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>Green card will not take 8 years unless you were born in India, China, or the Philippines

What if you have a Canadian citizenship? Is it still 8 years?

>There's a 60 day wait period after you last enter on TN, and you cannot leave the country when the AOS

So, when I first get my TN visa, I cannot leave the country without any of those papers? How long does my first TN visa last and if that expires I have to wait for 60 days before I get a new one?

It's not based on citizenship, purely birth country. You can search for priority dates and they get updated monthly. It will take a few years for China, India and the Philippines but if you were born outside those three countries you just have to wait through the processing.

Your visa will initially be valid for 3 years. It can be extended a few times. Ideally you'd have at least a year left on your current visa when submitting the AOS application since you cannot reenter on TN once that happens.

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer, I'm going through the process now and using time spans quoted by my lawyers and my own research.

Is hong kong lumped in with the rest of china in regards to this?

Thanks Vlad! It was very informative and helpful!

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