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Hi Peter,

My name is Gary. I am currently working under a H1B1 visa. My sponsoring company has tried without success to apply the H1B visa for the past three years. The lawyer is advicing that I proceed to applying for the green card.

The lawyer states that at this point, even if I get awarded the h1b visa since the time under the h1b1 will be counted towards the h1b, I will not have enough time using the H1B to get thru the green card application process

Also during this green card application process, it's advised for me to remain in the US otherwise I will get in complications when entering to with a H1B1 that has a outstanding green card process

I have two questions: 1. Is what she said about the h1b1 time contribution to the h1b true?

2. Is what she said custom complication true?

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