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>The scope of the Unicode Standard (and ISO/IEC 10646) does not extend to encoding every symbol or sign that bears meaning in the world.

Until Unicode has a half-star character, it won't even be able to encode the average newspaper.

Somebody should propose the half star (used in star ratings) to Unicode. Seriously.

Multiply your rating system by 2 and you won't need half stars :)

This makes subitizing much more difficult though.

This comment taught me a word. Separately, you are completely correct and this is extremely valid in the design of rating systems.

Only the star with the left side filled in. And an outline on the right.

I think something like an occlusion mask modifier (slice off this much from this side/corner) would be more useful.

And two thirds, and three fifths, …

good idea

What if my products are rated in smiley-faces?

This is the role of digits I believe.

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