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have you tried googling for "books on cellular automata"? also consulting Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, etc, more directly?

I am amused that this very reasonable and constructive, and "teach a man to fish" kind of comment of mine has been downvoted to -1.

HN ownership/mods: please remove the ability to Downvote. it's clearly being abused. do you want to have a community of smart, helpful people with free discussion, with the goal of mutual improvement? or do you want a community of assholes and heavy HiveMind/ThoughtPolice effect?

a follow-up related challenge is do you want HN to become the sort of website where anyone can ask, for example, "what is foo?" despite <foo> being a thing that that very same someone could have gotten reasonable answers/education about by just googling about? What is sex? What is algebra? How do I learn about computers? What is a website? What is a web browser? What is HN? Who is PG? What is the English language?

Are these acceptable questions for the caliber of people you'd like to attract and retain here on HN? Do you realize that some people are just gaming your system? Do you realize that some are carrying out stealth self-promotion, while playing innocent? Where do babies come from? Which key do I press to submit this comment? How do I use the Chrome browser? Are these all acceptable post topics and comments here on HN as well? (This should be a fair question given the recent mod and community track record to date.) What is "Star Wars"? Who made "Linux"? What is a "pineapple"?

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