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is this needed even with adblockplus? [edit - adblock doesn't stop the js pings with the default us subscription] [edit2 - or with an explicit listing; i ended up blocking them via dns] [edit3 - no i didn't; firefox is ignoring my dns?! confused...]

I ended up installing this, which is pretty neat - http://www.requestpolicy.com/

firefox can't ignore dns. on windows, you have to do

   ipconfig /flushdns
to clear your dns cache, then restart firefox

i intend to look again this evening - i may well have made a mistake, but i couldn't understand what was happening (i am on linux, restarted firefox, and also restarted nscd; i didn't modify hosts, but did add a master record for the domain to my local network's name server - "host" and firefox were, apparently, inconsistent) (i was so surprised i went into the code and checked it was using a name and not a numerical address...)

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