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As a US citizen an HN community member, this super sucks.

What is the likelihood that someone is deported within a 5-10 year period for having an app on the iOS/Android stores, provided that app isn't like a huge company? (eg. < $50k annual revenue)

I ask specifically because its silly for the US to have those restrictions. We (I) want people like this to join our economy!

How can I help?

Any income (above 0) that is a result of working in the United States is illegal, unless it is for the company sponsoring the visa. Even a mere $100 of income from the App Store will be considered unauthorized, and could lead to deportation and potentially make them "inadmissible to the United States" (i.e. permanently banned). Please see: http://www.murthy.com/2014/01/28/home-based-businesses-inadv...

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