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Has anyone here tried Atlas (https://stripe.com/atlas)? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Awesome experience. We were already incorporated in India and had gone through a month long process of back and forth to finally get the company registered. Scanning copies, attaching it to emails. Re-sending the documents when something was a miss. Lot of pain.

While in stripe it was a breeze. We got incorporated + a bank account in 3 days, I guess. Signatures were online, no hardcopy or anything. (and the 15K aws credits)

edit: Hey @cmadan, my email is <my_username>@gmail.com

Do you mind sharing your email address? We are in a similar situation (India incorporated) and exploring incorporation in USA. Have a few questions.

I'd love to see a Stripe Atlas directed at US startups. I don't see why incorporating should be so expensive and laborious.

US startups are very welcome to use Atlas -- many already have!

I was turned down. Have you opened it to everybody?

Hm -- can you drop me a note? (patrick@stripe.com.) I'd like to dig into why. It's still invite-only but you shouldn't have been turned down because you're in the US.

Patrick, it would be great if you could open a msg forum for Atlas companies, like YCnews.

Just got an invite in my mailbox. Thanks for following up! Love what you guys are doing.

I haven't done it yet but I just found that Gust offers a similar service to Atlas with a notable difference being that Atlas opens the back account for you.

But, based on Patrick's comment, maybe Atlas is now open for everybody.

I was invited to try it but haven't pulled the trigger yet (I'm currently working on simex.io, an A.I. related project, on the side and am trying to get closer to launch and monetization testing before incorporating). I am very, very interested in people's thoughts regarding it!

we were turned down because we aren't located in a disadvantaged country... (in usa). kind of lame tbh.

It sounds like there was some confusion here -- you do not by any means have to be from a "disadvantaged" country. Can you email me (patrick@stripe.com) and tmf@stripe.com so that we can investigate what happened?

It might be worth clarifying that on the website.

I looked into Atlas and definitely got the impression that it's only for non-US businesses.

did a google search and found this

Why Stripe Atlas is Bad for Foreigners?


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