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You'd feel better if he lied to your face?

No, but I'd feel better if he didn't spout a whole pile of gobbledygook. Let's just say that if this were the CEO of the company I was working for when faced with an existential crisis such as 'lets encrypt' I'd be out in a hurry. This can't end well and in spite of the situation he's still the most visible part of Comodo and should have a very cool and wise head at times like these.

If this is any reflection on his mental state and processes Comodo is dead.

I've seen this happen before at a company that I'm too embarrassed to name, where leadership started to behave irrationally like ants infected by zombie fungus. The CEO wanted laptops to be stocked in checkout aisles - where impulse buy items go... I knew right then that we were dead. I don't think this guy has fungus on the brain, but there is an unseen cause: maybe it is ISRG eating his lunch, or maybe the thought of Microsoft doing the same as Win 10 pushes into the corporate environment.

English is his second language. So, some mistakes are OK. But going public while emotional is never a good idea.

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