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Ethernet and WiFi are not built in, but the device is compatible with several WiFi SDIO cards, including the Spectec SDW-821 and SDW-823, says Qi Hardware.

That seems like a big mistake and it's no longer $99 for most people.

Some people are never happy. For the love of Pete; this thing is only $99.

You can get a zipit for $49.99.


Which includes wifi, color 320x240 LCD, qwerty backlit keyboard.

Here's a NES emulator running on it http://hackaday.com/2009/09/25/with-zipit-who-needs-a-netboo...

Hak.5 did a how-to / review of rooted zipit, it's pretty cool for $50. http://www.hak5.org/mod/unlocking-linux-on-the-zipit-z2-a-50... They've also got a how-to on running Doom http://www.hak5.org/episodes/episode-618

And load a Debian spin on it http://zipit.rootnexus.org

Could be a loss leader though. From that first link:

"After your year of free messaging has ended you can buy another year of messaging for a one-time charge of only $29.95."

I am actually always happy, but my point was why not include wifi (and charge more if needed)? I mean, even toasters have wifi now. (edit: okay, maybe not a toaster - but how about a refrigerator - http://freshgadgetnews.com/displays/digital-frames/zipel-e-d...)

Today just seems like a step back to 2000 by not having wifi builtin.

I know a guy whose bathroom scale tweets every morning after he steps on it. http://www.withings.com/

Seems a little excessive, but no more so than a toaster with wifi.

Yeah that's a bit of a bummer. I understand the need to hit the $99 price point, but it's a bit less compelling when you realize it's effectively a $140 device with no SD card slot, once you buy and install a WiFi card.

Still, I applaud the effort and hope that the upgraded models will be out soon.

It's obviously not for the people who fancy iPads. But hardware geeks might love to have one.

(honest question) what would you do these days with a screen and a keyboard that didn't have a ready interface to the outside world? I looked at this, and it seemed like another "almost, but not quite" sort of project platform.

Yeah I'm sorry. It really is over priced.


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