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I have a startup abroad, and have appeared in media all over the country. We've raised several rounds, and may be building an investment fund. What else can I do to increase my chances of getting an O-1 having a business background.

It sounds strong already. The best thing is really just to continue to build a strong company - the company's interests are really aligned with your immigration goals. many founders get O1s and green cards solely on the basis of the company that they founded.

Yes, it sounds quite strong, especially with the media coverage. VC or other funding can be considered a "prize or award" if documented right. Other things you can do:

1. Continue seeking media coverage, the more prestigious the better.

2. Document the specific impacts your product has in making the world a better place. How has it made a dent in the universe? Factual evidence of specific, industry-wide impacts can really skyrocket your chances of success.

These impacts are hard for many applicants to explain and document, so if you can do it, it will really make your petition stand out.

3. Enter some competitions and win some awards (including, but not limited to, funding, admission to prestigious accelerators, etc.).

4. Judge some competitions or submissions: Hackathons, pitch competitions, applications for funding, peer review, anything in your industry.

5. Write and publish some articles, either on technical topics in your industry (better), or general-interest media articles and blog posts (good).

6. If you're making money, think about how to frame your compensation as higher than the norm in your industry. You have to prove, not only that you have high compensation, but that others similarly placed have lower compensation. There are a number of ways to present this, so it's good to start thinking about how to show a "pyramid."


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