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Some other resources that have served me well - not for incorporation per se, but the next few steps in setting up a healthy corporation:

- Docracy.com has some good templates (contributed by some incubator I can't recall) for bylaws, ip assignation, founder terms, terms of service and privacy policy and customer contracts, etc.

- Listing a phone number with one of the large online directories helps with various verifications (including EV SSL if you need it and facebook page)

- insureon.com to shop for insurance.

- Get bookkeeping software. Right away, and keep it up to date

Edit: the docracy docs are by Techstars: https://www.docracy.com/userprofile/show?userId=30 and Orrick, a law firm: https://www.docracy.com/p/10881/orrick

For bookkeeping I use Xero and love it. Then Expensify for expenses.

For payroll, Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll) is wonderful. I can't emphasize enough how much of a headache this takes away from me.

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