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Ask HN: What's with all the articles about scoring with women?
13 points by jafl5272 2569 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite
Did y'all just hit puberty, or is that special someone in need of some not-so-subtle hints?

this is part of the general 'frat boy club' feeling that I think YC might have. Hell, even PG says he prefers to go with athletes.

I think this is driving off some people we probably don't want to drive off.

I went to one of the YC presentations a while back, and I took my girl (She's an embedded systems programmer who is actually a /whole lot/ nerdier than I am; both in the sense that she is more skilled than I am with technology, and in the sense that she is less socially skilled than I am.) Anyhow, one of the founders was impressed by her, and wanted to recruit her. She ended up meeting the guy the next day, and my girl was really irritated, because the guy trying to recruit her kept going on about how they needed a woman to help make things move more smoothly on a social level, to add feminine energy to the startup, and other bullshit like that, rather than respecting her (rather impressive) credentials as a technical person.

I mean, the guy ended up losing out on what would have been an excellent employee because he couldn't turn off his preconceived notions after meeting and talking to a person.

That's the thing about stereotypes. We're all a little bit racist, and we're all a little bit sexist, but if you can't turn that off after someone proves that they understand what they are talking about, you have a problem that will cost you money.

How many is "all"? There's been like 2 in 2 days, right? And the Ebert one came from the other one.

This site has a lot of topics that generate 3-4 posts back and forth, then it dies out. No big deal.

I don't know about you, but I actually find them interesting. I like to have meaningful and deep discussions about "facts-of-life" and these kind of articles bring on such discussions.

Hacker News is about more than just hacking code and computers. Social skills need to be learnt too, and learning other ways to do things, especially from those who've more experience, is surely a good thing.

You might laugh at the idea of learning to be social from articles on the internet, but it's little different than learning from the internet about raising capital or good coding practices.

And no, we didn't just hit puberty. However, it is spring, and the mating season has started for the animals, including humans.

I think some people here view it as another system for hacking.

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