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I'm in a similar situation, except Canadian. Did it take you 6 months to get your wife's TD status? I applied for my wife back in March and we are still waiting for her TD (she is not Canadian). :(

Woah! My wife and me got it together. She came in 6 months late because moving was an ordeal (we have two big dogs).

Yeah we had to apply for permission for my wife to enter the US to ask for her TD status. It was supposed to take 7 days but we are still waiting.

Did you applied remotely? That usually takes a bit longer.

I went to the US first to get my TN, before returning to London, UK where we were living. We then applied at the US Embassy for my wife's "pre-TD" if you will. The consular officer there told her she was approved and would get her passport back in 7 days. Then we discovered her application is in Administrative Processing, and we've been waiting ever since.

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