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Ten Year Old Girl Gets Accepted as Paris Innovation Fellow (facebook.com)
249 points by dammitcoetzee on June 29, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 29 comments

Her blog shows her as a very curious young person who is not only meddling in programming but also in history, politics and 3d-printing :)

I had to laugh hard when reading "Pour construire sur 3DSlash, il suffit de savoir jouer à Minecraft." [~ For constructing in 3DSlash, it's sufficient to know how to play Minecraft.] That's the right attitude!

Her prose is adorable; this one made me laugh hard too: http://corot.top/2016/06/19/interview-de-la-ministre-de-ledu...

Here's a link to her personal blog: http://corot.top (it's mostly in French as far as I can tell)

It's adorable. For kids by kids. Author Eva. Not a bad robot either. She obviously works very hard.

This might very well not be what you meant, but kids (at their best) are inspired, curious and surprisingly determined in large part because they don't understand the concept of "hard work". They build their own stories in their heads which makes the process itself rewarding and challenges irrelevant. Which is what makes it so great. Some other young bloggers:

http://gizmodo.com/5911806/adorable-nine-year-old-girl-revie... https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/true-crime/wp/2016/04/05...

Do you know where one can register .top TLD's?

Namecheap and Gandi both have them

I asked here after first checking at Namecheap. They have the release date as "TBA".

Thanks, Gandi does have it.

I didn't try checking out, but if you search for a .top domain on Namecheap you can put them in your cart: http://i.imgur.com/JIhDi7g.png

Currently on sale at $0.88 for the first year.



I wonder if the similarity of the domain to "Carrot Top" is intentional or not :-)

I'd say so :) the picture of her in the fb article shows her with ginger hair.

Let's keep the hate off of HN. We get that you are salty. We're all salty. Give us the benefit of not being so predictable about it. Spread hate on a thread about C++ pointers. Ask us why we don't use Rust. Literally anything.

What are you talking about?

Now dead comments; the community is generally interested in positive voices and even criticism of the most recent programming language is expected to trend towards constructive.

The inevitable snark that comes from internet discussions, especially about twee subjects.

Not sure what hate you're referring to, but even though this is a Facebook link it seems to be absent the nagging sign-in pop-overs we see on other FB posts. This is a good thing.

Looking further, it seems these new 'Facebook Notes' pages behave like regular web pages, without trying to annoy non-FB visitors into signing up. That is good and important when the subject matter is kids. Their stories should be allowed to exist without some tech giant agenda riding the coat tales of viral activity.

All the flavors in the world, and you choose salty.

People aren't salty but lets remember that last time the HN/Reddit/Tumblr/Huffpo hive mind promoted a child it was a kid who took apart a radio shack clock, threw its contents in a briefcase, and tried his best to scare his teacher so his dad can get on the news. Suddenly, everyone here was uncritically praising this charlatan and falling for a stupid political ploy.

People should be skeptical of wonder-child claims. Thankfully, this kid looks like the real deal.

This is great. This has a chance of inspiring the next generation of people to eschew traditional routes. I'm sure she'll be super-successful/inspiring in whatever she does, even if she doesn't fulfill her original objectives (similarly with many of the Thiel Fellows).

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." --George Bernard Shaw

It reminds me of the old LOGO turtle I used to play with when I was a kid.


Because people used Spirograph to make similar patterns. And the cog wheels of her device are reminiscent of the cogs used to make Spirograph patterns also.

Spirograph is an excellent way to introduce kids to the idea of relatively prime pairs.

Because the most awesome Spirograph patterns come from the relatively prime pairs of gears.

Cool, I was not aware of the Thymio robot product. Any experiences here? Wondering if I shoul buy it for the kids...

Awesome :-)

I wish more people wanted to make the streets smile. I want to do that.

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