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> the extraordinary ability and national interest waiver routes--are often very good options, and often overlooked because of a misunderstanding about the standards.

Can you please clarify that, especially about the extraordinary ability criteria / standards? Is there a yard stick that one can measure themselves against, to get a realistic assessment of what their chances are?

E.g may be an example persona of someone who qualifies? The examples that are given by the immigration website are olympic atheletes and such. That's probably someone who is way overqualified though. What's an example of a person who just barely qualifies, or who neither under nor over qualifies?

P.S can I hire you to be my attorney for my EB1?

Hi, I agree that the USCIS website isn't super helpful when trying to figure out how the system really works.

I think that what Peter meant, was that these categories are often perceived as unreachable or too hard, when in fact they're a good option for high achievers, especially those who are proactive, motivated, resourceful, and detail-oriented.

You're right, it WOULD be helpful to see a yardstick, and some examples on a continuum of high-medium-low qualifications.

Here are a few news stories I've collected about real people getting their O-1 visas, and what the process was like. They give you at least a few snapshots of successful O-1 applicants.




I also wrote a blog post that gives an overview of the evidence you need. http://visabuilder.com/blog/escape-from-h1b-hell-5-things-im...


It's impossible to draw a line in the sand for those who haven't won major awards or received major recognitions. It's really fact-specific. That being said, if one has a degree and several years of experience doing good work, it's always worth looking at. There's oftentimes more to an individual's background from an immigration perspective than he or she realizes.

And I'm guessing the answer to my last question is no?

Sorry about that, I'm not sure about the protocols of this but I'd definitely be happy to speak with you and then see where that leads.

No problem :) How can I reach you?

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