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That's great and all but access to capital, even angel capital, is much easier in the Valley than anywhere else in the world. You come here and live threadbare, but you still derisk your startup.

How on earth does taking capital derisk your startup? It's like throwing gasoline on a bonfire, yes it burns a lot faster, but also shorter. Early money is the most expensive money you'll ever take, and if you're reliant on it you're dead when it dries up.

Find a viable business with a skeleton crew, grow with your profits, and then pour on the gas if you want when a repeatable pattern is found. It's not as glamorous, but you're more likely to create a solid business instead of crashing and burning like most SV startups.

Some people need do need to eat. It's not a cooicidence that entrepreneurship favors people of means who can take that risk.

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