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Show HN: Dynamic drawing application in Swift, inspired by Bret Victor talk (github.com)
58 points by laszlokorte on June 24, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 20 comments

Very nice. Would be great to explore geometry problems.

Another approach towards the same goal is this http://ravichugh.github.io/sketch-n-sketch/

You might consider utilizing Geometric Algebra. A lot of geometry-related things are straightforward to express with it, and there's a nice C++ library that implements it.

Are you talking about Versor? It's what came up when I Googled it.


There's that one, and there's another one described here: http://www.geometricalgebra.net/

Thanks. I have not heard of it. I will take a closer look.

There is also a Java implementation of the same project which is little ahead in terms of some some features (expression evaluation and exporting/importing images): https://github.com/laszlokorte/reform-java

Are there any other projects similar to this?

(I'm working on something related but this came as a surprise: I've never even heard about this project even though a have been researching fanatically in this topic.)

I've done some (not quite similar) experiments: https://vimeo.com/160730056

I wanted a quick way to edit code and see live results - to make it easier to explore/test new combinations.

This one is pretty cool as well: http://tobyschachman.com/Shadershop/

There is also http://aprt.us/ which works more in a declarative way rather than a procedural way. (discussed here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10293368)

I know about them both, but thanks anyway. I follow BV and Toby Schachman too on Twitter. (and Eve, Chris Granger, CDG Labs and also HARC). You are the first new one in a year or so.

I can't get this to build - XCode 7.3.1 - and there don't seem to be any requirements in the SETUP.md that I can see - anyone know what it takes to get this to build?

I can't tell for sure from that limited information, but the most recent commit has comment "upgrade to xcode 8/swift 3". AFAIK, Xcode 7 doesn't do Swift 3.

You are right. I have added a note to the readme.

This is in fact the issue.

Ah, thanks for spotting that. I'll hold off on checking into this project until I upgrade to XCode8 .. appreciate the effort!

As kawera said you can either download the compiled version or checkout commit HEAD^5 (cc60e82c) which is compatible with XCode7

In the mean time, there is a compiled version in the release page.

So many cool projects have been borne out of the concepts in Bret's previous talks. I hope this trend continues.

And now, you inspired me :)

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