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WeChat Impact Report 2016 – latest data about Chinese social media (walkthechat.com)
37 points by tjennychen on June 27, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

I've been in China for 5years now. Wechat payment is awesome and made my life way easier! I pay my rent/taxi/friends/errands/restaurants with wechat. It's faster to pay with it than cash or credit card. Almost every shop accept it.

It also change my life when dealing money with people. Everyone can transfer money to each other, and people assume that everyone has it (what is 95% true in my social circle). I don't need to have cash, credit card, and don't have to deal with change/money issues anymore with them. You do not need to see people physically, or ask any bank information.

There is also pretty fun to I see in many group I am in (from 2 to 500 people). You can send "Red envelopes". You set the amount of it, to how many winner you want, and if the ammount is random across people winning or not). The others don't know the amount of money in it. The X first(s) to open the red envelope get the money. I believe this increase the stickiness of the group you're in. I know some group sending many red envelops a day (for any kind of reasons). I also believe the number of red envelops sent increased a lot during the Chinese new year (It's a tradition to give red envelope during CNY).

For the fee: After 20k RMB , you'll have to pay a 0.1% fee on on every transfer. The limit is reset every month. You can also put back the money in your bank. The limit is 1K rmb/week, if that exceeded, you pay some fee (can't remember how much).

Wow. I don't think there's anything close to that in the U.S, maybe PayPal, but the red envelope thing is really novel. I don't even know how legal that would be in the U.S. The concept of giving money away randomly is just strange.

Personally I like WeChat's approach: Messaging feature and social feature integrated in one app, with messaging as the default view when you open the app.

Facebook is actively separating messaging feature from the main app and force users to use two different apps, which is inconvenient IMO.

Maybe it is just a legacy issue where Facebook started as a social media whereas WeChat started as a messaging app, but I am interested to see if Facebook would be better by prioritizing "messaging" over "feed".

(Disclaimer: I am a Chinese user.)

I'm actually really surprised at the 67% male statistic. I guess all I have to go on is personal observation, but I have a very hard time believing the gender imbalance is that big.

On the other hand, I live in Beijing, and just looking around you'd be hard-pressed to believe that China as a whole has a gender imbalance – if anything, there seem to be more women than men. Perhaps the majority of men have remained in the countryside? Where they're spending their time on WeChat? I'd be very curious to see if anyone's done a population study of gender by region...

I'm surprised too. I'm also curious about whether the male/female stat is asked directly to the user or is just the gender indicated on the person profile. If it is the second option (I doubt it tho...), I know quite a number of girls that set their profile as "male" for various reasons... It is also indicated that default gender is "male" so maybe a lot of persons didn't wanted to disclose this information and were set up as male (doesn't seems likely either).

It says 67% of users used WeChat to make payments of atleast 100RMB a month. That's a significant number! I guess WeChat makes a commission on that payment. Would that be the largest moneymaking feature of WeChat?

I will never activate my wechat payment. Actually I avoid all Tencent products like plague. Having been seeing Tencent's shameless copy-cating and alluring teenager to spend money on its shitty virtual costumes (In early days, you would have a half naked virtual avatar if you didn't purchase any costumes and costumes have expirations),it is hard for me to regain any trust in this company.

WeChat users can send Red Envelope to friends or relatives. It is often used as a game in a WeChat group. I dont think this can be counted as real payment.

I order lunch on WeChat and send a red envelope inside a group chat as payment after its been delivered. The group has 300+ members. This is the exception, though. There are better ways of making payments through WeChat and I'm guessing that envelopes make up a small fraction of the stated number.

Is it really that weird? My wife uses weixin for normal things like buying lunch, paying for a taxi, buying veggies at the stand downstairs. It would add up to more than 100 rmb/ month, but then so would a UnionPay card, and Tencent is subsidizing the heck out of this right now to get adoption up.

QR is a lot less convenient than RF, ApplePay this is not.

I think the most mindblowing fact in this report is the fact that 70% of WeChat users have 100+ RMB transaction per month.

This level of mobile payment adoption could only be dreamed of in Europe...

Is there any way I can ascertain the validity of the report? Although it says "Translated from Tenscent penguin intelligence and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), 2016 WeChat impact report", I wanted to make sure.

Is there possibly a link to original source?

The Chinese title of this report is 微信影响力报告 (Report of the Influence of WeChat) or simply 微信报告 (Report of WeChat). And the issue number is 43 (2016.3). Those are the keywords can be googled.

And this is the link of the report from QQ (Tencent) official website:


I found a link at QQ.com, which is the portal and news site operated by Tecent itself: http://tech.qq.com/a/20160321/030364.htm

Actually this report is so popular in China Internet circle that it seems that everybody has read it.

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do you perhaps have a PDF version? thanks

I don't think there is a PDF version available from the website. If you don't mind the extra things on the page, in Chrome you can save the entire page as PDF using the built-in print function.

Everything you need to know about WeChat

I've lived in China off and on for the last 13 years, and my wife is Chinese. She, her family, and her friends all use it, and they constantly try to get me to use it.

I refuse to use any Chinese social media. They wouldn't allow something they couldn't control or monitor, and I don't feel like giving them a direct eye on all my private chats, pictures, finances, etc. At least Facebook gives me the illusion of privacy.

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