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The use of "I" vs "we" has been studied by a lot of people in a lot of different contexts, and intelligent people have arrived at very different conclusions. So I have no idea what a complete lack of attribution means, but I'm leaning towards it being an extreme version of "we". I believe to be an avoidance of personal responsibility and a hamfisted attempt at emotional manipulation, because it has absolutely no influence over logically guided decision making.

With sentences like 'How is that making internet safer???"' I think a simpler explanation would be that he's Posting On Forums While Drunk.

He's speaking English as a second language.


He's Turkish. English isn't his first language.

Given that, I think it is his use of emphatic punctuation throughout the post which gives the impression that he is emotionally tilted, and not speaking in a professional capacity. He is using his public platform to deliver an impassioned rant. I don't think that's a result of him being a non-native speaker.

Assuming that English is his nth language, he could have utilized the services of a proof-reader.

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