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I'm an English programmer working in the UK for a site owned by, via another company, a very large privately owned US company. I have a child and a partner I am not married to. I have no criminal record.

I'm unsettled by the brexit, and am considering a US move - if my company's parent wants to take me on how difficult is the immigration process likely to be?

The required corporate relationship between the US and UK companies needs to exist but assuming that it does, then an L-1 transferee visa might be an option - although USCIS (if the US company isn't a "blanket" approved company) can be really tough on L-1s so the outcome isn't necessarily guaranteed.

Thank you Peter, that is very useful. Much appreciated.

The good news is that the L1 visa is a fantastic visa. It's dual-intent meaning you can apply for greencard (as opposed to TN). Also your spouse can work! That is huge.

To be clear, one can proceed with a GC application even if in TN (or another non-dual intent) status. Such a filing however compromises travel (in the short term) and can impact the ability to renew the TN in the future if the GC application fails.

OTOH you cannot switch employers. That is the most significant drawback IMO.

Have you considered to move to other European countries instead? Could be less a hassle.

We have, but it didn't seem all that relevant in this thread ;)

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