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Hello Peter!

I am so happy to find you and this thread. here's my story: I am a Swiss and Sri Lankan national, female, been in the U.S. uninterrupted since 2002 on several different visas. F1-while at Wharton getting my MBA, then G4 working for the World Bank, then three different H1-Bs (2 corporate, one research think tank) and then since 2012 I have been on an E-2 for my start-up business.

So basically I have been in the U.S. for 14+ years already, paid taxes in the highest tax bracket, own two properties here, started a business and grew it to profitability in 4 years, so far provided employment to 6 part-time American workers. Additionally my start-up business is in career coaching and job search- and so I have helped over 400+ Americans land good jobs, including for positions at the State department, DoD, and the U.S. Foreign Service. My company has partnerships with universities like Georgetown and my team coaches close to a 1000 American students every year.

What are my chances of applying successfully for an Extraordinary Ability EB1 Green Card? Or EB2?

Thank you in advance!

IAmNotA lawyer and this is not legal advice:

1. OP has closed this AMA and will not be replying.

2. OP specifically stated that he would answer questions only on immigration in general and would not comment or provide legal advice of specific cases, which is exactly what you are asking for. No reputable attorney will do this for randoms on the Internet. Not only is it a liability issue, but rules on ethics, attorney-client relationship, and practice out-of-state prevent this.

3. If you are this successful, you should privately consult with an attorney who can answer all your questions and represent you in your application to USCIS.

Hi, it sounds like you might build a strong case for EB-1A extraordinary ability. I wrote a blog post recently that gives an overview of what you have to prove. (It's about O-1s, but the process is the same for EB-1As.) http://visabuilder.com/blog/escape-from-h1b-hell-5-things-im.... Hope this is helpful.

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