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> 1. They're not dropping out when the product becomes less profitable...if some drop out, others take over

I mentioned we’re open to moving to FOSS if we can create a business model that supports it. I should also say that, if worst comes to worst and we have to shut off the lights, one of two things will happen: either we will sell Craft to one of the thousands of companies with a vested interest in the product, whom we strongly feel is capable of continuing to move it forward, or we’d give Craft a GPL or MIT license, making it FOSS. There is no scenario where we would just drop it and pretend it never existed. Even if we wanted to do that, it would ruin our professional careers and probably result in a few lawsuits, so no thanks! :)

> 2. There are many people looking at the code and fixing bugs.

We recommend that plugin developers familiarize themselves with Craft’s codebase, because it’s the best place to find examples of how to do things when developing plugins. As a result, we’ve received hundreds of bug fixes from the community (including suggested code fixes). So this is definitely not an exclusive benefit to FOSS software.

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