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If you are not a US immigration attorney, which your profile does not seem to indicate once I traced through a couple github profiles, you should probably resist the urge to be a top level commenter on questions submitted to OP.

Sorry if this is abrupt, but it sounds like you are frequently posting your interpretation of legislation. US immigration realities are frequently different. Even if you've had your own experience, it would probably be more useful to OP to hear from the expert rather than one person's experience.

I'm just trying help as much as I can. I've avoided answering any questions that proberts has already answered.

IANAL, but I've done a large amount of research into this, and I think an immigration attorney would find the answers I've given so far to be quite accurate.

Not sure what you mean by "US immigration realities are frequently different" -- all immigrants are subject to a same set of US immigration laws.

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