Yewno's venture funded and our product is in private beta with leading companies. We are looking for team members who get things done, not like talking about getting things done. We invest in technologies that help us deliver great services and experiences, not just because they’re cool and new or because we feel comfortable in them. We are looking for mid to senior level engineers for multiple roles - if you are interested in learning more, ping us at: hello [at] yewno.com.

Some recent coverage about us:

* http://finance.yahoo.com/news/yewno-launches-yewno-education...

* https://medium.com/@sfdoug/heres-an-entirely-new-approach-to...

Uber Advanced Technologies Center — Pittsburgh — Full Time

We focus on vehicle autonomy, mapping and automotive safety systems. We're hiring across a range of specialties to support this work: machine learning, planning, control, mapping, perception and simulation.

We're looking for exceptional software engineers and software engineering managers, no robotics or automotive experience necessary.

http://www.uberatc.com/ or send me an email: sweeney@uber.com

ActionIQ | New York City (Union Square) | Fullstack Engineers | Full-time |

We're a fast growing enterprise startup in the big data space focused on improving the efficiency and lives of marketers and their entire team by building a beautiful interactive and intuitive interface that abstracts away all the messiness of data and databases.

As a fullstack engineer you'll work very closely with product and UX to keep our product exciting and innovative. You'll be given tons of responsibility and ownership of projects that span from UI widgets and completely new views to implementing and designing new APIs. Since our team is still small there is still time to define how we build software and we expect that you will make a big impact on those decisions. We are fully invested in React on the frontend and Scala on the backend (but no Scala experience needed).

You can find more about us on our website http://actioniq.com or read a couple of our blogs about what we've been working on: http://www.actioniq.co/blog/

Apply at https://actioniq.workable.com/jobs/93107 or email jobs at actioniq.com

Sempre Health | San Francisco (SOMA) | Lead Backend Engineers | Full Time | https://semprehealth.com/

Sempre Health is changing how Americans pay for healthcare. My co-founder & I are both Berkeley grads and just closed a $2.5M seed round. We are looking for senior backend engineers as our first technical hires. The digital health space is blowing up, and this is an opportunity to use technology for good as well as get in on the ground floor.

1 in 3 patients skips care because it's too expensive. These patients go on to be less healthy & more costly to the health system overall. Sempre Health is bringing behavior-based pricing to healthcare. Patients receive texts like, "If you fill your Lipitor rx today, you'll pay $5. If you wait till next week, you'll pay your normal $15"

We parse millions of prescription records to identify unique patient behaviors. We use this data to predict & seamlessly deliver the right price for the right patient to every pharmacy in the country.

Stack: python, node, react, d3, mysql, redis, docker

Interview process: 30 min intro call => 1 hr tech screen (coding + architecture questions) => 2 hr on-site

Job req: https://angel.co/sempre-health/jobs/130959-software-engineer

To apply, email me at swaraj@semprehealth.com

Chartboost [https://chartboost.com] | San Francisco, CA, USA | Full time | Onsite Relocation assistance for non-local candidates. Competitive base/bonus/equity, 100% paid med/dental/vision for all employees, flexible vacation policy, 401k, commuter benefits, daily catered lunches, dog friendly office

We currently have openings for Senior Scala Engineers, Data Scientists, and Full Stack, Front End, and DevOps Engineers

Chartboost [https://chartboost.com] is the largest technology and monetization platform for mobile game developers, globally. We help developers monetize, acquire new users, and make better data-driven decisions. We're installed in over 300,000 games and reach over 1 billion players every month. We're profitable, backed by Sequoia, and have a ton of traction in our space (currently in 90% of the top grossing iOS and Android games), so it's an exciting time to be on board.

Our full list of open roles can be found here [https://www.chartboost.com/jobs], but we have many more openings coming down the pike.

If you’re interested, feel free to apply directly or reach out to talent@chartboost.com.

Advanced Simulation Technology, inc. (ASTi) | Herndon/Reston, VA | Multiple Positions | ONSITE

We’re a small company building innovative products in the simulation and training industry. One of our newest products is SERA (http://seraatc.com), the Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC. SERA helps airline pilots learn to communicate by simulating the entire air traffic control environment, including artificial intelligence for aircraft and controllers, speech recognition on pilot speech, and text-to-speech radio chatter.

ASTi has been around for about 25 years. We’ve been very successful in our niche (audio and communications), but we’re beginning to grow in adjacent areas and need your help! On-site, full-time engineering positions available for those interested in software, web, cloud and speech technology.

Stack: C/C++/C#, Go(golang), Python, Angular, Node.JS, AWS, Docker, RethinkDB, SIP, WebRTC, RaspberryPi

Check out this page for more information on ASTi, our unique work environment, and the full job descriptions: https://www.asti-usa.com/jobs/index.html. A few other reasons to consider ASTi: excellent compensation, profit-sharing, start at 4 weeks vacation (growing to 6 weeks over time), company-paid retirement plan, and we were included in Washingtonian Magazine’s "50 Great Places to Work" in 2015.

Get in touch via jobs@asti-usa.com. Thanks!

Software & Data Engineers at Savi Technology | Washington, DC | Full Time http://www.savi.com/company/careers/?p=job%2FoJoU2fwN

Savi is building the equivalent of "IFTTT + Google Analytics for the the Industrial IoT". Our customers include some of the largest Fortune-500 companies. Every day we help our customers save drudgery and make smarter decisions by learning directly from billions of dollars of connected "things".

Our tech stack: Kafka, Spark (Streaming and Batch), Cassandra, Hadoop, Solr, SciKit-learn, Flask, PostGres/PostGIS.

We primarily program in Scala and Python

Should have: Any distributed computing background using linearly-scalable systems. You embrace TDD and CI. Comfortable with fast-paced environment and very frequent code releases.

Bonus: Experience with Kafka, Spark, Machine Learning, Geospatial programming. Knowledge of Docker/Ansible. Interested in open sourcing and presenting expertise to local development community (like this http://www.meetup.com/Washington-DC-Area-Spark-Interactive/e...)

Interview Process: Phone screen followed by one-site final round.

Data Scientist | Intent Media | New York City (Soho), Onsite

Intent Media is upending the e-commerce business model by using electronic market design and machine learning to enable the world’s leading online travel companies to publish competitive ads to users in the comparison-shopping portion of their purchase path. To create this opportunity, we manage a complex large-scale two-sided market mediated by a multi-item auction.

As a key member of our Data Science team, you will use your quantitative expertise to identify new areas of research and optimization, and then see those ideas through to production. Data Science is a fundamental contributor to Intent Media’s success - your work will have a direct and tangible impact on the business.


- PhD preferred in a quantitative discipline such as Operations Research, Statistics, Applied Math, Computer Science, or related

- Significant industry experience in some or all of: econometric / time-series models, regression, optimization mathematics, auction theory

- Experience coaching and mentoring team members

- Some experience writing production software in a language like Java, Ruby, Clojure, Scala, Python, or C++

- Some experience working in an agile, collaborative environment

Apply at http://intentmedia.com/jobs/?gh_jid=238167&gh_src=kyrd36

Element Analytics | San Francisco, CA, US

-- Who we are --

We're a small startup (<20 people) focused on making heavy industry safer, cleaner and more efficient.

To that end we're applying machine learning techniques to sensor data in industries from energy, transportation, and manufacturing, to mining and more. We're solving hard problems for our customers by putting their data to work for them.

-- Hiring process --

You will do a phone screens (about an hour) to make sure there's a good fit, then and 1/2 day onsite where we talk about engineering problems and make sure you know what kind of problems you’d be working on with us. Offers will be extended within 1 day of the onsite interview.

-- Our stack --

We run on linux in Azure, our APIs are primarily implemented using Scala (on Spray), the frontend is written with React.js, and we use python in some machine learning applications as well as for systems programming. Our data processing/machine learning is done in either Scala or python on Spark. Our service infrastructure is docker containers running on DCOS across multiple tenants (both our customers' and our own).

-- What you would do --

We are currently hiring tech leads in both systems, front-end, and backend engineering. If you are at the top of your game and want to work on a small team solving hard problems, send me an email - sean at elementanalytics dot com

Credit Kudos | London, UK (Shoreditch) | https://creditkudos.com | Full-Time | Onsite | Visa

Credit Kudos uses consumer transaction data to build highly accurate and transparent credit score-cards and affordability metrics. Our platform makes decision-making possible for the ~8m previously “unbanked” as well as those with nonexistent or “thin” credit files.

We believe that it’s possible to establish high accuracy predictors of credit worthiness that don’t punish borrowers at the low end of the income spectrum. To achieve this we are leveraging our experience in building high throughput data analytics products to develop a new type of scoring product that provides a fair and true representation.

We're hiring engineer #1 and #2 for full-stack and data-science roles. We've a bunch of exciting problems to solve and want you to decide how we're going to do it. We'll give you full autonomy, treat you as a founder and give significant equity in return.

- Full-stack Engineer | React/Rails | £38k - £44k | 1% equity (EMI options)

- Data Scientist | £38k - £44k | 1% equity (EMI options)

- Jobs Page: https://creditkudos.com/jobs/

- Questions/applications: founders@creditkudos.com

Coboc | Heidelberg, Germany | ONSITE, full-time | Embedded Systems Engineer

We are looking for an embedded systems engineer to join us as our first engineer.

We are developing, producing and selling electric bikes of a new kind. They stand out by a award winning design, light weight, unique usability and a fully integrated drive system that we develop completely in house including motor control, battery management and bluetooth connectivity. We are selling these for the third year now and need support to expand our technological lead.

At coboc you will: architect, implement and test software / write good code, that is easy to read, to maintain and test / design, build and test PCBs

What you should bring: At least 3 years of work experience in electronics development, testing and troubleshooting / Strong knowledge of embedded C/C++ / Knowledge of product development through the complete lifecycle of a product from design over production to after sales / Speaking German fluently

We offer: Working with a highly motivated team on a great product / Lots of technical challenges and latest technologies / Central office and nice city to live

Interested? Please write to anton[at]coboc[dot]biz (http://www.coboc.biz)

Hart | Anaheim, CA | IOS Developer | Full Time | ONSITE

Hart helps collect data from disparate sources and integrates them into a bidirectional API enabling HIPAA- compliant sharing and maintenance of patient medical information amongst providers. We are looking for talent in multiple areas such as iOS Development, Web Design, Scala, Data Engineering, Node.js, React, and more…

We have been building a great team of talent and are adding more. If you think you are ready we would like to have you in for a code challenge and to meet the company.

Some of our benefits are. * 100% Medical, Dental and Vision coverage for you and your family * Unlimited Vacation Policy * Paid Paternity and Maternity Leave * 401k Match up to 7% of annual salary * Life Insurance * AD&D Insurance * Educational Reimbursement * Gym Membership * Advancement Program - Hart University Extra perks * 15” MacBook Pro, Thunderbolt Display, Magic Mouse and Keyboard * Studio Headphones * Stocked kitchen with coffee, drinks, and snacks * Daily catered team lunches provided by our on site chef

You can find more information and apply here: http://grnh.se/i46ujo or feel free to email me eric@hart.com I work building tools for the teams in house and love it here :)

Looks like you posted this multiple times

Full Stack Developers | Normative | Toronto, ON | ONSITE

Hi, We are a software development consultancy out of Toronto. We mainly work in Javascript (and some other languages) and we’re seeking a Full Stack Developer to join our creative studio team. This role works closely with designers and researchers across the entire design process to plan, design and build software experiences for networked devices that connect the physical and digital world.


1. Extensive experience architecting and building web solutions using node.js, Rails, Django or other modern frameworks.

2. Extensive experience with modern testing frameworks (RSpec, Jasmine, Cucumber, etc.)

3. Experience with architecting hosting solutions, and deploying and scaling applications

4. Experience with at least one Javascript MVC framework (React, Backbone, Angular, etc.)

5. 3+ years experience in web/mobile application development

6. Able to manage timelines, quality, and delivery

7. Bonus points for some UX design experience and a strong sense of good web UX practices

8. Bonus points for mobile dev experience ( iOS & Android )

For more info or to apply, you can check out our posting on stackoverflow http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/118994/senior-or-mid-level-ful...

Papertrail (https://papertrailapp.com/) | US/Canada (remote) or Kraków, Poland | Customer Success/Developer Support Engineer | Full-time

Put smiles on the faces of thousands of developers, sysadmins, and entrepreneurial engineers: http://papertrail.jobs/

What's unique here?

• Slack is the office • You'll have a ridiculously large impact (tiny team, thousands of customers) • Lightweight workflow with thoughtfully-chosen tools (Enchant, GitHub, Slack, etc) • We're all engineers, so logical arguments win. Every team member commits to our git repos. We also use Emoji and animated GIFs with reckless abandon =)

You'll be neck-deep in a successful bootstrapped business, working alongside the founders, and get to see every cog turn. If your career plans include starting a bootstrapped business, this a very unique way to see one run.

Interview process: whatever fits the situation. 2-3 Hangouts or phone calls is typical.

http://papertrail.jobs/ says Krakow, but residents of US and Canada are welcome. Feel free to email me (see HN profile) if you have questions.

Shyp is hiring product designers – SF, Onsite

We’re building a company where design thinking is deeply ingrained in the culture of how we solve problems. Design is not simply a trivial layer that is inserted into the product, but rather, it helps define how we solve problems and what we build at Shyp.


Shyp https://shyp.com | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, ONSITE

Need to mail something? Request a pickup in the Shyp app, we'll pick it up from you, package it, and find the best deal out of UPS, Fedex & USPS to get your items to their location safely, inexpensively & on time.

We're hiring for a number of roles to help make shipping easier for more people in more places:

Backend API/Web Services Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/shyp/38b732ba-530f-49e5-aa4d-0edcfa656...

Front-End Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/shyp/b701bc7b-b920-4fd9-98d0-359f70490...

Senior Android Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/shyp/f5c3a0d4-add2-4f8b-921f-1ac7384c8...

Senior iOS Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/shyp/970f5920-fbe1-4015-9761-034f9f890...

Front Row Education -- San Francisco -- https://www.frontrowed.com

* Director of Engineering (ONSITE): https://frontrow.workable.com/j/3828FAE4A8

* Engineering Manager (ONSITE): https://frontrow.workable.com/jobs/285316

* Senior Software Engineer (ONSITE/REMOTE): https://frontrow.workable.com/jobs/156061

Come change how 3+ million US students learn Math and Language Arts. Use data, advanced type systems, great product design and deep pedagogy to change lives.

World class, tight-knit colocated + distributed engineering team in continental US.

One of the world's highest traffic Haskell products out there, 100% of backend and tools are in Haskell.

Big presence and stewardship of the Open Source community. Work with well-known authors.

Use the best and simplest tools for the job, maintain the no-firefighting culture, sleep soundly at night.

Front Row is venture funded, has a proven business model and is on the road to profitability.

Keywords: Haskell, React.JS, Flow, Ansible, AWS, PostgreSQL

Hi guys, we at Cloudinary provide cloud based end-to-end digital asset management solution and our challenges here are super interesting - from technical, scale, performance, security, high availability and product perspectives. Adding to that challenges around real continuous deployment, automation, development process etc. We are now managing milliards of images and more than 1000 interactions and transactions in a sec!! Our R&D team is super small and super strong - we have CTO's/ people with former startups and they all chose Cloudinary thanks to our interesting challenges. From the personal perspective and work life balance, we are one of a kind.

The company is self funded, profitable with more than tens of thousands of customers and we keep growing!!

We are now looking for an amazing, brilliant, creative developers to join us in our office in Israel (Located in Petach- Tiqwa) - Backend, Front end, SDK's and Devops (engineer and manager). In addition we have open positions in our Customer Success and sales teams.

To read more about our openings: http://cloudinary.com/jobs You can send CV's to jobs@cloudinary.com

Venture Research Inc. | Plano, TX (Dallas, TX, DFW) | Onsite Only | http://www.ventureresearch.com

Interested in RFID? In improving inventory and replenishment processes in hospitals, labs, and clinics? In automatically tracking pallets, containers, and other assets around a facility? Come join us!

Venture Research is a leader in the RFID industry and is consistently pushing the leading edge of what is possible using RFID. We have a variety of opportunities available for both fast-paced new product design and development as well as for development on some of our long-term stable products. 17 year old small but growing company, privately held, with excellent benefits, 401K matching, paid health insurance and highly competitive salary and bonus structure.

We are hiring for the following positions:

* Senior .NET / Backend developer: C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Oracle, JavaScript and JQuery. .NET MVC and Python is a plus.

* Embedded firmware engineer: microcontroller development using primarily Freescale Kinetis parts and the Freescale MQX RTOS. Ahem, NXP parts.

* Embedded platforms engineer: C, Linux, Android NDK. Experience with hardware co-design, Python, QT, Django, React a plus.

Please email resumes to hr@ventureresearch.com, or use the email in my profile.

NEXEDI | Lille/Munich/Paris/Tokyo | ONSITE | 6/12 months INTERNS and FULLTIME

We are looking for a new group of trainees and new colleagues to contribute to ongoing research projects, prototypes and industrial solutions. If you are passionate about free software and like one of our current topics, get in touch. All candidates will do a programming test plus interview if successful. Fulltime positions will have a second interview. With the boss.

Current topics (http://www.nexedi.com/jobs):

   - Hack our stack as "Big Data/Machine Learning Developer" (fulltime/intern)   

   - Help not caring for memory as "Out-of-Core-PyData Engineer" (fulltime/intern)   

   - Care for packets on our network as "Site Reliability Engineer" (intern)    

   - Look beyond today and prototype a "Personal Search Engine" (intern)   

   - Try prototyping an "Artificial Intelligence Accountant" (intern)   

   - Help taking care of business developing an "AI-based Business Bot" (intern)   

   - We love the web, so try to "Port the Linux Kernel to Javascript" (intern)   
About Nexedi: We are a small team from around the world (headquarters in Lille, France) creating free software since 2001. We spend time on client and research projects with ERP5 (Enterprise software), SlapOS (Cloud Hosting) and Wendelin (Big Data platform) being our main solutions around which we provide services. We all work with Chromebooks, our offices are paperless and we have no meetings = we mostly hack. Come join us!

Hi, can I know how much are you paying? I cannot find this anywhere online. Also, do I get to pick the location?


Agreed. For overseas jobs, (especially with this many locations) it would be really nice to get a sense of the pay, relocation assistance, and any support with getting necessary Visas that might be provided.

Zerto — http://www.zerto.com — Israel (Herzliya); Boston (halfway between Broadway & South stations); remote

Zerto has the industry's leading hypervisor-based replication solution for private, public, and hybrid clouds. If you're interested in virtualization, data protection/mobility, disaster recovery—or just working on interesting technical challenges—then we might be right for you.

We're on a hiring spree with a wide range of openings, including roles in QA, R&D, DevOps, product management, sales/solutions engineers, development, etc. Technologies include C++, C#, .NET, PHP, and JavaScript (Angular and Node).

Experience with and/or interest in these could be helpful: hypervisors, cloud computing, virtualization, DRaaS, VMware, Hyper-V, AWS, and Azure. (Also hiring for a ton of non-technical positions, especially in sales, marketing, and account management—most of these positions are also fully remote and spread out globally).

- Boston openings: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3hBK6iwv (e.g. Product Manager, L2 Support Engineer)

- Israel openings: http://app.jobvite.com/m?31BK6iwf (e.g. Salesforce Admin, DevOps Engineer, .NET Engineer)

- Global/remote openings: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3PAK6iw2 (e.g. Pre-Sales Engineer, Account Manager)

Labrador OmniMedia | Rails Developer/Devops Engineer | Sonoma County, California | Remote

Labrador creates software for the hospitality industry. Our flagship product, Slate, is an iOS app (think iPad wine lists) with a Ruby on Rails backend providing iOS client management and APIs. We've been in business since 2011 and are a sister company of Jordan Vineyard and Winery in Healdsburg California.

You can download the demo on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/slate-menu/id1081898296?mt=8

We're looking for an experienced Rails and devops engineer to develop and maintain our Rails portal on AWS. You'll be taking over a codebase from a top Rails contributor and interfacing daily with our support team and CEO.

Salary 140K+

The ideal candidate will have some experience with iOS, place a high premium on schedule flexibility and enjoy alcoholic beverages. Salary will scale up for unicorns that check all the boxes (Rails/AWS/iOS).

We use Github for source control and Slack for team messaging.

Please contact me directly: josh@labradorom.com

Telarix Inc.|Vienna, VA|On Site Full Time

Telarix is a leading provider of interconnect and settlement software solutions to telecom communication service providers (“CSPs”) worldwide. The Company’s products drive ROI for customers by enabling and optimizing the connecting, routing and transfer of voice, video and data from one CSP’s network to another. Telarix supports a global community of over 4,000 carriers, including 38 of the top 40, and processes over 300 billion voice, SMS, content and data minutes each year. The Company's solutions serve as the standard in electronic information exchange for the telecom industry, offering carriers an unprecedented level of visibility and control of their interconnect traffic.

We have the following open full-time positions open:

• Mid-Level Java Developer • Mid-Level Software Developer • Entry Level Developer

Please go to our website for more details: http://www.telarix.com/Company/telarix-job-openings.html

Sonalytic (http://imperialcreatelab.com/sonalytic/) | London, UK | Full time onsite

We are a funded startup in the music technology space. We have developed a new algorithm for identifying music at massive scale, and are working with music labels and major online platforms to connect creators and rights-holders to monetisation opportunities. We’ve performed extensive trials with multiple platforms, and based on that, we know that our machine-learning method leads the field by a huge margin.

Our underlying audio identification system is built on a highly optimised set of in-memory databases, message queues, and computation workers. It compares half an hour of music per second against a database with millions of tracks - that’s more audio than most of the largest online platforms retrieve per second. We are looking for a senior developer to help us grow a SaaS system around it.

Our current API and dashboards are built around Rails with React.js. We are also considering migrating to Elixir and Phoenix, so if this sparks your interest, please mention it in your email.

We offer:

- Salary range between £55k-75k

- Offices at WeWork Old Street, with all the typical amenities you'd expect

- A great team of highly skilled researchers, computer scientists and music industry experts

- Great discounts on vinyl and audio equipment through our music industry partners

To apply, send your CV to jobs@sonalytic.com. We'll then arrange a coding interview with you.

Uber - Full Time Engineers

1) Rider Experience - San Francisco - Senior Engineering Manager (highest priority) and Mobile & Backend Engineers (all levels, iOS & Android, backend). This team works on the front-end of the main Rider apps. Email ngoel+rex_manager_0701@uber.com or ngoel+rex_mobile_hn0701@uber.com or ngoel+rex_backend_hn0701@uber.com

2) Southeast Asia Growth Team - San Francisco - Mobile & Backend engineers (all levels). This team focuses on features which unlock growth across SEA. Email ngoel+sea_mobile_hn0701@uber.com or ngoel+sea_backend_hn0701@uber.com

3) India Growth Team - San Francisco - Mobile & backend engineers (all levels). This team focuses on features which unlock growth across India. Email ngoel+india_sf_mobile_hn0701@uber.com or ngoel+india_sf_backend_hn0701@uber.com

4) India Growth Team - Bangalore - Mobile & backend engineers (SENIOR ONLY - 2+ years experience, top university). Email ngoel+india_blr_mobile_hn0701@uber.com or ngoel+india_blr_backend_hn0701@uber.com

Please include your resume in all emails as a PDF attachment, thanks! Emails sent without the appropriate "+xxx_hn0701" will be filtered out.

Please only send one email to your top preference - but feel free to list other preferences in the body, more than happy to discuss!

Yes, for India only Tier A college graduates. :/

That would be illegal in the U.S. Uber shouldn't even do this for international office.

I'm not certain but it appears that it is not illegal to discriminate based on the school's ranking in the hiring process. It would, however, be illegal if it were based on a demographic stereotype a school is associated with.

That said, it still might not be a good idea to reject people just based on their school's rank.

Frameshift Genomics and the Marth Laboratory are hiring web developers to work on the iobio project (http://iobio.io), building a real­time genomics analysis platform. The project consists of developing web applications with functionality ranging from visualizing terabytes of biological data to fine grained interrogation of disease­ causing mutations that open the world of complex genomic analysis to medical professionals and scientists with limited or no experience in computational analysis. These applications are built on our technology stack, consisting of a node web service backend, which streams analysis results via websockets to the web applications, where results are visualized using D3.

The successful applicant will be involved in further developing the iobio framework (client libraries and server), building new web apps, creating new visualizations, and hardening current web apps. Remuneration will include both a competitive salary and stock in Frameshift Genomics. Contact us at frameshiftlabs@gmail.com

Required Skills

  - JavaScript proficient
  - Experience building web applications
  - Can effectively work in a team environment using version  control (git/github)
Desirable Skills

  - Experience building commercial grade web applications
  - Genomics/Biology experience
  - Web security experience
  - Experience with testing frameworks
  - Node.js

  - Boston, MA
  - Salt Lake City, UT

  - Competitive Salary
  - Stock in Frameshift Genomics

Magoosh | Berkeley, CA | FULLTIME | ONSITE Senior Software Engineer

Magoosh is fixing a broken test prep industry.

Why should students have to put up with exorbitant prices for boring test prep classes and books that might not even work? Our mission is simple: create products that give students everywhere access to enjoyable, affordable, and quality test prep. We help millions study at their own pace, on their own time regardless of location, social status, or background.

We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer to help us improve our products, shape engineering process, and help us grow our small (currently just Zack and I!) but impactful engineering team. So far we use Rails, PhoneGap + Angular, and ReactNative. We’re hosted on AWS.

You have many of the following...

* 3+ years of software engineering experience

* Experience building and releasing web and/or mobile applications

* Experience interviewing software engineering candidates

* A passion for making a difference and leveling the education playing field

Extra credit if you have...

* Experience recruiting and hiring software engineers

* UI & UX experience

Get a feel for our company and apply here: http://magoosh.com/careers

And feel free to email me (aria@magoosh.com) or our recruitment manager Meghan (meghan@magoosh.com) if you have any questions!

Zee.Aero | http://zee.aero | Mountain View, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

Zee.Aero is developing revolutionary aircraft concepts, working at the intersection of aerodynamics, advanced manufacturing, and electric propulsion.

We are currently seeking a Technical Support Engineer with substantial information systems administration experience. The successful applicant will have responsibilities including datacenter operations, network administration, server management, procurement, vendor relations, physical security, information security, access control, helpdesk support, technical project management, configuration management, change orchestration, and engineering support. A demonstrated ability to learn and to master new information systems is essential for the candidate to join a small IT team that holds agility and efficiency in high regard, runs a highly virtualized infrastructure, administrates a supercomputer, and keeps the company sprinting forward.

Please find more information here: https://app.jobvite.com/j?cj=oalo3fwG&s=Hacker_News

Mixmax | Full-Stack Engineer or intern | REMOTE INTERNATIONAL or on-site San Francisco | https://mixmax.com

We're a growing, fast-moving, internationally distributed team looking for a full-stack engineer to join us!

Mixmax's mission is to reinvent the way professionals communicate for work. We're building the impossible: a rich communications platform that brings the power of the web to everyday communication. This includes easily scheduling meetings, completing surveys, making purchases, signing documents, and even interacting with apps. We’re fully integrated with Gmail and Google Inbox, and just released an Electron-based native desktop application. Already, we’re seeing phenomenal growth, with customers from Uber, Airbnb, and tens of thousands of more businesses depending on us for their daily communications.

We’re well-funded with an A++ list of investors who previously backed companies like Twitter, Heroku, Lyft, and Square. We have big plans ahead. Come do the impossible with us.

Our stack: Node, Express, Redis, Elasticsearch, Mongo, AWS, Meteor, Electron.

Email careers@mixmax.com and let’s chat! Also check out our eng blog at mixmax.com/engineering.

I applied around 10 days back, never heard back. How long does it generally take?

So sorry for the delay - can you send it again to careers@mixmax.com and note this HN comment? We'll look asap.

Thanks, just did

Senior Product Designer | Front-End Developers | Seattle, WA (US) | Full-time, On-site, Relocation Assistance | https://www.bittitan.com/careers

I'm a Front-end developer & Product Designer @ BitTitan (jamesf@bittitan.com) and we're looking for outstanding product designers and Front-end developers with SPA experience to join our team. Our company, BitTitan, has doubled in size in the last year (and we're looking to do it again this year!).

We've been voted the best large company to work for in Washington, and are building one of the most ambitious EmberJS applications in the pacific northwest.

We're hiring for several positions, including Front-end developers. We have several large applications written in Ember.JS & are quickly becoming the largest team of EmberJS developers in Seattle.

I'm also on the hunt personally for an outstanding Product Designer for my team, preferably with SaaS or Enterprise SaaS experience.

Our Stack: Ember.JS, Javascript, C#, Sketch, Invision

(We treat all front-end Javascript experience equally when interviewing candidates. If you have experience with another framework, please feel free to reach out!)

thelab | New York, NY (NYC) | Jr. Backend Developer | http://thelabnyc.com | Full-Time | Onsite

We're hiring a Junior Backend Developer to join our growing development group. This candidate will have an opportunity to work on a large variety of projects for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including websites, e-commerce, mobile/tablet apps, and online media.

Who you are:

- Someone with 1-3 years experience building or maintaining web applications

- Experience or interest in learning operations engineering - aka devops

- Experience with Python/Django or similar libraries and frameworks like Rails or Express

Nice to haves (not required):

- Experience using deployment technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, nginx, AWS, ect.

- Experience with javascript frameworks like Angular and React

- Experience working in open source community and contributing changes

We will be: an awesome place for you to grow, in an environment that will support you. thelab is large enough to get an amazing variety of work, but small enough to be flexible in working with smaller brands and start ups. You’ll work on a lot of different kinds of projects, and you’ll learn a lot along the way. You’ll do it with reasonable timelines, surrounded by friendly people who want to see you succeed.

A successful candidate will have a passion for technology and is eager to work alongside and learn from experienced development leads.

To apply, please email your resume, links, and cover letter to jr_dev@thelabnyc.com

Palo Alto, CA | ShareThis | ONSITE Full-Time | H1B Transfers OK

Multiple open positions: Senior & Principal Software Engineer (Full Stack: Meteor, React.js, Node.js) Senior Software Engineer (Data: Cassandra, Kafka, Golang) We're hiring engineers who want to: - Work on a tech stack that includes the latest technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and Big Query. - Sift through TB's of social sharing data to provide real time insights and intelligence. - Work in a truly agile and lean startup environment. - Be inspired by talking to our customers, a/b testing, surveys, and hackathons.

Get a behind the scenes look at our: Engineering Culture: http://www.sharethis.com/engineering.html Day to Day Life: http://talent.sharethis.com Hackathons: https://player.vimeo.com/video/146034661

We're backed by prominent VC firms like DFJ, Blue Chip, T-Venture - who've also funded companies like Tesla, Twitter, Skype and Box.

Most people know us for our social sharing widget which powers sharing for over 3MM sites and apps across the web - and generates a billion social events per day ( > 1.5TB of data). But what makes ShareThis a fun and challenging place to work is how we use that data to power a suite of real-time data and media products for our partners and advertisers.

If you want to know more or apply to any position, email me directly at mosquera@sharethis.com with Hacker News in the subject name.

Alar Software | Chicago, IL | Full-time, ONSITE

Please email resumes to hiring@alar.net

We are working on a platform which aggregates logistics data to enable customers to operate more efficiently and to connect them with other logistics providers. We believe we have a great opportunity to address huge inefficiencies caused in part by a fragmented logistics software landscape. We are not a typical startup – we’re affiliated with a medium-sized logistics company that has plenty of its own operational issues, and this gives us a few key advantages. We have firsthand knowledge of the problem domain, so the solutions we’re developing are targeting real problems that many of our competitors face. When we’re ready to release, we can utilize our affiliate’s industry connections to facilitate sales. And we don’t have funding concerns, which gives us stability and lets us focus on our product’s quality above all else.

What You’ll Do

-Help design the core architecture that will drive our platform

-Tackle problems unique to integrating big data

What You’ll Need

-Backend C# experience, big data experience a plus

-Talent for creative and functional solutions to difficult problems

-Strong computer science fundamentals

-A stomach for working in a fast-paced and uncertain problem domain

-Ability to ship quality code quickly


-Competitive base salary

-Stock options

-Medical, dental, and other benefits

Thank you

Smarkets | Full Time | ONSITE (London, UK)

We're a modern betting exchange, going technology first to enable proper price competition in a field of fat commissions. Join a small, agile, and fast-growing team, who just moved to a new office in St. Katharine Docks.

Smarkets develops a reliable, low-latency, highly concurrent betting exchange based on trading exchange designs. We're also building a fast, modern web interface to allow for a smoother experience. Servicing our users is top priority.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly on Python and Erlang, and relies heavily on asynchronous programming techniques. We use REST where we can. Life at Smarkets circles around people, version control, configuration management and automation. We can - and do - deploy to production several times a day.

We are looking for:

* Infrastructure Engineers (think midway between SRE and devops; security background is a bonus)

* Software Engineers

If you like the idea of flat structure and practical engineering approach, see our jobs at https://smarkets.com/about/jobs/

P.S. We trust our employees to be responsible in all things. In that vein, you also get to set your own salary.

AdRoll | San Francisco, CA | Full time

Senior UI Engineer (React, Redux, JavaScript ES6/ES7, private npm, Browserify/Webpack, SASS)

Our Frontend Core team is looking for a seasoned engineer with a passion for world-class UX design and elegant UI development workflows. As part of this small team of senior developers and designers, you get to make a big impact building reusable React components and implementing our new style guide across all our products.

AdRoll is one of the most widely used adtech companies, with 25k+ companies using the product globally and $100M+/yr in revenue.

As we build, we're also sharing our code...


...and learnings with the open source community:


I'm happy to share more details via email (jyri@adroll.com), Twitter (@jtuulos) or over coffee in SF.

Sentenai | Boston | ONSITE Machine Learning Engineer, Structure Prediction

The future of industry requires smarter machines, and to achieve that, they need instant access to both sensory input and contextual data. ​Sentenai connects machines with the data they need to make better decisions in complex environments. ​We're building the machine cloud, redesigned for intelligent systems in the physical world.

​Our team is looking for someone who is smart, motivated, and creative​ to help us build the software infrastructure needed to power networks of smart machines. Sentenai​ is a venture-backed startup located in Boston near South Station.

​​This is a salaried, full-time position with ​competitive ​benefits. ​​Please contact us at: jobs@sentenai.com​.​


— Design and build unsupervised structure prediction systems for semi-structured data streams

— Work with platform engineers to create distributed representations of structure prediction models

— Help enhance distributed query optimization

— Offer user feedback to our front-end team and query language design team


— Intermediate or expert understanding of reinforcement learning

— Expert knowledge of online learning models

— Intermediate knowledge of Haskell strongly recommended

— Knowledge of learning from small data sets a plus

— Experience ​with ​a variety of machine learning libraries a plus

TribalScale | Toronto, Canada | Full time | Onsite | http://www.tribalscale.com/

TribalScale is a mobile first company that specializes in connected devices and the Internet of Things. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, TribalScale is a rapidly growing Product Development firm that aims to collide the physical and digital worlds. Our team members have a history of partnering with some of the world’s most premium brands, helping to shepherd businesses into the connected age. We are growing extremely fast and looking for talented software engineers to support that growth.

Some of the platforms and environments that we have worked on and will be working on are: Mobile apps & Web Services (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry), Connected Cars (CarPlay, Android Auto), Smartwatches, Google Glass & Other Wearables, Connected Home,Smart TVs, Beacon solutions

We're hiring for many roles including:

- Software engineers

- Junior QA

- Designers

Please apply here https://tribalscale.workable.com or email tlui [at] tribalscale.com if you’re interested in learning more.

Greenhouse Software | NYC | Onsite/Full time

Greenhouse builds software that helps companies be great at hiring and onboarding.

Founded in 2012, we have grown to more than 200 employees and have more than 1500 customers, some of which are the best known tech brands in industry.

People love working here. Need proof? We are Best Places to Work winners on both coasts and have a 5-star rating on Glassdoor. And we're hiring!

Here's a glimpse at who we want to hire:

* Technical Lead: you'll manage a team of full-stack engineers, solve challenging scaling problems, and contribute to architecture and design decisions - impacting how we grow our product, team, and business for the future

* Security Engineer: you'll manage our security program and use tools like Burp, Kali, and Metasploit to hack new features before they go to prod and make our SDLC more secure

* Senior Site Reliability Engineer: help implement features that support our in-house development platform. Our stack includes Ruby on Rails, Memcache, Redis, PostgreSQL, HAProxy and nginx, all running on AWS, and we're using the latest distributed systems tools like Consul, Docker and Mesos

* Senior Full Stack Engineers & Full Stack Engineers: develop "secret sauce" features in Ruby on Rails & Javascript, build and deploy globally distributed systems, design and implement a unified API, and build our mobile experiences

Learn more about Greenhouse and our amazing team here http://www.greenhouse.io/careers or email our Tech Recruiter at lallanson@greenhouse.io

Elite HRV | Onsite or Remote | Full-time | Salary + Equity

As a small team, Elite HRV is now the world’s largest Heart Rate Variability analysis platform and is expanding to include additional biomarkers and lifestyle metrics. We’re on all 7 continents, going to the Olympics, in use by research teams, sports teams, doctors, etc.

We have clean code, are very organized, and have a clear path forward (happy to share in the interview). We do not waste time, our requirements are clearly communicated, but you can also expect a high degree of autonomy and control.


- Angular, PHP, MySQL

- Fluent in English

- Fast learner

- Not afraid of complex math

- Strong communicator


- Cordova/Ionic

- D3

- Interested in health, human performance, and travel opportunities

Example projects could include:

- Create single page app for biomarker data analysis

- Create integrations with 3rd party health/fitness platforms and trackers

- Create new mobile app for more advanced analysis

We believe in hard work, but we do not sacrifice people or their health/happiness in the process. Elite HRV is a great place to work! We (the founders) personally enjoy working hard mornings and evenings and rock climbing in the afternoon whenever possible.

Get in touch at info@elitehrv.com. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and look forward to hearing about what you’ve been working on lately (feel free to include links).

Code4Good -- https://www.engageSPARK.com - "MailChimp for IVR & SMS" | ONSITE: Cebu, Philippines | Full-Time & Adventure Fellowship

engageSPARK, a social enterprise, is the world's EASIEST Platform that empowers non-technical staff (marketing, sales, hr, operations, project managers, etc) at NGOs & Businesses to easily & quickly build interactive Automated Phone Calls (IVR) and 2-Way SMS campaigns in any country. We're more focused on emerging markets, where 66% have no Internet and another 15% access Internet infrequently. Interactive automated phone calls are the most cost effective and scalable method to engage anyone anywhere with any mobile phone.

Customers such as Facebook, Intel, UN WFP, Noora Health (YC W14) Asian Development Bank, International Rescue Committee, Innovations for Poverty Action, MedAir, Mercy Corps, and US Institute for Peace use the engageSPARK platform to interact with people for a variety of use cases, including social change in the areas of Agriculture, Health, Finance, Elections, and Disaster Planning & Response, as well as for sales, marketing, customer feedback, and operations. Forbes says we're "a leading startup. Since launch a year ago, engageSPARK has been used in 80+ countries.

Adventure Fellowship (1 year): https://goo.gl/YA8ENR | Full-Time Full Stack: http://goo.gl/Pljcgr

Our stack: Go (GoLang) Microservices, Python/Django, Java, Docker, Redis, Thrift, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, AWS, Android

Located in tropical Cebu Island, Cebu City is the second largest city in the Philippines. It’s a safe place to live with a variety of malls, restaurants, shops, beaches, and activities such as scuba diving, running, hiking, rock climbing, and snorkeling. It has a busy international airport with cheap flights to domestic and regional destinations. Check out Google Images: https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&site=imghp&tbm=isch&s...

Email us at Jobs at engageSPARK.com

Cisco Meraki | San Francisco & London | Full-Time ONSITE | VISA sponsorship

Meraki is disrupting the world of traditional networking by bringing it to the cloud. Our mission is to make networking simple with ease of management through our web app called Dashboard, whether you have one local site or 500 worldwide. We make enterprise switches, firewalls, wireless access points, and now phones!

Engineering at Cisco Meraki has the best of both worlds - job stability and benefits of a leading enterprise, but the Meraki magic of remaining like a SF startup in structure and culture. Meraki Engineers hack the full stack. You own your projects from start to finish and you have a lot of say in what project to tackle next! We're hiring across all teams:

   * Site Reliability Engineer

   * Software Engineer, Mobile Full Stack

   * Software Engineer, Frontend

   * Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack Web

   * Senior Software Engineer, Networked Systems

... and many more positions! Please apply directly on our website at https://meraki.cisco.com/jobs


My experience has been that CVs sent to Cisco go into the void. Is there a more direct way to send a CV?

Hi, Meraki has a separate application portal from Cisco. Please apply directly on our website at https://meraki.cisco.com/jobs or email me at amy [at] meraki.com. Thanks!

AppFolio Inc | ONSITE | San Diego, CA | www.appfolioinc.com/jobs | https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/AppFolio-Reviews-E225531.h...

We are a medium sized company with a small sized feel looking for Sr. Software Engineers. We have a culture where every engineer has an impact. It's an extremely collaborative environment where smart people can thrive and learn from each other. LEARN EVERY DAY! Engineers are tasked with solving hard problems and have ownership over the solution. We tend to work in small development teams to keep things moving fast (3-5 engineers). We want our engineers to stick around a while and have a fantastic work life balance.

We have two apps that are business workflow solutions for small to medium sized law firms and property managers. We mostly speak Ruby on Rails but don't hire for 'Rails Engineers'; we want smart software engineers who have a passion for collaboratively solving hard problems. Email damon@mycase.com if this resonates with you.

Meta | Boston, MA | full time | onsite preferred

Meta is building a platform that allows users to seamlessly search for, access, and share files across all cloud platforms and devices; in essence, Google for your files. We’ve closed a seed funding round and are looking for talented developers to help us scale our MVP and take our platform to the next level.


We have exciting development work ahead of us in nearly every area imaginable, including responsive client-side web development, a microservices-based cloud architecture written in Go and Python, performance-critical native client applications, a lightning fast personalized search engine, and complex data science problems in stream processing, semantic analysis, and information retrieval.

We’re right in downtown Boston and looking for talented developers and computer scientists to join us. Offering competitive salaries and large equity compensation. Email us at careers@meta.sc and check out our careers page at https://www.meta.sc/careers

Versame | Palo Alto, CA | Full-Time | On-site

Versame is on a mission to transform early childhood education worldwide. Inspired by research, we are building a wearable device that counts the number of words spoken to babies and children. Research has conclusively shown that the number of words spoken to a child between ages 0 and 4 is the greatest predictor of success in life. Our technology stack is mainly around JavaScript on the backend and web, Swift on iOS, and exploring JS on Android.

More stack details: http://stackshare.io/versame

We're hiring for the following positions:

- Full Stack Engineer – React.js + Node.js

- Android Software Engineer - Native / React Native

- Lead Server Engineer - Node.js on AWS

- Firmware Engineer

Looking for someone who's passionate about early childhood education, wants to work in a wearables company and has a dynamic/polyglot outlook on technology. Our immediate projects are web and mobile based, but we have some interesting big data, NLP, and machine learning problems we need to solve as well.

We are well funded (Series A) and pay market rates. Check us out here: https://www.versame.com/careers/

Apply on https://www.versame.com/careers/ or email me hiring AT versame DOT com for more info.

Recruiters/Recruiting websites - do not send me email or you'll get INSTA-spammed-boxed.

Replying by email currently appears to be bounced by Google: "We're writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (hiring) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group."

Good catch...sorry about that! It's working now.

Cradlepoint | Multiple positions | Kelowna, Bc, Canada | Boise, Id, US| Onsite | Full-Time | Cloud networking

Cradlepoint is the leading provider of software-defined wireless and wired WAN solutions for Distributed and Mobile Enterprise with hundreds or thousands of locations or vehicles. Cradlepoint solutions provide the strongest mobile broadband performance while delivering proven network system interoperability. Cradlepoint’s broad family of high-performance router platforms are designed for deployment in mission-critical applications that require 24x7 connectivity. With both integrated wireless and wired WAN and non-integrated versions, our solutions are ideal for distributed and mobile operations and emerging industries that require either remote connectivity or multi-WAN redundancy.

Open positions:

- iOS/ OSX Software Engineer

- Web / Javascript Software Engineer

- Senior DevOps Engineer

- QA Software Developer

- Java Software Engineer

- Senior Network Software Engineer

Full details on our website: https://cradlepoint.com/company/careers or email directly alacombe@cradlepoint.com if interested by any of these position.

Trialspark | New York City / NYC | Full time | Full-stack developers | https://www.trialspark.com

We're a software and technology company that helps accelerate the discovery of new drugs and medical treatments by reimagining the clinical trial process.

We've worked with a range of studies that have helped develop new treatments for diseases such as Ebola, Alzheimer's, and HIV. We are an early-stage company based in NYC looking to hire our first few engineers to help us achieve our mission of bringing life saving treatments to patients faster. We offer competitive compensation packages (salary + equity) and benefits.

As an early stage employee, you'll be working directly with the founders and have a strong voice in product and technology decisions. You'll have ownership over large portions of the product and how it evolves. Ideally you have at least 2+ years of experience. You'll be working at all levels of the stack (flask/python + react/javascript).

We'd love to hear from you - shoot me a message at linhao@trialspark.com!

David | San Francisco, CA | https://www.senddavid.com | Full­time | Onsite

David is a San Francisco-­based software startup that combines technology and legal research to help customers resolve disputes with their cable, internet, or wireless service provider.

The $200+ billion legal industry is still stuck in the 20th century: paper-based, error-prone and slow. With rates averaging $300 / hour, only 15% of Americans with serious legal problems even seek the help of a lawyer. For everyday issues like bogus cable bills, fewer than 1 in 1,000,000 of us seek justice, even though monopolists like Comcast rank in the 0th percentile for customer satisfaction. Class actions used to provide the necessary scale to combat certain widespread frauds, but over the past 5 years, the Supreme Court has allowed businesses to eliminate them.

The technical challenges are hard, ranging from automating the monitoring of corporate misconduct to crafting delightful user flows to building the leading database of outcomes in consumer disputes. In parallel with the software development, a team of Yale Law School alums conducts the deep research so that our users finally feel empowered, rather than intimidated, by the law.

We currently have a MVP (https://www.senddavid.com) and are looking for a Senior Engineer as a very early member of the team.

Position: Senior Engineer | Salary: $80­-$125k | Equity: 1.0%-­4.0% | https://angel.co/david-174/jobs/72943-engineer

Contact us via Angel List or talent@senddavid.com

How do you hire anyone wit that salary range? You're 40-60k off.

Pretty decent equity range but yeah. Maybe 100-150 + equity?

Citrine Informatics | Senior Software Engineer | Redwood City, CA | Full Time, On-site | 100-140k/equity

Citrine is the artificial intelligence platform for materials and chemicals. Our platform ingests and understands large-scale data from countless sources, such as patents, research papers, technical reports, and existing databases, and uses state-of-the-art AI to anticipate the behavior of all materials and chemicals under any relevant conditions. The resulting predictive intelligence helps customers hit R&D and manufacturing milestones in half the time.

The Citrine platform is creating discontinuous competitive advantage at Forbes Global 1000 companies across the materials, automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries in the United States, Japan, and Korea.

Website: http://citrine.io Job Listing: http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/119590/senior-software-enginee...

London, UK - Pusher - https://pusher.com/ - Full time - On Site Only

Pusher is a multi-tenant distributed system that allows our customers to deliver billions of messages to their connected users. We operate at massive scale, and this informs and affects everything we do. We're profitable and growing sustainably.

Our engineering team is based in Shoreditch, London. We are looking for engineers who want to work on interesting problems in a production environment, and take responsibility for the real-world operation of a large and increasingly distributed system. Our software stack is built around Linux, Ruby, Go, Node.JS, Redis, MySQL, Git, Puppet and Ansible.

We are currently hiring:

* Platform Engineers to continue improving and scaling our core real-time infrastructure: https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/52789

* Mobile Product Engineers to work on improving our mobile libraries on both iOS and Android, and demonstrating what Pusher can do for mobile end users: https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/114508

* DevOps Engineers so we can continually improve the way we deploy and maintain our platform: https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/90375/

* Junior Developer Relations person to help grow our user base: https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/218475

IPsoft | Full Time | Cognitive Implementation engineer | NYC, Amsterdam, Bangalore | ONSITE

The implementation engineering team is responsible for aligning our breakthrough cognitive solution (Amelia) with client requirements and expectations. You will implement functionality in Amelia's Cognitive modules as well as integrate and automate backend business processes.

The cognitive division is growing fast and we're looking for someone who loves to rapidly create new functionality for our clients. Skills we are looking for is experience with scripting (JS, Python, or Groovy), working with APIs, and the ability to design client facing processes.

The interview process is a phone interview followed by an on-site discussion.

For more information, feel free to contact me directly: dennis.dereus@ipsoft.com.

Example of the work we do with Amelia: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160615006592/en/Publ...

Vandebron (https://vandebron.nl) | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Full time ONSITE

We are a young Dutch renewable energy company making a big impact in the market here in the Netherlands. What makes us unique is we are a platform for buying and selling energy, connecting customers with energy producers for a flat monthly fee. Both our customers and producers win because we don't take a percentage of the profits like traditional energy companies.

Our IT department is diverse, creative and driven. We use a combination of AngularJS, Scala, Salesforce and Rails to power Vandebron's public and internal applications. We are looking for excellent candidates for the following positions:

* Software Developer with passion for sustainability - we are looking for both back end (Apex/Scala) and front end (AngularJS) developers.

Check out our website for more information on each role and who to apply to: https://vandebron.nl/vacancies

United Income | Brand New FinTech Startup | Software Engineer (Javascript) | Onsite in Washington, DC | Full Time

We all are coming from a very successful startup that exited about 2 years ago. Time for round two. We have a great team and are hiring for many roles. Currently looking for talented full stack javascript engineers with single page app experience. Stack includes React, AWS, Node, etc. Also UI/UX Designer or QC Engineer - would love to hear from you as well! All jobs posted on linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/vsearch/j?page_num=1&locationType=Y...

More information about us here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/janetnovack/2016/06/28/fintech-s...

Email david@unitedincome.com

SoundHound, Santa Clara US/San Francisco US/Toronto Canada, ONSITE Data Engineers, Speech, Search and AI, Front-end Engineers and more: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3uCiQhw0 I'm a Software Engineer/Hacker at SoundHound. Hound came out of beta recently, as well as our speech platform Houndify which is now powering voice recognition in SoundHound as well. We're hiring in many more roles than the ones I listed here so check out our apps, API and our careers page! http://app.jobvite.com/m?3uCiQhw0 https://www.soundhound.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXVfDSAcpnhMCYGPuFGFIMw/vid...

Spring, Inc. |New York City |Lead Engineers |Full Time | www.shopspring.com

Spring is three years old, with 100+ employees and $30M in funding. Our big idea is to create one site or app that connects end users with 1,000s of brands and products. We're growing and are working on new developing entirely new features as well as projects to scale out our existing architecture.

Our tech stack includes Go, React, Javascript, Objective-C and Java (Android).

We're looking for senior engineers who are comfortable working in multiple languages, can take ownership of whole features and areas of our architecture, and help us grow. Mentoring junior devs is also a big part of the role. We're a small team and collaboration is key.

You can view our open roles here: http://grnh.se/lxjh0g Or go to www.shopspring.com/engineering to learn more the team's philosophy

If you're interested in a role, go ahead and apply. Recruiting reviews every resume that comes in and will reach out if you are a fit.

Happy July Hacker News!

TrueCar | Santa Monica, CA - San Francisco, CA - Austin, TX | Full Time

TrueCar is hiring Engineers with interest in Rails, React, Angular as well as Technical Product Managers, Data Analysts, DevOps / Site Reliability Engineers, Security Engineers, UX Copywriter and more in Santa Monica and San Francisco at this time. Austin is heading up all customer service and dealer relations positions.

We acquired the talent of quite a few Carwoo (YCS09) alums a little over a year ago. We've been around for 10 years and went public 2 years ago. The company has big plans for the coming years and is looking for good developers to help us grow.

See http://careers.true.com for the full scoop.

* We prefer you work with us in-person in Santa Monica, San Francisco, or Austin. We'll handle most visa situations.

* Benefits are exceptional: health premiums are 100% paid for (not only for you, but your whole family), we match your 401k (up to 3% of your contributions), and give stock options. We also pay for your gym membership (up to $50/month) and have catered lunches every Wednesday.

* Our Santa Monica HQ is right by the beach and Third Street Promenade, so expect fresh air and plenty of food options. Our SF office is right off the Montgomery BART station with 360 degree views of downtown and the bay.

* A meaningful subset of some of the technologies we use: Ruby on Rails, React, AWS, React, Flask, Redis, MySQL, Hadoop, and Elasticsearch (the whole ELK stack).

* VISAS are handled under the right circumstances.

Send an email to me (Brett) (bemma AT truecar.com) with your resume and/or GitHub profile. Even if you're not applying but just have questions, drop me a line

Gamer Network | Brighton, UK | Python Web Developer (mainly back-end) | http://www.gamer-network.net/ | Full-Time | ONSITE

We are looking for talented Python developers at all skill levels to grow our in-house development team. We are building a bespoke, scalable content platform as the backbone of our award winning editorial offerings. The platform will deal with 100s of millions of pageviews per month and run our industry leading editorial sites, including; Eurogamer.net, Gamesindustry.biz, USGamer.net and many more.

We’re looking for developers who are passionate about Python and excited about working in a fast moving games media company. We’re offering the opportunity to shape our editorial offerings in a very relaxed, friendly environment. The company is highly cross-functional; developers work closely with editorial, commercial and events teams. Gamer Network runs EGX - the largest consumer games event in the UK - and all members of the development team have the opportunity to go along to help out. Some things about our culture: * Friday at Four - weekly wind-down with beers in the office * Work-from-cafe/home if you need a break from the office * Help run EGX (if you want to!) * Standing desks on request! * Get an idea, prototype it, pitch it!

Your ideal stack (you don’t need all of these things!): * Python (virtualenv, python3) * Django * MySQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch * Scalable web stack: Redis, Varnish, Celery, Messaging/Queueing, Restful APIs * Git/Github/Gitlab * Any devops (Ansible, Linux) is a bonus

Hiring Process: Get in touch with your CV, we'll review and schedule a quick phone interview. If you're a good fit we'll get you to come to our office, meet the team and we'll move from there.

Contact: careers@gamer-network.net

SciTec | Dayton, OH | Full-Stack Developers | ONSITE | www.scitec.com

SciTec is a R&D-focused small business that develops new algorithms to analyze remote sensor data. We’re looking for full-stack cloud application developers to work with our algorithm development teams to transition these tools into cloud processing environments. Key areas of expertise we’re looking for include:

* Cloud management and deployment tools: Mesos, Docker, VMWare, AWS

* SQL and NoSQL data storage: ElasticSearch, Accumulo, PostgreSQL

* Application frontend development: HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS

More than specific technologies, we’re looking for developers who are willing to dive into complex problems, work across multiple technology stacks, and help us keep moving algorithms out of the lab and into real-world use. Strong communication skills and systems engineering expertise are key.

If this sounds interesting to you, shoot me an e-mail at zheaton [AT] scitec.com to discuss further. Interview process is via phone/Skype, or alternately onsite if you're local to one of our offices.

Domino Data Lab | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | www.dominodatalab.com

We’re building the platform that enables thousands of data scientists to develop better medicines, grow more productive crops, build better cars, or simply recommend the best song to play next.Data scientists are being called upon to solve ever more complex problems across every facet of business and civil life. Domino allows them to develop and deploy ideas faster with collaborative, reusable, reproducible analysis.

If you're a full-lifecycle, full-stack software engineer with serious tech chops, we have these exciting challenges for you to tackle:

- Job distribution

- Cluster management and orchestration

- Asynchronous web development

- Cybersecurity

- Diverse deployments: cloud, bare-metal, and hybrid

- Best-of-breed data science tools and platforms

Our stack is Scala/Java, Play, lots of Docker, MongoDB, and Backbone.js. Ideally, we'd like someone who's comfortable with these technologies, but we're always excited to meet great engineers who can quickly learn new technologies.

If you are interested in learning more, check out www.dominodatalab.com/careers

SendGrid | Software Engineers, Test/QA, Ops | Bay Area, Denver, Orange County | Full Time

At SendGrid, you'll help send a huge portion of the world's meaningful email. Whether it's an instant receipt after an Uber ride or an Airbnb booking confirmation, we deliver it. Our platform team works on tough scaling challenges, while our applications team maintains an informative analytics dashboard for our customers.

The people here are absolutely fantastic - we bring in the best and trust them to get the job done. We're about 300 strong, and we've been growing fast for seven years. Everyone gets competitive salaries, generous pre-IPO options, flexible hours, catered lunch, an annual trip to Mexico ... that list goes on for a while.

Apply: http://grnh.se/xes14l#job-list. If you have questions or want a current engineer's perspective (I'm on the Applications & Services team), my email's in my profile.

Lupulin Exchange | Full-Time | Remote (US only)

The Lupulin Exchange is powering the peer-to-peer hop sales market for professional brewers. We're solving the hop allocation problem in the industry that plagues all brewers. We've been in business for a year and a half and have been profitable since first month. We're completely bootstrapped and haven't taken any outside investment.

We are looking for a full-stack engineer who can help us tackle our current backlog and expand internationally. Our current stack is asp.net mvc, sql azure, and azure websites. You will be engineer #1, so you'll have a high impact on the existing code and the platform moving forward.

If you are interested, please send your resume and a small introduction about yourself to jobs@lupulinexchange.com. You can find more details on our blog: http://blog.lupulinexchange.com/the-lupulin-exchange-is-hiri...

Shippo | San Francisco/SOMA | Onsite, Visa | Full-time http://www.goshippo.com

Shippo is a shipping API company that connects e-commerce businesses and marketplaces to multiple shipping carriers from one place. Our API powers shipping for companies like Shyp and Weebly, and we recently partnered with Stripe to offer shipping directly through their API.

With Shippo, businesses of all sizes can easily access Amazon-quality shipping operations and data. We are doing for shipping what Stripe has done for payments.

You will be faced with challenges in building and scaling mission-critical systems that are used by thousands of customers as a core part of their checkout flow and fulfillment process. From designing robust APIs to turning data sets into shipping recommendation engines, we need a strong and diverse team to help us grow quickly.

Current technical openings include:

* Senior backend engineers - we work with Python (Django), Postgres, AWS

* Senior frontend engineers - we use Ember

* DevOps (not listed yet)

* Support engineer

* Developer evangelist

* Senior product manager

* Content writer (not listed yet)

Technical hiring process:

1. Phone screen

2. Tech interview 1h via skype - pair programming

3. Onsite half day - pair programming/whiteboarding, meet the team/founders

If you're interested in any of these roles, please check out https://goshippo.com/jobs/ or email directly jobs [at] goshippo.com. Please be sure to mention you saw the note on HN.

Bangalore, India. Many Positions. Full time.

I have taken up a role to build a payment network from scratch, out of Bangalore, India. It is funded by a big corporation, but will be arms-distance from their central business.

It is a large, complex and fascinating problem to crack. The potential to bring banking to 600 million un/underbanked Indians is what excited me to work on this.

We are looking to hire a good core team of full time math, physics and CS majors, UI UX and product managers, who will work of Bangalore, India.

We are open to hiring people from around the world but they will need to work out of Bangalore.

Looking for full time and in exceptional cases, consultants, welcome.

I have posted and have hired a few good candidates from Who's Hiring threads.

Since my first post, we have now released a product and also secured a payment bank license.

We also have our payment network baked into banks and mass transit.

In the past I have built both fast-data and big-data companies and have a few patents in this space.

If you are interested, please email me at google's email service - takenottie.

Thanks for reading.

why you havent mentioned the name of your company?

Factual - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai

Factual is currently hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Factual’s location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences. Built from billions of inputs, the data is constantly updated by Factual’s real-time data stack. We were named one of "50 Disruptive Companies in 2013" by MIT Technology Review. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz and our partners/customers include Bing, Apple, Facebook and Groupon.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. A great example is one of our most recent products, Geopulse Audience, which stands at the intersection of high quality places data and large scale analysis of user geo-data: http://www.factual.com/products/geopulse-audience . If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure (http://www.factual.com/jobs/clojure), machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop.

You can email me personally at alexr@factual.com, or view our job postings here: https://www.factual.com/jobs#openings

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