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Iris framework author exposed for license violations (reddit.com)
27 points by sgmansfield on June 25, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

I don't see this framework going anywhere. The repo owner is the sole contributor [0], and is singularly pre-occupied with benchmarks and GitHub stars. The owner's entitlement about copy-pasted code, use of the royal "we", quickness to close issues without discussion, and pattern of editing and deleting issue comments are also discouraging.

[0] https://github.com/kataras/iris/graphs/contributors

He is not the sole contributor, actually. He squashes master every once in a while to a single commit, which removes other authors. If you peruse the travis builds page[1] you can see commits by other people

[1] https://travis-ci.org/kataras/iris/builds

This seems terribly hypocritical - someone very mindful of GitHub stars going out of his way to remove others' attribution!

"Discouraging" is the nicest hedge you could have used. There are a bunch of Go frameworks and libraries and whatnot for writing web servers, this one should be passed by very quickly.

More specific to the license violations is this issue on httprouter:


Dude has a bit of a... "hook" with stars...

> I see that you didn't star Iris, can you tell me the reason in order to fix that?


screenshot in case he edits it like every other thing: http://i.imgur.com/5YxCVO5.png

edit: same behavior at https://github.com/kataras/iris/issues/225 and a couple other places. :|

I want to throw the "if u want contributors, dont be a dick and stop edit all what you don't like"-Hammer on him

imho the "Propaganda" tag is horrible too

he's even cheating in the THIRDPARTY.md (its existence is still not an excuse for violating licenses)


The author is actively working to comply with licenses right now.

Matt, do you know the author?

He and I have chatted. I know he is fixing things. https://github.com/julienschmidt/httprouter/issues/149

Ok. It looks like he is finally moving in the right direction.

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