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I'd love to see a Stripe Atlas directed at US startups. I don't see why incorporating should be so expensive and laborious.

US startups are very welcome to use Atlas -- many already have!

I was turned down. Have you opened it to everybody?

Hm -- can you drop me a note? (patrick@stripe.com.) I'd like to dig into why. It's still invite-only but you shouldn't have been turned down because you're in the US.

Patrick, it would be great if you could open a msg forum for Atlas companies, like YCnews.

Just got an invite in my mailbox. Thanks for following up! Love what you guys are doing.

I haven't done it yet but I just found that Gust offers a similar service to Atlas with a notable difference being that Atlas opens the back account for you.

But, based on Patrick's comment, maybe Atlas is now open for everybody.

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