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You live with a few roommates. It's not hard to find housing in SF for 900-1300/month if you're willing to make some lifestyle tradeoffs.

Yes because we all want to relive the glory days of being a poor student. Will the tradeoff include a divorce and place to stay for the kids?

Brin built his company on a kind of ageism. Several kinds in fact.

So that he and his peers think that continuing to live like you did in college isn't that big of a logical leap when you consider that their interview process feels exactly like a final exam in college, despite the fact that you and I and indeed Google's own success stories know the difference between theory and practice.

> Yes because we all want to relive the glory days of being a poor student.

I thought that's exactly what people in the startup world glorified.

Days when "ramen-profitable" meant you actually ate ramen are over. Now everyone jumped on the fitness bandwagon, and eating various types of salads & green stuff is hip. And also expensive - "natural"/organic food is a big business these days.

Ramen, just not Maruchan ramen. Asian bistro hand-made organic gluten free gastro molecular gastronomy ramen.

Well starting a business has traditionally involved personal risk and sacrificing lifestyle for future gains. Only recently and mostly in American tech has entrepreneurship been "give away control of your company as fast as possible so you can pay yourself a comfortable salary while you build a company for someone else."

I think that was targeted towards 20somethings that don't have a wife/kids yet. Obviously, a start-up with extra baggage is an entirely different ballgame.

To a lot of people, that's still absurdly expensive. Your total living costs can be less than that in a lot of places.

The idea that you should make livestyle tradeoffs while making $140K+ a year is absurd. But the alternative, spending $4k a month on rent, is also absurd.

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