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I reproduced it for fun with BugReplay, the site I've been working on for the past year: https://app.bugreplay.com/shared/report/3efa632d-5b51-45f1-a... Checks out, password is in the GET param.

Awesome product. Signed up for the beta.

One small idea: Once the network traffic starts flowing, it's difficult to switch to the Javascript tab because it's constantly flowing off the screen. Maybe make the tabs fixed in place? Or have a check mark that can make them fixed or unfixed?

That's a good point, I've noticed that as well. I added that to the TODO list, I'd love any further feedback if you have any thoughts.

Very cool app! I've signed up for the beta; this could be a game changer for my support team.

Thanks! I got the notification, I'll send you over a registration invite, would love to get your feedback.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but this BugReplay appears to provide network request information as requests happen in the video.

I expected network requests to occur in the Network Traffic window, however no requests ever showed up.

Can I make a BugReplay of this BugReplay?

Sure, I'd love that, if you register for the beta at https://www.bugreplay.com/ I'll send you a registration link.

Very cool. You might be able to get some traction by using this to show some examples of common web vulnerabilities (just like this one) in the wild. I'd read a blog with those religiously. This was great.

Thanks! That's a great idea for our blog.

Cool. I was just using ScreenFlow today to capture a video of a bug for my team. This would have saved me alot of time today. Just signed up for the beta!

Shame it's not mobile optimised, I'd love to check this out right now. Guess I'll have to wait until I get to my laptop

Yeah we've put in some work to make it usable on mobile, but I wouldn't call it optimized for mobile yet.

Really nice work on this. I would have loved this tool on my last big web project.

I also just signed up, would love to try this out.

I signed up also

I'll send you out a registration link shortly.

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