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There are efforts to make various components work in Firefox. The largest effort is "Stylo", which replaces Firefox's selector matching with ours. I'm not sure what the future is on Firefox using Webrender or our layout; though I suspect it depends on how well stylo works.

The plan seems to be to let Servo continue to evolve as a testbed for new ideas (like webrender), and share components with firefox whenever ready. An independent Servo product is not likely in the near future, since there's a lot of work to make it fully web compat. In the far future ... well, we can't tell :)

I feel like mobile (Android, really) needs a fast, secure and extensible browser, I hope that Servo can help Firefox achieve those first two goals so that it could be my browser of choice

Servo is trying to be fast on mobile; there even has been some research work into the power efficiency of servo on mobile.

Admittedly, android-specific efforts have slowed down in the past few months, but I believe it is still a goal :)

Given the fate of FirefoxOS and iOS' restrictions on browsers, is there any other mobile platform where Servo could actually be used?

Windows perhaps?

I mean, Servo-as-a-product isn't even planned yet, and may never be, so by the time that question is relevant the ios rules may have changed, too :)

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