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I honestly took the WP article at face value and told a coworker that Brexit voters were regretting their decision based on conclusions drawn from Google trends.

I feel like one of those ants that have been infected by the mind control fungus, helplessly infecting others with misinformation designed for an agenda.

And for the vast majority of people that heard this, it will never be challenged. They will walk on through life believing it is true and never hearing a single reason why it isn't. The WaPo won't run a front page article tomorrow saying "Why we were full of shit".

It's called the hivemind; people form a collective intelligence instead of independent narratives. This is partially the fault of news, which is quite opinionated these days, and also our willingness to take these reports at face value and integrate them into our knowledge as Truth. (On the positive face, this is called "word-of-mouth") The cure is skepticism, but you know what they say: "no one likes a skeptic".

To be fair, some voters are regretting their decision.

Here's the former editor of The Sun (a large uk tabloid "red top") saying he regrets voting leave.


There are many others, but I link this one because, well, he should have known better.

Have you ever googled "What is X" when you knew what "X" was? Neither have I. This article, while a nice caution, doesn't really dismiss the issue. It's not about "oh I look up lots of stuff," it's about lots of people looking up lots of stuff and coincidently with world events a lot of us are looking up this thing having to do with world events.

I still don't know who Harriet Tubman is. I haven't googled her yet. I'll probably duck duck go her anyway...but that's a different story.

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